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Patio Door Security and Anti-Burglar Protection

An important factor when choosing a new patio or balcony door is certainly security and providing reliable protection against possible burglary. These types of doors are clearly designed to provide access to the patio, a balcony or into the surrounding garden and are therefore often the first point of attack for potential burglars as they offer an easy way into the house and home. However, it is not necessary to install an alarm system or set up CCTV. There are other ways to guard the patio or balcony door against break-in.

The Best Protection against Unwanted Guests – secure Patio Doors Correctly

If we consider for a moment the path that a potential burglar or thief often chooses when carrying out their act, then frequently it is the unsecured balcony door or window or a badly secured patio door which is their main focus. This is why patio door security is one of the most crucial points in the prevention of such crimes. Patio (and balcony) door anti-burglar protection can be carried out by various methods, which vary in their effectiveness and in the effort required to install then. How can I select the right form of patio door security for my house and how can I secure my own patio or balcony door at home?

Security Fittings for Patio Doors

One of the methods preferred by burglars to force entry is to lever the door or window using a long sharp instrument, e.g. a screwdriver. This method of entry can be effected in only a few seconds by a professional burglar and an unsecured door or window.

Door protection in the form of security locking can provide help here. Security locks are special fittings whereby both handle side and hinge side of the door are protected using a security locking plate together with mushroom-headed cams. For larger patio doors a central lock can be installed additionally, providing further security.

Security fitting for patio doors

Burglar-Resistant Glazing for Patio Doors

Patio door safety glass test

Furthermore, the patio door glazing also poses somewhat of a weak point. The burglar can attempt to break the pane in the area near the door handle in order to reach inside and open the door from within.

Here it is possible to provide protection by using lockable patio door handles or to have burglar-resistant glazing fitted, e.g. fit laminated safety glass or impact resistant glazing

Roller Shutters provide Patio Door Security

Secure your patio door by using roller shutters

Yet another form of anti-burglar protection available is the fitting of appropriate roller shutters to the patio door or balcony door. Roller shutters which conform to class 2 resistance (according to German standard DIN V ENV 1627) are fitted with a strengthened guide rail as well as metal slats and a reinforced end piece. These shutters should, however, be equipped with an anti-lifting device which prevents the shutter from being lifted from outside. Given the right choice of extras making the patio door or the balcony door is easy to protect. All these extras can be found in our door configurator.

Patio doors with lockable systems are considerably safer than those without

Patio Door Locks

Security for the patio door can be obtained simply by installing a lock. The typical door lock consists of a profile cylinder, keys, rosette fittings with handle which together enable the door to be locked from inside or from outside thereby transforming the door into a fully-functioning side entrance or back door.

One has to note that only patio doors with a turn function can be equipped with locks, i.e. the tilt function cannot also be fitted. Another version is lockable door handle, which also increases the safety of patio doors.

Lockable patio door

Patio Door Catch

By far the simplest method of providing patio door security is the so-called patio door catch. However, this system does not provide active patio door burglar protection, but is rather designed that when the door is in an open position it provides a certain protection against the door being slammed against the all in the event of a strong gust of wind. Such door catches are usually installed into the door as standard when buying a modern good quality patio or balcony door.

Patio door latch bolt

Patio Door Hinges

Patio doors equipped with the appropriate set of hinges can be opened and closed easily, offer maximum life time use with low maintenance while being of the best quality. Obviously doors can be opened by turning either to the right or to the left and they can be equipped with the practical tilt function where required.

All our doors are fitted with hinges from Winkhaus and Siegenia Aubi, two well-known and well-respected German companies. We especially recommend the Activ Pilot fittings from Winkhaus and these are used predominantly.

These offer all the advantages you might expect from German quality fittings and a supply of spare parts is guaranteed for years to come, so that you can enjoy your doors (and windows) for a long time.

Where you have need of higher security and to provide more safety in the locking systems of your patio doors then you should choose from the special security fittings conforming to security classes WK 1 or WK 2.

Patio Door Fittings

From all security measures taken, the fittings of the patio or balcony door play a leading role, as the security of the complete element stands or falls as a result of their endurance and stability.

It is particularly important for us that we use only very high quality products, which due to their properties and specific applicability meet all requirements and comply with all and any regulations.

Patio door fitting

Security Classes

Patio Doors and Security Classes

In order to increase the security status of a patio or balcony door there are a wide number of features available to choose from. These include security class glazing, fittings, lockable door handles, locking systems as well as roller shutters with ant-lifting device. An additional level of protection is available in the form of security classes 1 and 2 (according to German standard DIN V ENV 1627).

Security resistance class 1 (WK1) offers anti-burglar protection, but only minimal protection against possible leverage of doors and windows. Security resistance class 2 (WK2) offers additional protection against break-in using tools such as screwdriver, pliers, etc.

Resistance grades RC1 and RC2 for secured patio doors


Every Anti-Burglar Protection Measure is Important

Burglars and house-breakers always take the course of least resistance to enter a home and their very occupation means that they can quickly establish the weak points of balconies, patio doors or windows etc.

Generally speaking, one can say that every step taken whether it includes supplementary locking points, additional components or a patio door lock will positively increase protection and will be a plus in terms of your patio door security.

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