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Wooden patio doors

Wooden patio doors are very popular thanks to their cosy design and sustainability. Regardless of whether you choose a type of softwood or hardwood, the natural material wood has good thermal insulation properties and blends in with both modern and cottage interior styles. Configure your tilt-and-slide door, bi-folding door or lift-and-slide door of wood at the best price here.

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Our wooden patio doors

Focus on living comfort: a wooden patio door provides plenty of natural light and a pleasant indoor climate.

Wooden tilt and slide doors

Wooden tilt and slide doors
Tilt-and-slide doors made of the natural raw material wood radiate an unadulterated and comfortable elegance. They are thermally insulating, particularly sustainable and technologically modern.
from € 2,816 from € 2,816
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Wooden lift and slide doors

Wooden lift and slide doors

Wooden lift-and-slide doors exude a natural and rustic elegance while benefiting from state-of-the-art technology. They are ecologically sustainable and extremely thermally insulating.

from € 3,451 from € 3,451
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Wooden bi-folding doors

Wooden bi-folding doors

A bi-folding door made of the natural raw material wood gives your rooms a warm atmosphere. It is thermally insulating, ecologically sustainable and features the latest technology.

from € 2,367 from € 2,367
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Accessories and options

Prices for patio doors

Prices for patio doors

Read about the factors influencing door prices and calculate the cost of your design online today.

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Install patio doors with ease with our step-by-step instructions and handy illustrations.

Security for patio doors

Secure your patio door

Discover more about the security add-on options available for our patio doors.

Patio door glazing

Patio door glazing

Learn more about our different security, energy-saving, soundproof, and privacy glazings.

Patio door insect screen

Patio door fly screen

Our made-to-measure insect screens keep homes bug free and can be retrofitted.

Patio door roller shutters

Patio door roller shutters

Add a roller shutter to benefit from increased security, privacy, and shade.

Patio door handle

Patio door handles

Discover our range of internal and external lockable patio door handles available in different colours.

Information and instructions: purchasing and installation tips



Hear from our experts in the video world and watch short informative clips about door manufacturing, our materials, and the configurator.



Door installation is made simple with our step-by-step installation instructions and clear illustrations – just head below to discover more.

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Further information

Material: a wooden patio door

Wooden French doors and patio doors have a uniquely warm appearance. This is created by the natural, renewable raw material wood (or timber).

Our wooden patio doors are made exclusively from selected quality woods that are treated with special, natural impregnation processes. The external doors, therefore, have a long service life and require comparatively little maintenance to keep the wood weatherproof and protected.

Even more protection can be achieved by choosing the right aluminium sash cover profile for your wooden patio door. This way, the wooden frame is also optimally protected from all weather influences by the aluminium and you can enjoy your patio door for a long time.

A standard rain rail ensures optimum drainage of the patio door and at the same time protects the frame profile in the bottom sill area.

There are many types of wood to choose from for wooden patio doors. The range extends from Pine to Meranti, Oak, Larch and Eucalyptus. For each type of wood, there are different glazes (e.g. pine light) to give the patio door its very own and individual touch.

Wooden patio doors are available in various designs and with many types of opening.

There are many types of wood to choose from for wooden patio doors. The range extends from Pine to Meranti, Oak, Larch and Eucalyptus. For each type of wood, there are different glazes (e.g. pine light) to give the patio door its very own and individual touch.

Wooden patio doors are available in various designs and with many types of opening.

The possibilities range from a simple single-leaf door to an elaborate French patio door or a patio door with several sashes and a fanlight.

An extra that goes particularly well with windows or wooden doors are glazing bars. They emphasise the harmonious overall impression of the wood or timber and create even more cosiness and ambience through their appearance.

But not only glazing bars are a perfect feature for wooden patio doors, the matching handle, e.g., made of aluminium, can also offer an attractive contrast to the wooden French doors or patio doors and thus only emphasise the natural materiality of the wood even more.

Colour selection of wooden patio doors

Wooden patio doors are available in the common wood types Pine, Meranti, Larch and Oak, for which special glazes are available.

This means that there is a wide variety of possible designs for the surface of the door. This way, the patio door is always a visual delight.

Frequently asked questions

Wood has long been a popular material in window construction because it combines naturally good thermal insulation with a cosy charm. The costs depend first and foremost on the type of opening: while you can get a tilt-and-slide door from as little as € 2,816, the prices for lift-and-slide doors start at € 3,451 and for bi-folding doors from € 2,367. In addition, the size and the respective features also affect the total costs, of course.

You can order our patio doors in six types of wood: Pine, Spruce, Meranti, Larch, Eucalyptus and Oak. Pine is most commonly used in window construction because it has good stability. The hardwoods Larch and Oak are among the hardest types of wood and therefore naturally have a high level of resistance, which makes them resistant to pest infestation, for example. Depending on which wood you choose, you can also choose from up to five environmentally-friendly wood colours that provide additional protection for the surface.

Glazing bars are a typical design element of classic designs such as the country house style. They give the house a traditional and cosy look. This is especially true of wooden patio and French doors, which look even more rustic with glazing bars. Helima glazing bars are the most uncomplicated variant because they are fitted in the space between the panes and do not interfere with the cleaning of the pane. So-called Viennese glazing bars are fitted on both sides, and with glazing bars that divide the glass, the patio door is made up of several panes of glass.

You often read that wood is less long-lasting than uPVC or aluminium. However, the durability depends very much on the care of the respective component. Over time, both rain and strong sunlight damage the material. To prevent cracks in the material, wooden frames must be repainted or glazed every 3 to 5 years. Overall, however, today’s wooden external doors are much more resistant than many people think, also thanks to new surface sealing methods. It is best to choose a type of wood with a high raw density, such as Oak, Larch or Meranti.

Wooden patio doors are available in three different opening variants. With so-called tilt-and-slide doors, the movable sashes can be tilted as well as slid parallelly to the fixed element. If you are looking for a barrier-free design, a lift-and-slide door is the better option. Because the sashes are easily moved to the side on rollers, even very large glass areas can be achieved. The most space-saving option is our bi-folding door, where the sashes are simply folded together (bi-fold). Depending on the type of opening you choose, you can equip your sliding door with up to five sashes.

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