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Triple-glazed windows

Purchase windows of every size without having to worry about insulation thanks to our quality triple glazing. Constructed with three glass panes, windows with this glazing ensure excellent thermal efficiency while providing further benefits, including soundproofing, enhanced impact resistance, and UV protection. Profit from energy savings today and head to the configurator or read on to discover more about our expertly designed triple-glazed windows.

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How does triple glazing work?

Unlike single-glazed windows or those with double glazing that feature one or two glass panes respectively, triple-glazed windows feature three panes of glass. This means that the overall glazed surface of the window is much thicker. The spaces between the centre pane and the inner and outer panes are then filled with a safe and sealed inert noble gas, such as argon. This gas is denser than air and so has a low conductivity. This combination of the sealed safe gas and multiple panes helps the window to reduce energy loss and keep interiors at a relatively stable and comfortable temperature year-round.

The benefits of triple glazing

  • Enhanced thermal insulation

When comparing double and triple glazing, triple-glazed windows boast a superior energy performance. Due to their technical construction described above, conduction is kept to a minimum. This means that in cold climate countries, for example, heat loss from the warmer inside to the cooler outside is reduced.

The window u-value, the amount of heat lost per square metre, is therefore lower than for a double-glazed window with the same frame material. Due to this triple glazing is energy-efficient and increased savings on utility bills can be expected because regular heating systems will need to be used less.

Triple-glazed windows are also ideal, however, for warmer climates because they help to protect interiors from exterior warmth moving via conduction into cooler inside spaces. Due to their versatile cross-season performance, triple-glazed windows are one of our most popular products.

  • Excellent soundproofing

Due to their multi-layered construction and the fact that many profiles feature additional chambers and foam spacers for energy efficiency, a triple-glazed window from windows24.com also offers good noise reduction. The travel of sound waves is slowed or reflected more effectively then in double-glazed windows or for a single-glazed window, for example. Interiors therefore become peaceful, restful spaces protecting inhabitants from the stress that studies have proven noise pollution from traffic can trigger.

  • Improved UV protection

A further benefit of a triple-glazed window is that due to its multiple panes, excellent UV protection can be expected.

This prevents interiors from becoming too hot during warmer periods, which makes for an energy-efficient home. Furniture and objects are then also better protected from the wear and tear that can occur with high UV exposure. An additional thin invisible coating of low-e metal oxide can also be applied to the window's exterior to further boost this feature and truly make triple glazing worth the while.

  • A note about double glazing

Although a triple-glazed window offers many advantages and better insulation when compared to a double-glazed model, it is worth noting that they cost a bit more; double-glazed windows tend to be more affordable and are also simpler to install because they are usually lighter and contain less glass.

Customising triple glazing for further benefits

At windows24.com customisable features can be added to triple-glazed windows to maximise performance.

Some customers may wish to purchase particularly large triple-glazed glass fronts, for example, without compromising on privacy or break-in protection. These requirements can then be met by selecting ornamental and laminated safety glass in the configurator, which will restrict the view in for onlookers while further improving the impact resistance of the triple-glazed windows.

The window frame and add-ons

Whether you choose triple-glazing or opt for double-glazed windows, at windows24.com customers are given wide scope to individualise the final function and design of products. The choice of the window's frame is one such option and quality aluminium, uPVC, wood, wood-alu and uPVC-alu are available to choose from.

No one material is necessarily better than the other, rather each come with their own unique benefits, which will suit certain project requirements better than others. Where uPVC tends to be the most affordable and will enhance energy efficiency, wood boasts bespoke patterns and sturdiness, for example. Aluminium, on the other hand, provides unmatched weather and impact resistance while composite wood-alu and uPVC-alu bring together the best of two materials thanks to the exterior metal cladding the interior material.

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As well as the choice of the frame material and different modifications for the glazing, further features can also be added in the configurator to complement a triple-glazed window.

Roller shutters are often purchased with a matching durable RAL colour or quality decor applied to both the shutter and window frame

Such shutters contribute to the building design and help to darken and shade interiors while adding an extra layer of break-in protection and sound insulation.

As well as roller shutters, many other options are available, from smart home integrated window sensors to lockable handles, different opening mechanisms, and traditional glazing bars – just head to the configurator to get designing today.

Frequently asked questions

Because products from windows24.com are highly customisable, costs will differ based on individual customer selections. In the configurator you will find a live price displayed to the right as features are added and changed. In general, a triple-glazed window tends to be more expensive than a double-glazed one and a uPVC model with fewer add-on features will be more affordable than an aluminium model with window sensors, glazing bars and extra locking points.

At windows24.com we specialise in made-to-measure products and in the configurator minimum and maximum height and width ranges are displayed once the frame material has been chosen. Just follow our simple guide on how to measure for windows, then add your dimensions to the interactive range boxes or contact us for further advice. Pleas note that for particularly large dimensions, triple-glazed units made up of multiple sashes are also possible.

The amount of maintenance or upkeep that triple-glazed windows require will largely depend on their frame material. Aluminium and uPVC windows can be easily wiped clean with a little water and detergent, for example, while wooden models require more care, such as in the form of oiling. Like double-glazing, triple glazing can be easily wiped with window glass cleaner and certain mechanisms, such as the tilt and turn opening option, allow for particularly easy access.

In terms of installation, our products can be used as new triple-glazed windows and for replacing windows. The process can be carried out by the customer with the help of our step-by-step guides on how to remove and install windows, but we can also put you in touch with local professionals if you prefer – just contact the team today for more advice or to discuss the options further.

Still have questions?

In our FAQs you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about triple-glazed windows.

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Another option is to schedule an appointment for a telephone consultation here. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive one-on-one, specialist advice from our experts to purchase the perfect bespoke product.

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