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Your step by step instructions

Window assembly

Measure windows

How to measure your windows correctly.

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Removing windows

Removing windows even without a professional. Here you will find the appropriate instructions.

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Install windows

With these instructions you can install your windows yourself.

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Adjust windows

Short and sweet. The most important steps at a glance.

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French doors assembly

Measure french doors

Let's start with the right measurement. How to measure correctly.

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Removing french doors

Get to work: How to remove your french door yourself like a pro.

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Installing french doors

Install your french door with the right tools and instructions.

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Adjust french doors

No problem for the feisty do-it-yourselfer.

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Patio doors assembly

Measure patio doors

New patio door? Here you will learn how to take the measurements correctly.

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Removing patio doors

No installation without removal. These instructions show how to do it.

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Installing patio doors

Do it yourself. A guide for do-it-yourselfers.

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Adjust patio doors

Without a craftsman. A guide for everyone.

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Front doors assembly

Measure front door

Calculate the size of your front door easily and quickly thanks to these instructions.

Measure front door

Removing the front door

Do you want to remove your front door yourself? The following instructions will help you.

Removing the front doors

Installing the front door

You don't always need a specialist: Simply follow these instructions.

Installing the front door

Front door adjustment

Contact pressure, hinges, and latch settings: A guide.

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Back doors assembly

Measure the back door

Measure your back door – quickly and easily.

Measure the back door

Removing back door

Looking to renovate? How to remove your old back door.

Removing back door

Installing back door

Installation made easy: how to install a back door.

Installing back door

Adjusting back door

A successful adjustment is the be-all and end-all when it comes to doors and windows.

Adjusting back door

Roller shutter assembly

Measure roller shutter

Only two steps and your roller shutter is already measured correctly.

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Removing roller shutters

Just four steps to the goal: This is how you can remove your roller shutter yourself.

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Install roller shutter

Instructions and overview of the various roller shutter systems.

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Window sills assembly

Measuring a window sill

With these instructions, even inexperienced do-it-yourselfers will succeed in measuring.

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Removing a window sill

From exact planning to professional execution: a guide.

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Install window sill

A new decorative surface for your own four walls? A guide to the installation.

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