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Interior window sills made from uPVC

High-quality interior window sills at affordable prices

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  • Dimensionally stable and durable
  • Water resistant and heat resistant
  • Easy installation
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Advantages of a uPVC window sill

UV-resistant PVC

Available in white and with a marble finish

Robust, scratch-resistant surface

Suitable for new builds and renovations

Particularly easy to care for

Perfect for your own style

Emphasise your style with the matching PVC window sill

In contrast to exterior window sills, interior window sills primarily have a decorative function. They give the window a neat finish and create additional space for flowers and decorative items. Therefore, a new window sill should be selected to match your living style and should ideally be made from an easy-to-care-for material.
A uPVC window sill meets both requirements. On the one hand, you have the choice between classic white and a sophisticated marble aesthetic. As a result, the window sill has a timelessly elegant look and blends harmoniously into the interior.
On the other hand, when you choose uPVC, you are choosing a material that can score points with low prices thanks to its low manufacturing costs.

At the same time, the material is extremely durable and impresses with its long service life. Also, especially pleasing for plant lovers: window sills made from uPVC are both heat-resistant and water-resistant.

They are therefore also suitable for sunny windows on the south side of the facade. Furthermore, you do not have to worry if something goes wrong when watering your resplendent greenery: simply wipe the surface with a cloth; this will not damage your windowsill.

uPVC window sill fitting positiion

Customer satisfaction

Over 200,000 satisfied customers and counting

Easy to care for and versatile

Hard-wearing, easy to care for and versatile: window sills made from uPVC

Window sills are made from many different materials. Aluminium window sills are often used outdoors due to their weather resistance, but natural stones, such as granite or marble, are also very popular. For interior window sills, on the other hand, wood, artificial stone or uPVC are more likely to be used.
uPVC has long played an important role in our modern world. This material has also become increasingly important for window construction in recent years – above all, thanks to its easy formability, which makes even complex multi-chamber systems possible.

The durability of uPVC is particularly important when it comes to manufacturing window sills. The material is extremely resilient and scratch-resistant, it resists water, moisture and UV radiation, and it is also very easy to clean.
A uPVC window sill is also characterised by its thermal insulation effect. For an interior window sill not only serves as a visual accessory, as well as offering additional storage space, it also prevents valuable heat from escaping to the outside.

Technical details

Technical details for your uPVC interior window sill

The interior window sill forms the horizontal end of the window parapet, i.e. the wall below the window. With a little manual skill, you can easily install your new window sill yourself using assembly adhesive or PU foam. But keep in mind that the joints still have to be carefully sealed with silicone after hardening.
Our uPVC window sills are 40 mm high and have a rounded front edge, which makes them look particularly elegant and modern. The length of each window ledge is cut individually to measure, so make sure you are extremely precise when measuring. Thanks to the different overhangs available in the shop, you can tailor the window sill exactly to your fitting position.

Your new window sill will impress with its high quality and will benefit from the special properties of the uPVC material. Unlike wood, the material is water-resistant and therefore immune to swelling. In addition, it is dimensionally stable, insensitive to heat and has a robust surface that is protected against scratches. The window sill also requires little effort in terms of care: if necessary, you can simply wipe it down with a damp cloth.
When ordering your made-to-measure window sill, also think about the matching double end caps, which you can obtain separately from us. With the end caps, the inner window sill can be perfectly closed at the side, creating a continuous design. The caps have a total length of 490 mm and can easily be precisely adjusted.

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