Wooden Patio Doors

Striking profile with clear contours

  • Thermally separated threshold sill available
  • In pine, Meranti, larch and oak wood types
  • Available in 2 designs and 2 different depths
10 years warranty

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Wood patio doors are obviously the first choice when considering ecologically responsible construction, life cycle assessment and naturally renewable raw materials. The warm and friendly aspect they create as well as the effective thermal insulation and climatic regulation by absorption and release of humidity remain unexcelled. Plus, the freedom of design and creativity is great with wood patio doors as you can add ornamental window bars or choose exotic wood pigmentations that give that individual touch to your living space. On windows24.com, you can combine them as you want and ctrate your very own wood patio door.

Wood is the material of choice for ecologically responsible construction

Wooden Patio Doors

Wooden patio doors enjoy a unique warm radiation which only the natural and sustainable raw material wood creates.

Our wooden patio doors are only constructed using specially selected high grade wood, which are then treated using a special, natural impregnation technique. Thus our patio doors a have long life and require only a comparatively low level of maintenance to keep the wood weatherproof and protected.

One can obtain more protection for the wooden patio door by adding the matching aluminium sash cover profile. This means that the wooden window sash is optimally covered and protected by the aluminium against all weather conditions and one can enjoy one's patio door for years to come. 

A rain rail fitted as standard provides the optimum draining of rainwater from the patio door and simultaneously protects the frame profile in the area of the sill. A number of different woods are available for the patio doors. The range encompasses woods such as pine, Meranti, oak, larch and even eucalyptus. For each type of wood there is a different varnish (e.g. light pine) so that the patio door can be given its own individual look.

Wood terrace

Wooden patio doors are available in a number of different styles and various methods of opening. These range from the simple single-sash door to the sophisticated balcony door or patio door with several sash elements and fanlights.

One extra feature which woks especially well to wooden windows and patio doors is the window bar. Patio door bars underscore the harmonious overall look of the wood and create even more homeliness and a pleasant ambience. But not only bars are the perfect accomaniment to wooden patio doors, the matching handle, e.g. of aluminium, can offer an attractive contrast to thwe wood of the patio door and serve to highlight the natural material even more.

Wooden Patio Doors and Colour Range

Wooden patio doors are available in the conventional woods such as pine, Meranti, larch and oak, for each of which there is a matching varnish. This means a wide selection of looks for the surface area of the door. Thus your patio door will please for years to come.

Wood types for patio doors

System description for wooden patio doors

Wooden Patio Doors System Description


  • Laminated scantings optionally in the wood types pine, Meranti, larch or oak.


  • Smooth wood upper surfaces using fine hydroplaning
  • Factory-applied coating to protect against UV-radiation and moisture
  • Final treatment using electrostatic spraying technique and environmentally friendly paints and varnishes
  • The lower frame profile which is especally prone to weather forces is protected by an extruded and specially coated rain protection rail


  • Normal windows, thermal insulation, soundproofed and safety window, sliding elements, balcony and patio door


  • Modern design with rustic look with clear edges in semi-recess form
  • Corner and shear bearings with trunnions for sash weight up to 130 kg 
  • All fitting components in contemporary steel look with cover caps if required
  • Mishandling device as sash lever and anti-mishandling locking

Patio door prices


Calculate patio door prices online. All the pricing information you need to know can be found at the link.

Fitting patio doors


In order to install your new patio door by yourself, you'll need the right tools, accessories and a set of good instructions. Find them at the link.

Patio doors and security


An important factor when choosing patio doors is security and protection from break-ins.

Patio door glazing


Choose the right patio door glazing to meet your needs including soundproofing, anti-burglar protection, privacy and energy efficiency.

Sliding Patio Doors

For patio doors there are a variety of different opening styles available such as tilt and turn or sliding.

Patio doors and insect protection

Insect Protection

Insect screens can come ready to install with your patio door or be added later.

Patio door shutters


We offer a number of different shutter systems for patio doors to increase both security and privacy.

Patio door handles


Patio door handles for inside and outside including locking options.

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