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Roller shutters with fly screens

In many parts of the world mosquitoes, wasps, and other insects pose an issue, particularly during warmer months and when lights are on in the evening. There are many different types of mosquito nets and fly screens on the market but with our roller shutter integrated models, fiddly Velcro and pealing tape are issues of the past as made-to-measure quality screens are invisibly and expertly manufactured into protective shutter systems.

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What are roller shutters and integrated fly screens?

Popular in Germany and other European countries, roller shutters feature a metal or uPVC “curtain” that descends over window exteriors to darken rooms and provide privacy plus excellent sun protection. The curtain is stored inside a mounted box when it is raised, and guide rails line the window frame.

A roller shutter integrated fly screen is a gauze net element which has been manufactured into the shutter’s box. An innovative solution developed by our supplier ALULUX, the fly screen is almost invisible from the interior when it is raised inside the box.

The screen is coloured black, made from high-quality fibreglass, and has a one millimetre mesh size.

This ensures a clear view out and plentiful air supply while mosquitoes, insects, and wasps are kept out effectively.

The fibreglass material is also highly weather-resistant and won’t tear easily. Due to its transparency, the screen does not provide pollen protection but will prevent flowers or small tree seeds from entering.

Operating roller shutters with integrated fly screens

A roller shutter and its integrated fly screen can be operated independently of one another which allows for ideal flexibility based on conditions and the season.

The screen can remain raised and out of the way during cooler months where there are less insects, for example, while the shutter can still darken rooms for peaceful sleep and provide seclusion. This is made possible because the two elements slide along separate channels within the guide rail.

To ensure smooth and secure operation, the roller shutter fly screen also features a brake. As the screen is operated by hand via a small handle, this protects it from being pulled down too hard while a secure closing function ensures a snug fit.

In terms of roller shutter operation, this has also been designed with security and ease of use in mind. There are a range of manual options, such as a belt or crank systems, that are ideal for smaller, lighter shutters.

For those after something more premium, we also offer an electric motor opening and a solar powered version, both of which can be integrated into smart home systems.

A summary of the key advantages

  • Our fly screens are high-quality, durable, and provide clear views out

  • The mesh with 1mm-large gaps effectively protects against mosquitoes, insects, wasps, and small seeds

  • The screen comes securely manufactured inside the roller shutter box

  • Flexible and separate operation of the screen and roller shutter is guaranteed

  • The screen features a protective brake and user-friendly closing function

  • Roller shutters are available with different opening mechanisms and customisable options

Different options for the roller shutter box

The roller shutter box, that will contain the shutter and fly screen, can come in a wide range of different forms depending on customer requirements and preferences. There are two main types of roller shutter – front and top-mounted.

Both are compatible with the insect protection and the main difference is that front-mounted shutters tend to be fitted onto the masonry and are suitable for retrofitting. They feature boxes which can take on interesting shapes such as a square or semi-circular appearance.

Top-mounted models, on the other hand, are most suitable for new-builds and window replacements. They are installed into the building façade together with the window and have boxes that tend to be plastered over to become invisible and one with the exterior.

Front-mounted shutter with square box

Front-mounted shutter square box

Achieve a clean-cut angular look with our popular square front-mounted box.

from € 62 from € 62
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Top-mounted basic shutter

Top-mouned shutter basic

Subtle yet high-performance, top-mounted shutter boxes make for a sleek façade.

from € 65 from € 65
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Particularly relevant for front-mounted models, roller shutter boxes can then be coated in a quality-assured, durable RAL colour of choice, which will also be used for the guide rails. The curtain colour can then contrast or match with this tone which has roller shutters with fly screens become an interesting visual addition to buildings – just head to the configurator to discover more today.

Roller shutters with an integrated fly screen – further features

The integrated fly screen is not the only part of a roller shutter that is designed with security and durability in mind. Just as the fly screen comes with a secure closing mechanism, the shutter features a rubber end strip, for example. This ensures soft and quiet closure while also acting as an anti-freeze solution to ensure long product life.

In terms of durability, just as the fly screen is made from high-quality, resistant fibreglass, the shutter also features expertly manufactured materials. Customers can choose between an uPVC or aluminium curtain, for example, both of which are highly secure and low maintenance. As a final customisable feature, there is then also the option to have two separately operatable curtains descend from a single box, rather than just one curtain.

Costs and installation

Because products from windows24.com are made to fit bespoke customer requirements, prices vary depending on the chosen options. Please first head to our page on how to measure for roller shutters before going to configurator to input your dimensions and desired features.

With each selection an accurate live price will then be displayed. You can also contact our team with any further questions.

As a general note roller shutters with uPVC curtains tend to be cheaper than our aluminium models, but not quite as impact resistant.

In terms of installation, our roller shutters are delivered with the fly screen already integrated. If you wish to install the product yourself, please follow our user-friendly instructions on how to fit a roller shutter, or we can put you in touch with professionals.

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