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Triple glazing - energy saving and looking ahead

Nowadays windows are no longer designed merely to keep the wind and weather out. Rather, when fitted with triple glazing they represent a considerable saving in energy – and thus protect both the environment and your wallet. Windows24.com offers a wide selection of windows which conform to the latest standards: providing energy efficiency while bestowing that feel good factor in every living situation.

Sustainable living

There are more benefits to triple glazing than you may see at first glance. Not only does it meet the highest technical standards but it is also a real energy saver. The panes are arranged as a triple layer as the name suggests but the spaces between the panes are filled with a special noble gas which considerably hinders heat loss.

Argon is usually the gas of choice, although krypton can also be employed – especially for windows with a very flat profile. The main advantage of using these noble gases is that they have much lower heat conductivity than normal air and hence save considerably when it comes to heating costs. Additionally two of the three panes are treated with a metal vapor.

This serves to reflect the long-wave infra-red light and thus prevents the rooms from becoming over-heated in the summer months and provide a more temperate climate within the home.

This is designed to present the heat rate of flow per square meter and degree Kelvin. The lower this U-value is, then the better the thermal properties of the triple glazing are. A U-value between 0.4 and 0.8 is the standard value for windows fitted with triple glazing and this represents a high level of energy efficiency.

These values can be compared favorably to the values recommended by the EU. The so-called Energy Directive (or EnEV) allows for a maximum value of 1.3 W/(m2K) – a far lower energy efficiency. Thanks to their highly technical construction windows with triple glazing are six times more efficient at conserving heat losses than conventional single glazed windows.

This can easily represent savings of several hundred Euro per year on one’s heating bills – and at the same time is an active contribution to environmental protection.

Many advantages perfectly in unison – Triple-glazed windows

Triple glazing, besides providing excellent thermal properties, energy efficiency and their high technical standard, have further outstanding qualities to offer. One of these is without doubt improved protection against noise.

It is not always possible for the prospective house builder to find a quiet plot of land in the countryside where the only sounds around are those of the birds singing and the chirping of crickets. The vast majority of employment opportunities are within the built-up areas – and these work places and residential areas are linked directly to increased noise pollution, which mean added stress for both body and mind. Especially badly affected are those rooms which are most frequently used such as the bedroom, the children’s room, lounge or sitting room and offices. Additional aid can be provided by installing the most suitable glazing.

To provide effective levels of noise and sound protection it is important to take diverse factors into consideration. Triple glazing is especially effective when a good amount of seal is inserted between the window frame and the masonry. The seal can contribute substantially to reducing noise levels as any gaps left within the masonry or brickwork will later have a negative influence on decreasing sound levels.

Noise reducing frames of uPVC can also provide more peace and quiet within closed rooms. The particular arrangement of the panes is also relevant here, as a greater distance between individual sheets of glass can reduce the final noise level by up to 50% over the sounds from outside.

Thicker or panes of varying thicknesses of panes contribute positively to reducing noise pollution. However, the thickest glass sheets are typically used more in industrial buildings simply due to the much increased weight of thicker panes.

Another important advantage of triple glazing is the optional self-cleaning properties which are available. Glass treated with Nano-Coating is resistant to both dirt and rain. The special coating works in such a way that rain water will largely runs off and leaves no annoying streaks on the window panes. The smooth upper surface ensures that dust and dirt have a much harder time to form any deposit and thus simplify cleaning.

Windows with triple glazing from Windows24.com offer numerous advantages and without doubt present a worthwhile investment for the future.

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