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Patio door security

With their generous glass surfaces and large dimensions, patio doors can be vulnerable to potential intruders. At windows24.com, however, excellent security can be relied upon thanks to our high-quality fittings and purpose-designed thick glazing. A range of further customisable options, such as secure roller shutters, alarm integrated sensors, and aesthetic glazing bars can then be added to suit individual requirements and design preferences – just keep reading for further details.

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Two main locking mechanisms

At windows24.com we offer different types of patio doors with two main locking mechanisms to ensure excellent patio door security:

Locking using a handle without a cylinder

This locking mechanism works in a similar way to those commonly used for windows – when a handle on the inside of door is turned 180° anticlockwise or to its delegated closed position, the door becomes locked and won't slide, lift, or open. As an optional extra, the handle itself can also feature a key and be locked. This mechanism provides good patio door security and comes with multi-point locks and sturdy fittings secured around the door frame and sashes.

Locking with a cylinder

An alternative locking system available for some patio doors is one that better resembles the locks and bolts used for front doors, where handles are installed on both sides of the patio door along with a cylinder that can be locked with a key. In certain configurations, selecting this locking mechanism can increase the number of available locking points around the door's frame and improve security.

Different patio door openings and their fittings

At windows24.com there are four main types of patio doors available. Due to their design, each differs slightly in terms of the possible locking mechanism and fittings:

Tilt and slide

Popular with customers, tilt and slide doors in their most basic configuration are our cheapest patio door model.

Allowing for varied ventilation, they are user-friendly and provide open views out.

In terms of security, the following can then be expected:

  • Lock using interior (lockable) handle without a cylinder
  • Feature secure mushroom pins and plate aluminium fittings
  • Customisable number of locking points
  • Can achieve RC2 resistance class against burglars

Smart slide

Secure smart sliding patio doors are an elegant and user-friendly addition to any home.

They also come with a wider range of door security options to help prevent break-in attempts:

  • Option to have an interior (lockable) handle without a cylinder
  • Alternative option to have a cylinder and handles inside and out
  • Customisable number of pins and locking points
  • Can add sensor & achieve RC2 resistance class against burglars

Lift and slide

Lift and slide doors are ideal for large dimensions and bring much light into interiors.

These secure sliding glass doors can also come with a range of locking mechanisms:

  • Option to have an interior handle without a cylinder
  • Alternatively available with a cylinder and handles on both sides of the door
  • Possibility to add a sensor
  • Customisable number of pins and locking points
  • Can reach resistance class RC2


Glass bifold doors are an excellent space saving solution and provide accessible entry as well as full views out.

These secure patio doors are available with the following security features and fittings:

  • Usually lock with an interior (lockable) handle without a cylinder
  • Have secure mushroom pins and plate aluminium fittings
  • Customisable number of locking points
  • Can reach resistance class RC2
  • Cylinder locking and inside-outside handles available upon request

Further customisable security features

Alongside the number of locking points and selected mechanism, there are other patio door elements that play an important role in terms of security.


To ensure good standard security, in their most basic configuration all our patio door models come with double glazing.

This has glass feature two panes rather than just one and adds essential protective thickness. For some types of patio doors, triple glazing can then also be selected. This means that the glass doors are made up of three panes, which improves security and impact resistance when compared to double glazing.

For extremely secure doors that outperform standard triple and double-glazed models, glass can undergo a special laminating process where invisible foil interlayers are added between panes.

This results in toughened glass, which is much harder to break. If broken through very strong force, the glass will first remain held on the intact foil rather than shattering out.

Adding roller shutters

Depending on the type of patio door and its opening, a further way to increase the break-in protection of new patio doors is to add roller shutters. Commonly made from a high-quality, robust material like aluminium, shutters cover glass surfaces and add an extra layer of thickness. They can also be coloured to match door frames and façades.

Patio door frames and profile

The material that door frames are made from, and the technical make-up of their profiles can also impact security. At windows24.com, depending on the type of patio door, we offer secure aluminium, uPVC, wood, uPVC-alu, and wood-alu frames. No one material is necessarily better than another as all come with their own unique benefits. Some, such as aluminium are, however, more naturally durable, and strong. Others, such as uPVC are also particularly secure thanks to sturdy steel reinforcements engineered into certain profiles.

Lock monitoring sensors

For many of our patio doors, a sensor can also be added to further secure the entrance.

The sensor features magnets secured onto the door's frame and sash, integrated into alarms and home security systems. They can be ideal for doors without cylinder locking as they alert owners that the sash is closed or pulled to but not locked from the inside.

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