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Door Canopy with Sides

A modern yet highly practical addition, side canopies or panels can be purchased to perfectly complement any of our front door roof canopies to create a fully protected porch area. With one or both panels installed either side, excellent outdoor weather protection and privacy are guaranteed while elegant glass, customisable features, and sleek corners contribute to a finished entrance look.

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Our door side canopy models

At windows24.com we offer a range of canopy side panels to suit different customer design preferences and functional requirements. From flat and framed top-edged models to contemporary slanted designs, just click below to read more.

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Our side canopies are renowned worldwide

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Further information

The advantages of adding door canopy panels

Ideal for customers who have purchased one of our roof front door canopies or whose building features an existing canopy, opting to add canopy panels is a decision we would recommend from a practical and aesthetic point of view.

Key benefits include:

  • Enhanced weather protection for entrances from crosswinds and rain

  • Options to add a higher degree of privacy

  • Superior UV-resistance protects front door finishes

  • Elegant modern design and customisable features

  • Space-saving, flexible porch alternative with simpler installation

Customise and choose different designs

As shown above, we offer four high-quality door canopy panels to suit a range of different entrances and façades. Where the Colorado Springs and Chicago models are entirely framed by sleek aluminium and can suit metal doors or continuous lines, for example, the Kitchener and Cardiff designs have bare glazed edges at the top and bottom and can go particularly well with fully glazed front doors and light modern exteriors.

Both the framed set of panels and the frameless top and bottom-edged then have one design such as Colorado Springs, with a flat top and the other, like Chicago, with a slant. This is merely a design feature and allows customers to be precise when determining the appearance of the new porch for the front door.

To further ensure that the final canopy is bespoke and well-tailored to the building front or an adjacent window, for many of our models customers can also determine the colour of the aluminium frame and the brackets fixing the canopy to the outdoor wall. A bright white or deep anthracite is available, for example, and sometimes even silver. This finish is then applied to the metal parts of the door canopy via a technical process called powder-coating, which ensures long-lasting vibrancy thanks to the high-quality finish and excellent UV-resistance it creates.

Sturdy supports and brackets

Front door canopy panels from windows24.com can provide such impressive cover from rain, crosswinds, and snow thanks to two sturdy metal supports securing the products firmly to building exteriors.

Although the panels remain lightweight, these supports are highly durable, robust, and hold the product firmly in place so it will also protect the entrance from any flying debris or branches.

Given their strength, we are able to offer panels in a range of dimensions to fully cover differently sized doors.

Polycarbonate and acrylic glass

Just like a front door canopy that is installed above the door, the surface of canopy panels from windows24.com is manufactured from opaque cellular-polycarbonate or acrylic glass. Both modern polymers, these materials are much more impact-resistant than conventional glazing, meaning they can withstand higher force and pressures without breaking.

Both polymers are also highly UV-resistant, which has the outdoor canopy porch provide excellent shade to prevent door finishes from fading or deforming due to overexposure to solar radiation.

A slight difference between the two surface types, however, is that a little like a window, the acrylic panel can be customised with a clear transparent finish or rather with a frosted satin look. While the clear variant can create a welcoming opening, the satin option adds enhanced privacy, preventing onlookers from being able to so visibly see the entrance area and any parcels that may have been left there.

Installation, delivery, and maintenance

At windows24.com, customers make their canopy selection on the product page, view the live product price quotation, and submit their order. Our team then calculates the best delivery costs and gets in touch to finalise the order before sending a payment link should the customer wish to proceed. Quality production and delivery are then carried out based on this agreement.

At the import stage we can then provide a logistics broker and are on hand to help. It is also worth noting that due to the CETA agreement between Canada and the EU, our Canadian customers don't need to pay importation duties.

After the canopy arrives, the product then needs to be installed.

Given their lightweight and our step-by-step instruction guide, porch canopy panels can be easily and quickly self-installed.

Fixed to the building façade they can be assembled alongside any overhead model but can also just as easily be retrofitted and added below and next to an existing door canopy. Maintenance and upkeep are then simple because the surfaces of the product can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Explore our roof door canopies

If you have not already browsed through our different roof canopies, then click below to view some of the most popular models and complete your modern porch area today.

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from 249.90from 249.90

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