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Patio Door Handles

For patio doors there is a range of door handles with various features available. The design of these handles ranges from classic to modern and they can be individually combined to the patio door according to taste. Besides patio and balcony door handles of uPVC or aluminium there are also designer handles of stainless steel which, due to their modern but also timeless style, give the door that extra look.

Lockable Handles for Patio Doors

For that extra security select lockable patio and balcony door handles. Those who wish to equip their patio or balcony door with a proper fully-functioning handle that can be used to lock the door from both sides and perhaps use this door as a side entrance, then a patio door lock is the perfect choice. The patio door lock comprises a handle set consisting of a profile cylinder, key, rosette and door handle. A popular method for burglars to use is to puncture the pane seal of a patio or balcony door. Using a screwdriver or similar tool the glazing seal is penetrated in order to get to the door handle located on the inside and the door can easily be opened. The lockable door handle helps to prevent simple opening of the patio or balcony door. As additional option a patio door lock can be built into the door. The door can then be locked and unlocked from within or from without. For further security it is possible to fit an additional lock using a safety catch making it impossible for any potential burglar and is a good method to protect a patio or balcony door.

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