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As an additional living space, the balcony plays a major role in many people's everyday lives – making the right French doors all the more important. We offer French doors of uPVC, uPVC-aluminium, wood or wood-aluminium with matching quality glazing and numerous optional extras. Design your individual French doors with the best price-performance ratio in our configurator and buy them online.

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Our French doors

Let the sunshine in with a French door that perfectly matches your style of living and is easy to operate.

uPVC French doors

Balkontür Kunststoff

The inexpensive entry-level model with the best energy efficiency and simple maintenance.

from € 114 from € 114
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uPVC-alu French doors

Balkontüren Kunststoff-Alu

The ideal combination for an elegant look and excellent weather protection.

from € 243 from € 243
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Wooden French doors

Holz Balkontüren

The environmentally-friendly classic with perfect insulating properties.

from € 407 from € 407
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Composite French doors

Holz-Alu Balkontüren

The exclusive premium variant for cosiness and weather resistance.

from € 523 from € 523
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Aluminium French doors

Alu Balkontüren

The modern design model for high security and long-lasting durability.

from € 247 from € 247
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Our materials in comparison



uPVC French doors are convincingly affordable and require only low maintenance. They are also lightfast and very weather-resistant.

  • Uw-value of up to 0.74 W/m²K possible
  • offset, semi-offset and flush profiles
  • 10 colours and decors for inside and outside
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uPVC-aluminium French doors combine sturdy aluminium with inexpensive uPVC. They are particularly long-lasting and have a modern look.

  • Uw-value of up to 0.73 W/m²K possible
  • offset and flush profiles
  • 8 decors for the inside and 18 colours for the aluminium outside shell

Further special features

  • particularly narrow frames possible
  • modern look due to painted exterior aluminium shell
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Thanks to their natural material, wooden French doors create a warm, cosy feeling. Regular care is a prerequisite for this.

  • Uw-value of up to 0.84 W/m²K possible
  • Rounded and angular offset profiles
  • 6 types of wood with a large selection of glazes

Further special features

  • very good ecological balance due to sustainable raw material
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Composite French doors score points on the inside with the natural charm of wood and are protected on the outside by a sturdy aluminium shell.

  • Uw-value of up to 0.78 W/m²K possible
  • offset, semi-offset and flush profiles
  • 6 types of wood with a large selection of glazes for the inside and 18 colours for the aluminium shell

Further special features

  • very good ecological balance due to sustainable raw material
  • modern look due to painted exterior aluminium shell
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Aluminium French doors are characterised by a high level of burglary protection and security. They are particularly easy to care for and can withstand all weather conditions.

  • Uw-value of up to 0.77 W/m²K possible
  • modern, flush profiles
  • 12 colours to choose from

Further special features

  • high stability, even with large window areas
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The material also determines the price

If you are looking for suitable French doors, you should take a few things into consideration. For example, you should clarify which material is most likely to come into question, as it can be decisive for efficient thermal insulation. On windows24.com, you can choose from a wide variety of models made of uPVC, aluminium and wood to suit your requirements. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the building situation, a wide range of configurations is available.

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Your individual dream French doors

Simply design them yourself with our French doors configurator

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    Select material and profile

  2. 2

    Select a colour and type

  3. 3

    Specify individual dimensions

  4. 4

    Select the desired glazing

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    Improve break-in protection

  6. 6

    Order roller shutters directly

Accessories and options

French door prices

French door prices

Calculate French door prices online: Find all the info you need about pricing here.

French doors glass

Glazing for French doors

Choose suitable glazing with sound insulation, burglary protection, privacy protection and energy-saving function.

French doors tilt and turn fittings

French doors tilt and turn fittings

French doors are available in different opening types (turn/tilt or sliding door).

French sliding door

French doors with sliding element

Space-saving, modern and practical – sliding systems for doors. Choose your preferred opening type.

Accessible french door

Barrier-free French door

A barrier-free French door without an annoying threshold and trip hazard makes it easier to get out into the fresh air.

Installing a French door

Installing a French door

If you would like to install your French door yourself, you will find illustrated instructions and information on tools here.

Securing your french door

Securing a French door

An important factor when buying your French door is its security: effective burglary protection is a must.

Insect screens for French doors

Insect screens for French doors

Don't want bugs in your house? Various insect protection systems keep the insects out.

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Further information

uPVC French doors

However, normal uPVC does have a slight disadvantage that it is ductile and can warp somewhat over time. That is why it is important that your uPVC French doors have a steel core. Such a steel core also provides sufficient protection against burglars. That is why our uPVC profiles come from the renowned German manufacturer aluplast.

Wooden French doors

French doors of wood (or timber) are a good ecological solution and have a very noble appearance, which can be further enhanced by the integration of glazing bars. However, as wood is also a natural raw material, it requires a little care and maintenance. Furthermore, regular glazing and repainting can preserve it for a long time. Only the highest quality wood is used for our French doors, for example, hardwoods like Oak. This grade A wood is free of knots and larger resin inclusions and thus offers high stability and durability.

Wooden French doors, in turn, compensate for this small shortcoming with their good soundproofing properties and insulation values, resulting in further plus points for their purchase. With wood as a naturally sustainable raw material, these doors are the most environmentally-friendly.

Aluminium French doors

French doors of aluminium are very long-lasting and also have an exclusive appearance. Their good thermal insulation also stands out positively. A coated surface improves the profile's weatherproof qualities.

All in all, the corrosion-free and weather-resistant components create a very high functionality and long-lasting effect. These external doors hardly need any maintenance and care – which saves a lot of time. Compared to a wooden French door, you do not have to re-treat or repaint the material.

This, in turn, offers the possibility of applying a new colour again and again on wood. The purchase costs of an aluminium French door are also higher than for other materials. Another disadvantage is that aluminium has very good thermal conductivity, which can lead to condensation and mould.

On the other hand, the thicker construction depth of these exterior French doors ensures the best possible stability, which makes them dimensionally stable and prevents them from warping. It is therefore important to weigh which advantages are particularly convincing with each material.

A material mix of uPVC and aluminium combines the positive properties of both materials and thus meets the highest demands. The energeto® 5000 view profile of uPVC also provides 16% more light in the interior with its slim design. Another reason for choosing this modern material combination.


French doors should always be well secured, especially if your balcony is out of sight of the neighbourhood. Otherwise, burglars will have an easy time because windows, front doors and other eternal doors are still among the most vulnerable points of buildings. In the case of very cheap and outdated doors, all that is often needed is a crowbar and a screwdriver, and the damage is done.

To get really well-secured French doors, we recommend highly effective features such as toughened or laminated safety glass, locks and fittings, ideally also an alarm system and roller shutters. Lockable window handles further increase the security of French doors. You will find all of the above elements on windows24.com.

Prices and standard sizes

As with windows, the price depends on the particular model, the material, size, glazing and many other features. However, to give you an idea of the purchase costs, we give you a direct price comparison in the following table, using a basic model for each material with dimensions of 100 x 200 cm.

These dimensions are the typical order sizes for French doors, but of course you can also order other dimensions. The heat transfer coefficient of a glass, called Ug-value, varies depending on the glass type of the pane and the number (double or triple glazing). The lower the Ug-value, the better the thermal insulation and the higher the price. Whether and how the door can be opened is also relevant.

French door prices Prices from
uPVC €114
uPVC-aluminium €243
Wood €407
Wood-aluminium (composite) €523
Aluminium €247
French door prices / costs


In the configurator, you can determine all the details and functions of your new French doors: From the material to the opening direction and mechanism, and the colours, you can choose from a great selection.

For example, you can opt for a tilt-and-turn mechanism or a sliding function. Lift-and-slide doors also have the advantage that they allow access to the patio up to 6.7 m wide. One, two or three sashes – here, too, you are free to choose. Multi-leaf and double doors are available with or without a centre mullion. With this design, the door can be opened completely, as the mullion is mounted on the sash profile. A barrier-free design without a threshold lets you get into the garden or onto the balcony without any obstacles or bumps.

You should place a great deal of emphasis on security. French doors and patio doors are often used as a weak point to get inside the house during burglaries. A door that protects against burglary is therefore highly recommended, especially if it functions as a back door.

You can never do "too much" when it comes to the energy efficiency of French doors either. To ensure that no heat is lost through the relatively large building element, we offer special thermal insulation glazing, for example, which will save you considerable heating costs in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

French doors are characterised by great variability, which is why the price range is also very wide. Our entry model, the IDEAL 4000 of uPVC, is already available from €114. This price changes depending on the size of the door, number of sashes, type of glazing and individual features. A particularly important factor in this context is the material. A wooden French door, for example, is available from us from €407. Compare french door prices.

French doors do not have to consist of only one sash. In our shop, you can order doors with up to four sashes. You always specify the opening type individually for each sash. In the case of very large wall openings, it may also make sense to install a sliding door that can be opened in a particularly space-saving manner. Configure double-sash French doors now.

Basically, there are three important methods for securing against burglary. Security fittings, which you can configure in our online shop up to resistance class RC 2 N, help against the most common method of break-in. As protection against glass break-through, we offer various security glazings, such as laminated safety glass and impact-resistant glazing. As a third protective measure, we also recommend fitting the door with lockable handles. Read all about security of French doors now.

Basically, the size of the French doors depends on the existing or planned wall opening. Our models are available with up to four sashes, so that even very large glass areas are possible. One sash is usually between 80 and 100 cm wide and the average height is 200 cm. Here, too, you can determine the dimensions individually. The minimum and maximum dimensions in each case are always displayed in the configurator. For other sizes, you can also contact our customer service at any time. Find the right French doors for you.

The selection of colours and decors differs depending on the material chosen. uPVC doors, for example, are available in popular colours such as white and anthracite, but also with high-quality woodgrain decors. Wooden doors, on the other hand, can be designed in opaque wood colours or RAL colours. And with our uPVC and wood-aluminium combinations, the outer shell can be designed separately. Here you can choose from matt, metallic and fine-textured colours, among others.

Do you still have questions?

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about french doors.

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Or you can directly arrange a telephone appointment. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive individual expert advice from us so that you can configure your desired product exactly according to your ideas.

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