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Roller shutters with integrated insect screen

Especially in the evening, light from houses attracts countless mosquitoes and flies in summer. There are a number of ways to keep annoying insects out of your home. Insect screens offer by far the most reliable protection. These are available, for example, in the form of a tenter or rotating frame, for easy attachment with Velcro or as a curtain for doors. The disadvantage to all these designs is that the insect screen is very inflexible and that they often cause windows to not close completely. A modern alternative is therefore roller shutters with integrated insect protection.


The perfect solution to protect against insects

Roller shutter with insect screen when installed

Our partner manufacturer ALULUX has developed an innovative solution with regards to insect screens: the insect screen can be directly integrated in both top-mounted and front-mounted roller shutters. The product is essentially a 2-in-1 system that allows you to operate the roller shutter and insect screen separately and thus open and close them independently.

That means you can enjoy the luxury of reliable light and sun protection and can decide whether you also need the insect screen depending on the time of day or the weather for both aluminium top-mounted or front-mounted roller shutters.

  • Reliably protects against flies and other insects
  • Built directly into the roller shutter box
  • Unobstructed view of the outside

Durable and comfortable construction

With the ALULUX top-mounted and front-mounted aluminium roller shutter, the insect screen is mounted directly in the roller shutter box via a second track and is therefore practically invisible when not in use. The screen moves laterally along a separate rail that is thinner than theroller shutter guide rail and is located between the roller shutter curtain and the window.

Despite the high quality of the materials and workmanship, careless winding and unwinding can permanently damage both roller shutters and insect screens. For this reason it is important to ensure slow and steady movement. ALULUX also has the right solution for this, because a brake built into the insect protection system ensures that the fine insect screen is not damaged when it is pulled up.

When the screen is lowered, the active freewheel kicks in: this means that the shaft continues to turn a little even if the integrated insect screen has already been completely lowered.

Another special feature of the built-in insect screen roller blind from ALULUX is the special click-clack closing function

Usually, insect screen roller blinds are equipped with a sliding latch or similar closing mechanism in order to stretch it taut over the entire area.

The operation of such mechanisms is often difficult and correspondingly annoying. This is not the case with the click-clack closing function, which is particularly easy and convenient to use while offering the same level of security.

Roller shutters with insect protection

Insect screen mesh

Optimum protection thanks to fine fibreglass mesh

The built-in roller shutter insect screen is made of high-quality fibreglass mesh, which is also commonly known as gauze. Due to the many positive properties of gauze, it has become the standard for insect screens in recent years.

Despite its fine woven structure, the material is extremely tear-resistant and weather-resistant. With a mesh size of just one millimetre, the grid acts as an impenetrable barrier for wasps, flies and even small mosquitoes.

Although the mesh does not provide pollen protection, it does prevent flowers or small seeds from neighbouring trees from flying into the house, which makes cleaning more difficult.

While it safely keeps insects at bay, the fibreglass fabric still lets fresh air through unhindered, so you can enjoy fresh air even in the height of summer. The insect screen also does not obstruct the view, as the mesh gauze is transparent and therefore almost invisible.

Roller shutter control

Independent control of roller shutters and insect screens

When choosing the right top-mounted or front-mounted roller shutter for your home, you always have the option of choosing the type of control. Most models can be operated manually or a roller shutter motor can be installed for electrical operation.

Front mounted roller shutter with insect protection

As a rule, there are no structural restrictions when installing roller shutters in this regard, neither in old nor in new buildings; that means you can make your decision according to your own wishes and preferences.

The advantage of an electrical control, which can often also be retrofitted, is that the roller shutter curtain runs quietly and evenly, which in turn extends its service life.

Regardless of which type of drive you choose for your top-mounted or front-mounted roller shutter, the insect screen built into the roller shutter box is always operated by hand.

The insect screen is housed on a separate track within the box, which makes it possible to operate both elements independently. Despite its stable construction and use of very durable fibreglass material, you should always handle the screen with care and avoid unnecessary use of force.

ALULUX roller shutters

ALULUX roller shutter models for your windows and glass doors

ALULUX offers a large selection of roller shutters with different installation options.

If you're ordering new windows for a new building, you can immediately design the attachment system

The advantage: inexpensive, made-to-measure installation in which the box is closed off from the room and not visible from the outside. For retrofitting roller shutters onto existing windows, on the other hand, front-mounted roller shutters are suitable, which are attached on the outside of the facade or directly on the window itself.

Here you can use a classic square or round box shape. All models can be controlled by belt, crank or motor and come in different roller shutter colours such as roller shutter anthracite, roller shutter white, roller shutter beige or roller shutter brown.

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