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Standard windows – stylish functionality

Large or small, rectangular or round, blue or white – today’s windows come in a rage of sizes, shapes and colours, individually manufactured according to your own wishes. Nevertheless, even our standard windows are impressive, not only due to their attractive appearance and uniform size, but also due to factors such as their energy efficiency, security and soundproofing. Windows24.com offers qualitatively high standard windows to be tilted or turned made from stable and durable materials, for that secure and warm cosy feeling in the home.

Standard yet special

Sealing system and secure locking

Standard windows generally come in two sizes (1.23 m x 1.48 m and 1.48 m x 2.18 m). Despite the standard sizing there are still differences concerning the building depth and the sealing and locking systems depending on the type of material chosen. For example, standard vinyl (uPVC) windows come requiring an installation depth of 70 cm, aluminium windows 72 cm and wooden windows need a depth of 78 cm. Special attention also lies on the various systems of sealing used to ensure highly effective thermal insulation while simultaneously lowering heating costs. According to the guidelines outlined in the EU Energy Saving directive (EnEV), 4 the maximum thermal transmission coefficient (U-value) should be 1.30 W/(m²K) or less. These requirements are fulfilled by our uPVC windows thanks to the 5-chamber sealing systems which use either a compression seal or a center seal to ensure optimum thermal insulation. This U-vale can be improved further with double glazing to roughly 1.1 W/(m²K) and with triple glazing to 0.5 – 0.7 W/(m2K) virtually halved.

Open window

Optimum energy efficiency is best achieved by using multiple glazing on all standard windows of aluminium, as in the basic version these only come with a 3-chamber system giving a U-value of 1.4 W/(m2K).

In contrast to uPVC and aluminium windows, wooden window profiles impress due to their very natural look, and also because of their thermal drip cap seal, that protects the frame and sash not only against UV-rays, but also against damp seeping into the unit. Multiple glazing helps to attain the U-value of 1.30 W/(m²K). Windows 24.com offers energy efficiency and good living through its high value products made in Germany.

Security and soundproofing

A pleasant, warm atmosphere and the feeling of being secure – standard windows draw attention because of the optimum thermal insulation they offer and due to the ideal security systems which are available for them. Manufactured in aluminium they are typically fitted with a 4-fold locking system with steel-mushroom-locks (mushroom head locking). Mushroom shaped pins lock into the locking plate set into the frame and prevent the window from being lifted out of its anchoring. An additional lockout device and an incorrect latch position block protect against unwanted intruders. For the best atmosphere in the home, high value standard windows provide a special level of soundproofing. The chambers within the 5-chamber seal system can be additionally fulfilled with a heat and sound insulating PVC foam material.

Cross section of a standard window

In combination with multiple glazing extremely good soundproofing can be attained which guarantees the recommended level of noise of 35 dB in residential areas is met.

Windows24.com offers high quality standard window types which are matched to your individual needs by incorporating heat insulation systems and security methods to provide a pleasant and safe homely feeling.

Design your own standard windows

Although usually only available in two standard sizes, the fact that various different materials such as uPVC, aluminium or wood are offered means that the window can still be designed to suit your own individual needs and wishes. The frames are available in a wide range of colours and can hence be optimally matched to your individual ideas. The efficient use of energy, security and soundproofing prove that standard windows from Windows24.com are anything but standard. For individual advice and answers to all your questions you can reach our window experts on our free Hotline (0049 711 860 600).

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