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Interior window sills, especially those from Werzalit, not only provide convenient storage or a base for decoration, they also make a significant contribution to the thermal insulation and overall function of a window. Available in different designs and materials, an indoor window sill is an essential accessory for your space. Whether in pearl white, metallic, black or sparkling polar white – with rounded, practical edges you can remove residues in no time. In addition, the inexpensive Werzalit window sills have a noise-reducing effect during heavy rain showers.

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Advantages of a Werzalit interior window sill

Available in the Compact and Exclusive design versions

Large range of elegant stone and warm wood decors

Made from PEFC-certified wood

Suitable for new builds and renovations

Robust and very easy to care for

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Compact model

Werzalit Compact

Werzalit Compact

The Compact interior window sill from Werzalit is characterised by a slim and very modern shape with an elegantly bevelled edge. Thanks to a large selection of colours and decors, it adapts perfectly to any living style.

Sectional drawing of the Werzalit Compact

Exclusive model

Werzalit Exclusive

Werzalit Exclusive

With a Werzalit Exclusive window sill, you are opting for a classic look with an integrated moulded edge. To implement individual ideas, the model is available in different colours as well as fine and pearl structures.

Sectional drawing of the Werzalit Exclusive

Design as desired

Design the inside of your window sill however you like

A custom-made interior window sill is practically indispensable for thermal insulation of your home. This is because it prevents heat escaping outside through the windows, thus saving on energy costs in the long term.

However, your Werzalit window sill features much more prominently as a decorative element. Depending on its appearance, it blends harmoniously into the living environment or brings striking contrast. This is made possible by two different design variants from which you can choose the right window sill: Compact and Exclusive.

While the Exclusive window sill brings a more classic aesthetic, which is striking due to its 34 mm thick moulded edge, the Werzalit Compact window sill has a linear, modern look.

What both variants have in common, however, is the best quality in terms of material and workmanship.

Thanks to a variety of different colours and decors, you can make your chosen window sill even more personal. It doesn't matter whether you prefer classic white, opt for an elegant stone decor, such as bianco marble or dolomite, or choose simple light grey.

Werzalit window sills

In the configuration tool, you can also specify the dimensions of your window sill individually. You can freely choose the length according to the size of your window, while we offer a range of fixed cuts at reasonable prices for the depth or projection.

Resistant and durable

Werzalit GmbH & Co. KG manufactures structural elements and industrial moulded parts and is based in Oberstenfeld in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Its product range includes decking, balcony cladding and facade elements, as well as interior window sills and weatherproof table tops.

When manufacturing the products, the natural structures of wood are combined with the advantages of high-quality synthetic resins. Werzalit window sills are high-pressure moulded parts consisting of a uniform, compressed wood fibre core and a multi-layer melamine resin coating.

This coating is inextricably linked to the core – it cannot detach and is highly resistant to scratches. Even irrigation water does not cause any damage, as Werzalit window sills are water-resistant and cannot swell. Imprints from flower pots can be easily removed with a cloth.

Werzalit window sills are also characterized by a shaped edge that is firmly connected to the core through the casting process and cannot fall off. Both the Compact model and the Exclusive interior window sill are equally suitable for new builds and renovations.

Customer testimonials

The delivery arrived punctually on the agreed date, everything was perfectly packaged. Exemplary!

We were able to easily assemble the frames ourselves. There was always someone available for questions.

My first 2 windows and door are in. I'm very satisfied.

Werzalit quality

Werzalit window sills are made from high-pressure moulded parts using a patented process. The wood used for this is PEFC-certified and also absolutely dimensionally stable.

The melamine resin coating, which can consist of up to five layers, is then inseparably fused with the highly compressed wood at high temperatures. As a result, the surface of the Werzalit window sill is not only scratch-resistant and extremely easy to care for, but is also resistant to acid and limescale. The coating is also UV-resistant and lightfast according to DIN 54004.

Thanks to the integrated moulded edge, the window sill is also free of glue joints. This not only increases stability, but also guarantees reliable protection against building moisture. Werzalit window sills stand for excellent quality and meet even the highest structural requirements.
You have the option of having the cut edges of your Exclusive or Compact windowsill coated with a high-quality ABS edge coating. These smooth end edges are produced in the same colour as the window sill and fitted at the factory.

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