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French door glazing

Elegant and glazed, French doors fill rooms with light and provide open views out. As they commonly lead onto gardens and balconies, quality materials for a sleek appearance and user-friendly performance are of high importance for these products. Luckily at windows24.com we have a wide range of different glazings to choose from as well as further customisable options and dimensions so that French doors can suit a wide variety of customer preferences and requirements.

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Different glazings for optimal performance

As large glass surfaces can lead to reduced privacy and insulation, and be more vulnerable to break-in attempts, the quality and design of the glazing used in French patio doors is particularly important. At windows24.com customers can choose a specific glazing or select multiple options, purchasing glass with combined purpose-designed features, perfectly fitting to building project needs.

Insulation – double vs triple glazing

To ensure good standard insulation, all our French doors, even in their most basic configuration, come with double glazing.

Compared to single-glazed models, double-glazed French doors better reduce energy loss via conduction and therefore prevent undesirable incoming or escaping heat.

This helps to keep homes warm during cold periods and cool when it is warm outside.

For those looking for even better insulation, triple-glazed doors are also available. This means that the French door glass consists of three panes, which increases the total thickness. Triple glazing therefore further restricts conduction through the glass and lowers u-values (the amount of heat lost each hour per square metre). This makes the French door opening more energy-efficient and can lead to utility bill savings. Triple glazing is, however, more expensive than double glazing.

Noise reduction options for French doors

Whether double-glazed or triple-glazed, our French door glass can feature special noise reduction properties. Just as with soundproof windows, this is achieved through built-in "silence foil" and the fact that the space between panes is filled with safe sealed argon gas.

Varying degrees of sound insulation for French doors are possible depending on the amount of foil or thickness of the panes.

Glazing with sound class 2 reduces noise by 32 dB, for example. It is recommended for a range of buildings, such as those located 50-100 m from a suburban street (up to 100 vehicles per hour) or 300 m from an urban street (up to 500 vehicles per hour).

Glazing with sound class 5 insulation, on the other hand, will reduce noise by 45 dB and is ideal for buildings situated close to train tracks or an airport.

Safety door glass and break-in protection

In place of or combined with noise reduction or triple glazing, our door glass can also be specially treated and manufactured with safety and enhanced security in mind.

The glazing can be tempered, for example, which means it undergoes a chemical process where it is rapidly heated and cooled. This increases the strength and safety of a double or triple-glazed door because glazing will shatter into sharp shards less easily and rather break into smaller pieces.

Another option is to laminate the glazing so it contains PVB foil interlayers between panes. Just as is the case with windows, this increases the impact resistance of external French doors and means that if glazing is broken, it remains fixed in place on the intact foil rather than shattering out and allowing intruders to enter. A locking system with an increased number of fittings or a lockable handle can also be selected in the configurator to further complement the glazing and enhance protection.

Privacy and adding character

Having generously sized French doors not necessarily mean compromising on privacy.

At windows24.com we offer a range of surface finishes, such as frosted and ornamental glazings. These can come with different patterns to add character but also work effectively at restricting what onlookers can see when looking in. Plentiful supply of light and views out to a garden or balcony are still retained though.

For those prioritising style, further character can be brought to French doors by adding glazing bars. Customers can even determine their number and placement.

Long-lasting RAL colours and decors can be selected to coat the frame and there are many to choose from, particularly for uPVC French doors.

Cost comparison

French door with selected glazing Price
Triple glazing (Ug 0.7) € 159
Double glazing with class 2 sound insulation € 165
Double glazing with laminated security foil € 191
Double glazing with frosted surface € 205
Double glazing with ornamental surface and 2 bars € 235
Prices for uPVC French doors of size 510 x 1760 mm with different glazing options

Selecting door sashes and dimensions

The size of the glazing used in French doors partially depends on the material chosen for the frame. We offer wood, robust aluminium, wood-alu, uPVC-alu, and uPVC French doors, for example, which come with different possible maximum and minimum width and height measurements. Larger frames will allow for a more generous glazed surface and further information can be found on our page about French door sizes.

French door frames are not the only factor affecting the possible size of glazing. The number of sashes also plays a role and up to four can be selected. A larger number of sashes increases the possible size of the glazed surface and door, making for an accessible opening and bringing much daylight into the living space. As with windows, further glazed panel add-ons, such as fanlights are then also available.

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