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Soundproof windows

Reduce the effects of noise pollution and turn your home into a peaceful space with our high-quality soundproof windows. With different materials, designs, and noise reduction classes available, a wide range of specific needs can be met thanks to our many customisable options. Just read on to learn more about the technical structure and benefits of installing soundproof windows and receive useful recommendations plus cost information.

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The importance of quiet spaces

Recent WHO studies have confirmed that constant external noise intrusion from traffic can cause stress and negatively affect health. From loud neighbours to construction or a nearby airport, noise complaints can come from a variety of sources producing an above-average noise level. Building or replacing windows with modern profiles expertly manufactured with soundproof glazing creates a noticeable difference and can reduce noise to under 30 dB, the recommended level for quality sleep. Window soundproofing can be used effectively in a domestic setting but can also be an important addition in hospitals and other health centres, which must often follow stricter regulations and further reduce noise.

The different sound insulation classes

At windows24.com, there are five different soundproof glazing options to choose from. The different glasses are available for both triple and double glazing and vary in price based on their performance. The glazings differ, for example, based on their sound insulation class (2-5), which defines the decibels of, or amount of, noise reduction that can be expected. Here is some further information on the different sound proofing classes for the glazings we offer, using the example of traffic noise:

Class 2:

  • Reduces noise by 32 dB
  • For buildings 50-100m from a suburban street (up to 100 vehicles per hour)
  • For buildings 300m from an urban street (up to 500 vehicles per hour).

Class 3:

  • Two glazings to reduce noise by 36 or 38 dB.
  • 36 dB glass – for buildings 10-25 m from a suburban street, 50-100 m from an urban one, or 300 m from a major road (up to 1000 vehicles per hour).
  • 38 dB glass –  for buildings 25 m from an urban street, 100 m from a major road, or 300 m from a motorway (up to 5000 vehicles per hour).

Class 4:

  • Reduces noise by 42 dB.
  • For buildings 10 m from urban streets, 50 m from a major one, 100 m from a motorway, or 300 m from train tracks.

Class 5: 

  • Reduces noise by 45 dB.
  • For buildings 25 m from a major road, 50 m from a motorway, 50-100 m from train tracks, or 300 m from an airport.

Soundproof windows – the technical details

At windows24.com, all our windows come with double glazing or triple glazing. This means that two or three panes of glass are used which increases the glazing's overall thickness and provides an improved base insulation when compared to single pane windows. The space between each pane of glass is then also filled with a safe inert gas like Argon, which further slows the travel of sound waves and improves insulation.

Compared to standard glazing, noise reduction glass used in soundproofing windows is been purpose-designed with special qualities to achieve specific classes.

Denser glass is used, for example, and the panes tend to be asymmetrical in their thickness to best reflect incoming sound from being transmitted through the window.

For classes 4 and above, so-called invisible "silence foil" is then manufactured into the glass, producing laminated glazing, which has the soundproof windows work at their maximum as effective noise reducing products.

Alongside the glazing, the window frame also plays a role in terms of window sound insulation. We offer a range of effective frame materials that can be combined with soundproof glass but uPVC or uPVC alu are the best natural insulators, for example.

They add an extra level of sound protection to the window and often feature built-in foam and mutiple chambers, which, especially when used to frame triple-glazed windows with purpose-designed glass, provide highly effective soundproofing.

Further advantages of soundproof windows

As well as providing effective noise protection, soundproof windows offer further benefits thanks to their expert design.

  • Thermal insulation

Due to the increased thickness of the glazing and inert gas filling between the double-glazed or triple-glazed window panes, the windows also effectively prevent energy loss and reduce the effects of conduction. Depending on the temperature difference between building interiors and exterior conditions, undesirable incoming or escaping heat is kept to a minimum, for example. This helps to maintain a comfortable interior temperature, which increases energy-efficiency and saves on utility costs.

  • Break-in protection

Another advantage of soundproof windows is the enhanced break-in protection provided. The increased thickness of the glazing adds impact resistance, for example, and for glass of class 4 or 5, the inserted foil layer acts like laminated safety glazing.

The foil means that the glass is harder to break and reduces the likelihood that it will shatter out.

  • Customisable design options

A further benefit of purchasing noise reduction windows from windows24.com is the wide scope for customisable design.

For those after a sleek, durable product, an aluminium frame can be selected, for example, while customers favouring a traditional style and bespoke pattern may prefer one of our wooden frames with a varnish coating. All frames can then be expertly finished in a quality RAL colour or timber decor of choice.

Many other add-on features are then also available. A smart home integrated window sensor can be selected for enhanced security, for instance, while matching roller shutters can be easily added to further combat noise pollution and perfectly complement new windows.

Just head to the configurator to make your choices today and purchase noise reducing windows without compromising on style.

Costs and installation

Because our products can be highly customisable, how much soundproof windows cost will differ depending on selections made in the configurator. Deciding between double or triple glazing will alter the price, for example, just as adding roller shutters or opting for an aluminium frame will tend to make the product more expensive.

In the configurator the live price will be displayed as selections are made and changed. To give a general idea, a uPVC double-glazed soundproof window from us in its most basic configuration would cost the following with glass of the different insulation classes:

Sound insulation class Price
2 € 49
3 € 64
4 € 92
5 € 99
For a double-glazed uPVC window, 510 x 510 mm

In terms of installation, our soundproofing windows can be used for new windows or to replace existing windows. With our simple guides on how to measure for, remove and mount windows, self-installing windows is made possible, but we can also connect you with local professionals – just contact us for further advice or to discuss the options today.

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