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Canopies with sides – the perfect addition

We offer corresponding side panels for three models of our canopy collection. These provide additional protection and complement your canopy both aesthetically and in terms of usability. If you have already chosen a glass canopy, you may find suitable side panels here at windows24.com. Our glass canopies also offer protection from crosswinds and complete the modern style of the entrance to your home.

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Side panels – great for glass canopies

A modern door canopy with sides is typically made of aluminium or stainless steel mounts and a glass surface. Variants made of wood and shingles are usually built with supporting beams that offer a certain amount of wind and rain protection on their own.

But if you're looking for modern canopies that are highly efficient at shielding you and your visitors from the weather, look no further: Our acrylic canopies with sides are a great option if you're looking for that modern-minimalist look of a canopy made of glass but you'd also like to benefit from great wind protection.

Advantages of canopies with sides

Canopies with sides are usually built like tilted or flat roofs and mounted directly onto the wall. As such, they barely offer any protection against crosswinds but can add significantly to your house's exterior. Side panels, however, can increase the practical applications of your front door canopy significantly.

In addition, they can be installed after your canopy is already mounted onto a wall and thus they offer an abundance of advantages:

  • They protect visitors from crosswinds and rain 
  • They preserve doors made of delicate material 
  • They offer additional privacy when made of ornamental glass 
  • They provide a modern aesthetic  

Front doors that are exposed to the weather benefit significantly from a door canopy with sides – this includes doors facing open fields or streets, for example. Canopies with sides act as wind breakers and protect guest as well as residents while they're fishing their keys out of their pockets. If you prefer a more unique look, you may mount the side panels to your canopy asymmetrically. This is a great option if you only need weather protection on one side of your door.

Canopies with sides are also a great option if you don't necessarily need weather protection, but want a side panel to act as a divider between two areas instead.

Which type of glass is used?

Similar to front door canopies, our side panels are usually made of multiple acrylic or polycarbonate sheets. There is a good reason why we choose these materials for canopies and side panels: While they aren't "real" glass, the material is superior as it is much less likely to break in strong winds, in contrast to real glass, which can shatter into a thousand pieces when force is applied. Our acrylic panels are similar to flexible plastic and not as prone to damage as other materials.

Acrylic or polycarbonate side panels don't shatter as easily because they're able to move and vibrate with the wind. This makes these materials great for canopies with sides that are likely to be subject to extreme weather.


Aside from their aesthetic value, side panels offer great wind protection. However, you should be aware that acrylic glass scratches easily. To maintain the smooth appearance of the glass, make sure to keep sharp and hard objects away from your side panels.

Choosing sides for added privacy

Canopies made of wood and shingles are great for protecting your and your guests' privacy. The support beams act as a privacy shield against prying eyes.

Canopies with sides made of see-through glass cannot protect your privacy as efficiently. However, if you still want to go for a lighter and more modern look, our canopies with ornamental glass are a great compromise. They allow light to shine through the sides while protecting you and your guests from the curious gazes of neighbours.

A typical front door canopy with sides is made of acrylic glass, which allows you to benefit from the impact resistance of the synthetic material. We can also ornament your acrylic glass, which helps to cover any scratches or imperfections on the sides of your canopies.

Canopies with sides for wind protection

A front or back door canopy with sides should protect you and your door from wind and rain while adding something unique to the exterior of your house. It's also important to avoid making your entrance area too dark – which is why transparent materials are so important here.

If you already have canopies installed over your doors, you can find fitting side panels at windows24.com. They provide not only proper wind protection, but they also preserve your and your guests' privacy. This makes it easy for you to complete the unique look and enhance the practicality of your entrance.

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