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The variable standard size of the front door

Front doors are available in different size variants and no longer have to be installed in a singular standard size. Their height and width are adaptable individually as is their material and colouration. Anyone wishing to order a custom frame need only enter the desired measurements into the product configurator, selecting the desired standard form and fittings accordingly. Within a short period of time the door is constructed to measure and shipped to the chosen destination. In addition, the windows24.com product configurator also allows the same process to be applied to windows, leaving nothing to be desired.

Best quality for your money

Depending on the material, the possible standard dimensions vary from 800 to 1,300 mm in width and from 1,885 to 2,385 mm in height. These values are minimum to maximum measurements, allowing any size variation within these margins to be chosen.

Standard size frames differ in terms of the materials used in their production. Modern uPVC and aluminium may be used in addition to the timeless classic – wood.

Modern fabrication methods allow uPVC to excel in the field of thermal insulation, while light aluminium proves to be robust and highly weather resistant. However, raw aluminium frames leave something to be desired in terms of insulation.

Combining aluminium with wood effectively eliminates this deficiency, allowing for a front door of any size to excel in terms of appearance, insulation and structural stability all at once.

Our product range includes composite front doors of any size. While the attributes of aluminium and uPVC are clearly defined, non-veneered wooden frames may demonstrate a variety of attributes, according to their wood type, rather than their size.

Standard door size has no influence on these attributes. The following types of wood are available:

  • pinewood
  • meranti
  • larch
  • oaken

Furthermore, our standard product range features eucalyptus and spruce wood, as well as different decors – such as mahogany for front doors and windows of any size.

windows24.com also offers a broad selection of colours. The choice ranges from standard white to strong colours such as deep blue. Wooden frames are coloured using lacquers, while aluminium and uPVC are transformed from standard grey or white into colourful products using powder coatings or patterned foils.

The installation of standard front doors is a delicate process that requires accurate measurement. The front door must be measured precisely to fit the wall opening.

Safety first

In addition to thermal insulation, burglary and noise protection are two other important demands that any standard front door must meet.

While sound insulation is ensured either by the material or an appropriate type of glazing for front doors with glass inserts, burglary protection is a more complex topic. The following elements increase the burglary protection of a door:

  • Reinforced hinges
  • Reinforced lock bars
  • Security lock

A front door with glass inserts also benefits from special glazing materials such as tempered or laminated safety glass.

Security lock technology is the subject of continuous research and development. Today, high-tech security systems such as fingerprint locks provide access to the house only to selected persons.

Such security measures are a good investment which may be applied to any and all exterior door sizes. Providing a safe environment to the residents is still the main task of a front door of any size, after all.

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