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uPVC Front Doors

Front doors made of uPVC are the gateway into your own home. But they also offer privacy, protection and security. A uPVC front door that is ideally fitted into the frame also insulates heat and sound, contributing to warm days in winter and cool hours in summer. You can comfortably configure uPVC front doors online: Choose the model with or without glass elements, the colour, security options and useful accessories according to your wishes.

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Our uPVC front doors

Welcome home: our uPVC front doors offer maximum design freedom for every style of living

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Features and options

Info and instructions: Find and install your front door

Have you configured, ordered and received your custom front door? That makes us very happy! Now comes the next step – installation: in addition to the right dimensions and options you have chosen for your door, this is crucial for long-term, reliable functioning. You are always faced with the question: should professional fitters do the work or should I/we do it ourselves? For all amateur craftsmen, we have collected videos and step-by-step instructions on this page that explain and facilitate the installation. We hope you enjoy your new front door!

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Further Information

uPVC front doors – the top product features

  • High level of stability due to integrated steel reinforcement
  • Almost completely maintenance free
  • Available in a selection of designs
  • Good insulation properties
  • Sensationally low price

Stability and durability at a low price

Doors in the entrance area must be even more durable than windows or French doors and reliably protect the residents. The range of materials for front doors often includes wood, aluminium and steel in addition to the ever-popular polyvinyl chloride (PVC for short). Combinations of these materials are also possible. Composite doors, for example, rely on both wood and aluminium. In a direct comparison, it is noticeable that uPVC doors are very low-maintenance compared to their wooden counterparts or composite doors.

Over the years, they are only slightly affected by moisture and humidity, so they are very long-lasting, weatherproof and do not require any protective coating. At the same time, such a front door with a high-quality filling provides perfect conditions for excellent thermal insulation. Since plastic expands when exposed to heat, a steel core is ideal to give your door a firm shape and prevent it from warping due to heat.

The most cost-effective front door on the market

Another point in which doors made of uPVC differ from their cousins made of wood (or timber) and aluminium is that they are generally much less expensive to manufacture and install: the artificial plastic material can be produced and processed without great expense. It, therefore, has the lowest prices in the entire range of materials: thus, windows and French doors made of uPVC also come in below wood, steel and aluminium models in terms of cost.

The material is also usually lighter so that transport and installation are quick and the door is easy to open and close. For this reason, uPVC doors are particularly suitable for apartment doors in shared apartment buildings where there is already a secure and stable main entrance door. But quality uPVC is also an inexpensive solution for small garden sheds, storage sheds and, of course, normal front doors.

uPVC doors are versatile and can therefore be upgraded and improved comparatively cheaply. Save yourself additional maintenance and pick the same material for your new door as for all other external doors like patio doors. Even with a basic model, high values can be achieved in the areas of sound insulation, thermal insulation and burglar resistance. As a user of a uPVC front door, you also have virtually no maintenance costs compared to owners of wooden front doors.

Live securely thanks to burglary protection accessories

The main purpose of a front door is to protect the building and its occupants from intruders. While all other possible external entry points like windows or patio doors might be out of reach, the uPVC front needs to provide the necessary security to prevent break-ins. Contrary to the frequently circulated opinion that uPVC front doors of any design offer little resistance to forced entry, there are many options that considerably increase burglary protection. With a few additions to your new door, the impact-resistant PVC-U can compete with composite doors – even with glazed inserts.

The door lock can be strengthened by a burglar-resistant multi-point lock. An optimised fit of the strike plate and frame construction also makes the door secure and stable. Other ways to reinforce front and back doors are additional locks with locking bars as well as cross-bolt locks. Any additional multipoint locking on your doors and windows increases your security considerably.

If you want to incorporate particularly modern high-tech doors and windows into your façade, opt for a system with fingerprint recognition and an alarm.

In conclusion: a plain uPVC door can be made much more secure by adding small accessories. Compared to robust wood or steel external doors, they are still cheaper to buy.

Variety of designs at windows24.com

One point where the uPVC door stands out is the variety of possibilities for individual design thanks to the material: whether symmetry and geometrical shapes, modern design or simple classic form – all are possible. The great range of different uPVC front doors at windows24.com offers something for everyone to create the door of their dreams.

You can give free rein to your creativity and choose between distinctive patterns and shapes of decorative glazing or special grids that can be applied to the surface. uPVC doors make it possible to recreate classical stylistic elements and clear lines. They just as easily represent state-of-the-art design, daring in the form of fine filigree work or modern patterns.

Whether for a new single-family home in the suburbs, an older house in the town or city centre or a smaller weekend residence in the countryside – there is a suitable PVC front door for every type of home or apartment.

uPVC doors with good insulation properties

uPVC doors have very good thermal insulation and are thus perfectly suited to provide a valuable contribution to energy saving within the home. This protection is provided by the effective multi-chambered profile technique. Three levels of sealing are arranged with the appropriate spacing to keep your home thermally insulated against loss of heat and also prevent acoustic bridges. This effectively counters a loss of heat through the front door and keeps your home cool in summer. You can save energy and positively contribute to the environment. That way, uPVC front doors can meet requirements set down by the EU in the Energy Saving Directive (GEG) effortlessly, thanks to their multi-chamber profile. Front doors made of uPVC are particularly popular in renovation projects: because they contribute to making renovated old buildings energy-efficient just as well as newly planned low-energy houses.

More information about the wide range of front doors

Do you have questions about the online catalogue, the brand or the manufacturer of your product? Need advice on ordering, delivery or installation? Our experts are happy to help you in the online chat or by phone.

Do you still have questions?

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about uPVC front doors.

Is your question not answered here? Then simply call us on +49 860 601 60. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions.

Or you can directly arrange a telephone consultation appointment. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive individual expert advice from us so that you can configure your desired product exactly according to your ideas.

Frequently asked questions

uPVC is generally considered to be the most affordable material for front doors, but it can also score points with a number of other positive properties. It is easy to clean, customisable and has optimal insulating properties. In our configurator, you will find uPVC doors starting at a price of €1,662. If you would like an all-glass door with a uPVC profile, this is already available from €769. Generally, design, size and features have the greatest influence on the total costs.

Side panels and toplights on uPVC doors are becoming increasingly popular because they make the entrance area brighter and more attractive. For this reason, you can configure your entrance door to suit your taste: with one or two side panels, with a toplight or even with both together. Ornamental glazing of the highest quality provides privacy if desired.

A general distinction is made between front doors with a filled panel and those with glass. In the case of fully glazed doors, the panel is made entirely of glass, which provides a lot of light into the hall. If you would like a little more privacy, you can also opt for a uPVC door with a glass element. In our configurator, you will find a large selection of different designs that are rounded off with stainless steel applications. Whether fully glazed or only containing glass elements, your external door is double glazed and extra durable.

The choice of colour gives your new uPVC front door a personal style. Whether you choose a classic front door in white uPVC, modern anthracite or a woodgrain design is entirely up to you. We offer a variety of high-quality decors such as mahogany or golden oak, which give your door the cosy look of wood – but without the maintenance effort. All our decorative foils are applied industrially and form a permanent bond with the surface to protect your coloured front door.

To determine the correct size for your new front door, first, measure the height and width in two places. This serves as a safeguard in case the measurements turn out to be different. Then take the smaller nominal dimension and subtract 10 mm from the right, left, top and bottom for the gaskets. If the door is to be installed in a new building, be sure to include the planned floor construction in the calculation.

Buying a front door made of uPVC is an obvious choice if you are on a tight budget when building or renovating. Apart from the good price-performance ratio, you benefit from many other advantages with a uPVC door. One of the most important is the first-class thermal insulation achieved by the modern multi-chamber construction. At the same time, integrated steel reinforcement and further high-security options ensure the best stability for our uPVC doors. Furthermore, the material's maintenance requirements are comparatively low.

Do you still have questions?

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about uPVC front doors.

Is your question not answered here? Then simply call us on +49 711 860 60 200. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions.

Or you can directly arrange a telephone consultation appointment. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive individual expert advice from us so that you can configure your desired product exactly according to your ideas.

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