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Window glazing bars

Glazing bars are a popular design element that adds character and a decorative style to windows. At windows24.com three different types are available, which differ depending on price, look, and installation. Customers then have a high degree of creative freedom with options to determine the number and pattern of bars as well as their thickness and colour. Just head to the configurator to browse the options today.

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A classic with modern charm

Glazing bar windows add a classic touch to old homes and historic buildings. But they also add a certain something to the appearance of a new building – without making it look like a period piece. There are glazing bars for windows and doors in various colours, shapes, and variants that add to the window design of renovated farmers´ houses, modern office buildings, or chic city flats alike.

You can easily retrofit them to your uPVC, aluminium, or timber windows and doors with windows24.com, too and you won’t have to replace the whole thing entirely.

For all variants

Basically: Aluminium, uPVC, timber, and composite sash windows with bars that split the glass panes cost more than those without. Switching to other bar options usually decreases the price. And you´ll also have a good-looking window without needing to buy a new one.


Available bar options:

  • One-sided mounted glazing bars

They are glued to the glazing. Thus, additional sealing isn´t necessary, which benefits the glazing´s U-value. If you take a closer look, you can identify the difference in the glass-splitting variant. But they look like the real deal from a distance.

  • Placed in between the glazed panes

The low-maintenance option: This powder-coated variant is known as Helima or Georgian bars that are put between at least two layers of glazing. They´re durable and require very low maintenance, and you can clean the window just as easily as one without them. Discover our models on windows24.com in colours like bronze C33 and C34 or white with two different measurements: 18 mm or 26 mm.

  • Both-sided, mounted with/without a spacer in the interspace

This style is also called Viennese or Astragal glazing bar and looks like the glazing-splitting variant from the inside and outside. They´re often used in historic buildings and are available at windows24.com as 26, 32, and 42 mm units

  • Glass-splitting glazing bars

This variant actually splits the pane into at least two parts. They´re very characteristic of the era with their traditional appearance and are often used in protected/period buildings. That doesn´t mean energy efficiency and security aren´t a concern, though. Modern windows and doors are efficiently protected with insulation – and can not only look like their historic timber double-glazing predecessors but also fulfil today´s energy standards. They´re available at windows24.com with dimensions of 76, 96, and 110 mm.

Decorative glazing bars are available in one of two variants: either as a detachable model (very easy to clean) or as an extra frame for the window or door. The former recreates the traditional look and is incredibly easy to install.

A fitting style for every taste

Georgian, Astragal bars and other types are available at windows24.com, made of timber, aluminium and uPVC. Wooden ones are perfect for country-style homes. For doors and sash windows in a loft, materials like aluminium or uPVC are ideal because they create a modern stylish look. Also, Georgian or Astragal bars give large glazed surfaces a unique structure.

Keep in mind that installation varies with the different types of muntins. Decorative ones are easily glued on. But solidly installed windows with Astragals or Georgian bars and multiple panes of glass should always be installed by a professional in your area.

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