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Front door sizes

At windows24.com front doors are available in many different sizes. The height and width can be customised to suit individual needs alongside the material, final colour finish, and much more. To order your bespoke product today, just head to the configurator where you can enter your dimensions into our ranges and select from impressive designs, additional side panels, and further add-on features.

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A wide range of size possibilities

Front doors are an important element for many homes, providing break-in protection while influencing first impressions and adding significantly to exterior design. Whether you are after a specific size due to spatial restrictions or for aesthetic purposes, at windows24.com many different dimensions are possible.

We have an interactive dimension section in our user-friendly configurator, for example, which displays the possible minimum and maximum height and width ranges for the selected front door material. Customers can input their measurements within these ranges and gain a first impression by viewing the door preview image which updates live with each new edit.

From tall and narrow to short and wide, many different size combinations are possible, and we even offer a guide on how to measure front doors to ensure for accuracy and snug installation.

Our front doors are available in uPVC, aluminium, and wood. These are the possible minimum and maximum dimension ranges for each:

Material Min-max width (mm) Min-max height (mm)
uPVC 760 - 1260 1885 - 2386
Aluminium 700 - 1250 1700 - 2400
Wood 850 - 1250 1800 - 2400

Adding side panels and fanlights

At windows24.com customers can decide to add glazed side panels to one or both sides of front doors. A fanlight, also known as a toplight, is another option. This is a glass panel which can be added above the door. Adding a singular side panel or fanlight is possible but so are combinations of both glazed elements.

Side panels and fanlights can impressively alter the visual appearance of entrance areas by adding elegance and character. They are also ideal for brightening entrance areas by filling them with much natural daylight, which has spaces appear larger and makes for a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.

Side panels and fanlights are relevant when speaking about dimensions because it is also important that they accurately fit into the wall reveal or opening.

Upon selection of one of these glazed elements, our configurator will therefore show a section with a clear diagram and sizing suggestions where users can determine the panels' dimensions in relation to the front door and total width.

The different materials

As mentioned above, our fronts doors are available in uPVC, aluminium, and wood. All these high-quality materials bring their own unique benefits, and the decision ultimately comes down to customer budget, functional requirements, and design preferences.

In general uPVC is the best thermal insulator. The modern material has been engineered to feature multiple chambers which help to prevent energy loss via conduction, for example. This improved energy efficiency can then lead to savings on utility bills because the need for regular heating or cooling systems is reduced.

Although aluminium cannot match the thermal performance of uPVC, it leads the market in terms of durability and impressive impact-resistance. Although the metal can come with a higher price tag, customers get a lot for their money as the door has the longest service-life and provides great break-in resistance which means fewer additional security features are needed to achieve excellent protection.

As the traditional front door building material, wood brings an unbeatable cosy charm, thick sturdiness and adds character with its unique patterns. We also offer a range of different varnishes to achieve the perfect tone and a quality surface finish.

uPVC Aluminium Wood
Insulation +++ ++ ++
Affordability +++ ++ ++
Impact resistance ++ +++ ++
Low maintenance +++ +++ ++
Surface patterns NA NA +++
NA = not applicable | ++ = good | +++ = very good

Profiles, models, and further features

Once the front door material has been selected and the dimensions have been measured, the next step is to decide on the profiles and model. A profile can be thought of most simply as another name for the door’s core – it determines the internal structure, performance as well as the construction depth. For uPVC, for example, the HTPLUS profile option comes with a higher number of integrated chambers which enhance insulation.

After choosing the material and profile, the next main step is to select the model or door design. We offer full glass doors, for example, ones with a grooved pattern but without glazing, and others that come with different glass panels in a variety of shapes and sizes. The chosen model can then be further customised.

Different handles, from aluminium bars to stainless steel triangular options, can be added, for example, and numerous durable RAL colour powder coat finishes, varnishes, and wood replica foils are available – just head to the configurator today to browse the options and purchase your custom product.

Security and privacy for different dimensions

As main entrances to buildings, front doors should be high-quality products that provide optimal security. Models with particularly large dimensions and full-glass surfaces may seem more appealing to intruders and therefore require slightly more thought in terms of break-in protection. All our front doors come with excellent basic security including multiple locking points and a key cylinder but further high-tech mechanisms and laminated safety glazing can also be added, for example.

Laminated safety glazing contains high-quality foil layers which increase the glass' impact resistance and prevent it from shattering out in sharp shards. In terms of high-tech mechanisms for aluminium front doors we then offer a fingerprint scanner opening, for instance. This works via a motor and provides superior bespoke security. For doors with large full-glass surfaces or wide panels, reduced privacy may also be a point of concern.

Luckily at windows24.com we are experts at providing unique solutions. Ornamental glazing can be selected in the configurator, for example. Whether opaque Satinato, frosted Chinchilla or patterned, varying levels of privacy are provided as the glass reduces the view inside for onlookers while still ensuring that interiors receive plentiful supply of natural light.

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