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Soundproof windows

Good living conditions primarily means peace, quiet and relaxation. Concentrating on one’s work or peaceful sleep are impossible when there is a hell of a noise outside. A recent WHO study revealed that the stress generated by traffic noise pollution has become the second largest risk factor affecting our health today. Consequently, soundproof windows are not just a way to keep out unwanted noise in order to guarantee peaceful living conditions or allow one to concentrate on one’s work; soundproof windows, especially in noisy neighbourhoods or with heavy traffic conditions, a home that is a refuge of peace and quiet but which actually benefits your health.

Windows that make you feel good

Whether it is inconsiderate neighbours, constant traffic noise or that booming pneumatic hammer at a nearby building site: the causes of noise pollution are many and varied.
Especially in regions of heavy traffic the noise generated is a constant – unwanted - companion.

In some places the acknowledged maximum tolerated noise level required for a good night’s sleep of 25 decibels is several times exceeded. And this trend, unfortunately, is rising.

However, this burden caused by noise does not necessarily mean moving house with all that that entails.

Frequently, in order to reduce the sound level it to a minimum, it proves sufficient simply to fit special soundproof windows and doors.

Modern apartment block with soundproof windows

What is often attributed as the cause of much mental stress today can, thanks to the high quality soundproof windows from Windows24.com, be easily banished. Instead of lying there nights, unable to get a wink of sleep, effective sound insulation can provide an important contribution to one’s health and combat stress.

Individual sound insulation

In order to obtain the best possible insulation result of up to 94 % reduction in noise, it is first necessary to establish what the sound insulation categories according to VDI 2719 are. These stem to some extent from the actual location of the windows and serve to evaluate the actual level of noise on site.

The decisive factors for effective sound insulation of a soundproof window are the frame and the glazing. During production the window is fitted according to the personal requirements and individual housing conditions. As well as the thickness and the dimensions of the pane, the form of the glass is an important component influencing the soundproofing effect. The more divergence the thickness of the outer pane to the inner pane has, then the better the soundproofing is.There are six categories of sound insulation, whereby categories 2 to 4 are the ones which are most often seen today.

Three of these sound insulation classes, also offered by Windows24.com for glazing in its soundproof windows are:

Sound insulating classes

Because of the number of things that can go wrong when fitting soundproof windows these should ideally be fitted by qualified craftsmen and according to guidelines set by RAL.

The thicker, the better

Windows – of wood and uPVC to aluminium

In contrast to normal windows soundproof windows today are equipped with better glazing than single pane glazing. On the contrary, they are distinguished by the butyl und polysulphide seals and the special laminated soundproofing glass. Depending on the sound insulation category, as well as the varying thicknesses as mentioned above, synthetic resins can also be used.

The chosen material for the window is, naturally, of some importance: although wood and uPVC can be used and offer very good sound insulation the best window for soundproofing is, without doubt, that of aluminium.

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