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Window sizes

At windows24.com we are experts in supplying customers with bespoke made-to-measure products. Alongside all standard window sizes, more unusual window sizes and shapes can be selected by typing the required window widths and heights into our user-friendly configurator ranges. Available in a variety of materials and ideal for replacement windows and new-builds alike, our products ensure the highest quality and can come with matching shutters and accessories.

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Made-to-measure high-quality windows

At windows24.com we specialise in modern European sash windows. This means that apart from our fixed casement window option, all sash windows feature a fixed frame and at least one openable sash.

How exactly this sash opens and what material the frame is made from will differ depending on customer selections in the configurator. There you will find our minimum and maximum dimensions for window heights and window widths.

These ranges differ depending on the window frame material and feature interactive boxes where customers can input the desired dimensions.

Timber windows

Choosing timber for the window material brings beautiful bespoke patterns and an impressive sturdiness. Timber windows require more upkeep, however, such as annual oiling. In terms of dimensions, wall structure installation depths of 68 and 78 mm are available.

The minimum to maximum width for a standard square timber window with a single sash is 510 - 3510 mm and for window heights this is 510 - 2635 mm.

uPVC window sizes

uPVC windows are a favourite among our customers and for good reason. Due to their purpose-designed multi-chamber internal structures, naturally low thermal conductivity, and smooth surfaces, excellent thermal insulation and low maintenance is guaranteed.

The modern material is our most affordable and our close relationship with two renowned suppliers, Aluplast and Kömmerling, mean that a range of installation depths are available, from 70-85 mm, for example. These construction depths are important to ensure the material fits the wall's structure and opening.

In terms of uPVC dimension ranges, for a square window with a single sash, the available standard uPVC window heights are 385 mm - 3010 mm. The same range applies to the width.

Single sash window material Width range (mm) Height range (mm)
uPVC 385-3010 385-3010
Wood 510-3510 510-2635
Aluminium 500-3000 500-2700
Minimum-maximum dimension ranges for a single sash window

Aluminium windows

Aluminium is another window material option and although this metal comes at a higher cost than uPVC, superior durability and excellent impact-resistance can be relied upon. Given our ties to two suppliers, installation depths range from 45 - 90 mm while the minimum to maximum height dimensions for a standard single sash window are 500 - 3000 mm. For the width this lies at 500 - 2700 mm.

uPVC-alu and wood-alu

At windows24.com, we also offer composite clad options, such as uPVC-alu and wood-alu. This means that windows have a strong aluminium exterior while uPVC or wood show on the inside. Aluminium clad options bring together the benefits of two quality materials and are available in different constructions depths and standard sash window dimensions.

Frequently purchased products

100 x 50 cm window

100 x 50 cm window

This dimension is one of our standard window sizes for tiny house projects and kitchen ventilation windows

from € 125 from € 125
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100 x 60 cm window

100 x 60 cm window

Ideal for basement or garage casement windows, the 100 x 60 cm dimension let's in light and air while saving on space

from € 130 from € 130
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100 x 80 cm window

100 x 80 cm window

Bringing in light yet ensuring privacy, this average window is often purchased for bathrooms and combined with our frosted glass

from € 147 from € 147
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100 x 100 cm window

100 x 100 cm window

As one of our classic standard casement window sizes, this window is ideal for kitchens and living rooms alike

from € 156 from € 156
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Window materials and sizes – a summary

Our available window materials all bring their own unique advantages, so the final decision will come down to customers' functional requirements and design preferences and our team are available to provide advice.

We can also often work with the manufacturer to offer individual solutions if you cannot find what you require in the configurator.

The dimensions described above are examples of our minimum-maximum height and width ranges for a single sash square window. We also offer double and triple sash options, however, which increase the possible dimensions and allow for larger windows. A variety of window shapes are also available and come with their own dimension ranges.

Taking correct measurements

Inputting accurate measurements is important for purchasing a window that will be a snug fit and perform how it was designed to. Our products can be used as new windows for constructions as well as replacements for existing windows.

In our guide on how to measure for windows, there are detailed sections for both project types as well as important information regarding installation depths and allowances for new seals.

In terms of replacing windows, customers should not just rely on the original blueprint – the current wall opening should rather be measured to check. For those looking to expand or reduce the existing opening to allow for smaller or larger windows, please first speak with a structural engineer about whether and how this is possible. In general, all our products will improve energy efficiency, break-in protection, and durability when used as replacements.

For new-builds, customers have more flexibility in terms of determining the size and end location of windows. A bay window or our large floor to ceiling models can provide beautiful views out, for example, and bring in much light, especially when facing south.

A smaller standard window, on the other hand, can be ideal for providing more privacy and creating a cosier atmopshere.

Large glass surfaces that perform

Large casement windows are excellent at making living areas appear light, spacious, and welcoming but without some extra features they can also be more vulnerable to break-ins, offer reduced privacy, and are less thermally insulating than smaller sized windows.

Our many customisable add-on options provide an ideal solution here. Triple-glazing and a thermal edge can be selected for large windows, for example. They reduce energy loss and help to maintain a comfortable interior temperature.

For increased privacy, ornamental glazing can then be chosen, which ensures a good entry of light and clear views out while restricting what onlookers can see.

For improved break-in protection, multiple locking points, smart home integrated window sensors, and laminated safety glass are similarly available. With a few extra selections, large glass surfaces can therefore become as practical and secure as they are elegant.

Larger vs smaller windows – the advantages


Large windows

  • Make for light-filled interiors
  • Allow for good views out
  • Add a modern look
  • Combinable with performance enhancing extras


Small windows

  • Can be a good space-saving solution, especially for windows that open
  • Provide good insulation and privacy with less need for further features
  • Generally lighter to install
  • Can add a cosier, more traditional touch

Task checklist for purchasing windows

  • Measure for windows accurately: Determine the construction depth and the size of opening for your window as well as its shape
  • Decide on the window material and profile: Based on the depth, look, and window performance you are after, the window's material and profile can be selected in our configurator
  • For new-builds, the window's location should also be chosen: The most suitable window size and functional add-on features will depend on whether the window will be installed in a bathroom, or a south facing living room, for example
  • Consider accessories and further features: Explained more in detail below, windows can come with matching roller shutters, fly screens, and are available in different colours

Discover our unique shapes and toplight panels

Particularly for uPVC and wood sash windows, a range of non-standard house window sizes and shapes are available

From porthole round models that add a maritime character to large trapezoid gable options, just head to the configurator to view them all today. Here you will also find our different secure opening mechanisms, such as a tilt, turn or combined tilt and turn system.

For both non-standard window sizes and an average window, additional glass elements are available, such as top fanlights or bottom panels.

These are important to mention when on the topic of window sizes because customers can determine how the window's height should be proportionally split between the additional panel and the main window.

Adding matching accessories and shutters

At windows24.com, many different add-on features and accessories can be selected to have windows suit individual design preferences and functional requirements. Roller shutters can be manufactured to match the window's dimensions just as bespoke integrated fly screens can. Regardless of the type of window, glazing bars and windowsills can also be configured to fit all standard window sizes while numerous decors and standard window colours are available for a perfect finish.

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