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Window sizes - windows in standard formats

Nowadays there are a great variety of tailored window measurements for any room. However, building regulations frequently require the minimum size for frames to be 1/20 of the room size. Therefore, though any frame size can be manufactured quickly, easily and on demand, there are some standard sizes for frames.

Special sizes

Many regional building regulations require as much as 1/10 of the room area or 55% of the interior surface to be covered with windows. But as individualism has found its way into the design of buildings, this in turn has resulted in a need for special frame measurements.

Unusual shapes are often used as aesthetic elements and serve decorative rather than lighting or air supply purposes – which are the main purposes behind standard types.

Smaller sizes that deviate from the standard are often used to provide very small rooms with sufficient air and at least a minimum level of sunlight. This is the case with storage rooms, pantries or cellars, for example.

Unusually-sized frames are not only needed in these smaller areas, however. They can also be found in bathrooms featuring a bath tub positioned underneath the window, or in situations where smaller sized variants are installed to provide an amount of privacy protection not provided by larger sized ones.

In all situations mentioned above, frames which are smaller than the standard requirements may be installed. However, the exact opposite may also be the case. For example, large panoramic windows are meant to create a very bright and open living environment. In this case, a size that takes up almost the entire width and height of an entire wall may be chosen.

large window

There is also a demand for special sizes in the agricultural sector or for businesses wanting to design storefronts or entire show rooms. Big car dealerships and even small and middle-sized boutiques in high street shops are good examples.

Of course, it is not all about unusual shapes and measurements. Standard variants featuring multiple casements are also frequently installed, usually featuring between three and four panes of glass. Three-part variants can frequently be found in rural areas where they are often installed in open floor plan kitchens.

In conclusion, it can be argued that almost any request may be realised. From the wide variety of window dimensions, ranging from standard to special or outright unique ones, windows fitting even the most exceptional of needs are readily available.

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