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Aluminium canopy

Take advantage of the benefits of an aluminium canopy, especially for modern facades. The extra lightweight, yet surprisingly robust material looks very clean and simple when paired with glass. Meanwhile, a thick oxide layer protects the aluminium from moisture and thus effectively prevents the formation of rust. Choose the aluminium canopy, whether in a pent or arch shape, that suits your tastes and lifestyle.

Our aluminium canopies

Personal touch for the entrance: an aluminium canopy in a pent roof or arch shape looks modern and inviting

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Further information

What advantages does aluminium offer?

Aluminium is a so-called light metal – it combines robustness and torsional rigidity with a relatively low weight.

These properties make aluminium perfect not only for the construction of window and door frames, but also for canopy construction - i.e. the framework that supports the roofing of a canopy.

Together with the acrylic glass typically used, an aluminium canopy is:

  • lightweight
  • stable
  • weather resistant
  • durable

These properties have made aluminium the most popular construction material for glass canopies.

The lightness of the building material

The relative lightness of aluminium is an ideal property for glazed canopies in particular, which usually consist of just a few struts anchored horizontally into the masonry and a continuous glass panel.

Due to the fact that the weight of the support material is so low, the canopy construction can easily handle both the glass roof and the weight of any snow lying on it. Both straight and curved shapes are possible.

Stability against force effects

An aluminium canopy also features high stability against force effects. This means, among other things, that the aluminium struts do not noticeably warp when the temperature changes – as opposed to a wood canopy. A light metal canopy can easily withstand even potential storms, e.g. hail.

While aluminium in its purest form is hardly ever used for door and window construction due to its thermal conductivity, the material can be used to its fullest advantage in purely exterior components.

A must for canopies: weather resistance

The aluminium used to construct canopies is in essence anodised material. This means that a thick oxide layer has been created on the surface as a result of a chemical reaction.

This oxide layer acts as an impenetrable protective shield against moisture: it prevents rainwater from attacking the actual aluminium core. As long as the aluminium surface of your canopy is not scratched, it is practically immune to rust.

The long life of an aluminium canopy

The damage resistance, torsional rigidity and weather resistance of light metal are the key properties that make an aluminium door canopy a particularly durable component.

Aluminium canopy constructions can last for several decades with practically no maintenance required, while a wood canopy, for example, needs to be looked after regularly in order to prevent mould or rot in the long term.

A canopy with a modern metallic look

Aluminium canopies are typically paired with a glass roof, as both materials exude a minimalist, modern aesthetic.

Aluminium canopies underline the tasteful minimalism of postmodernism. But with a little paint and a few plants outside your door, the shiny metal sun-permeable canopy can also look very welcoming.

The associated lack of warmth, which usually means that metal is hardly used at all for the inside of windows and doors, for example, is of course not the case with a canopy.

Thanks to their cool, simple look, aluminium canopies are not only made for front doors, but are especially effective for commercial or office buildings.

Standard shapes and accessories

While commercially available wooden canopies come in various traditional roof shapes, the canopies of choice when it comes to aluminium are pent and arched canopies.

It can then be said that aluminium canopies are usually a rather simple framework anchored into the masonry, a so-called "canopy construction". The glass panels on the canopy are then either tilted away from the house or, in the case of round arch shapes, to the left and right of the entrance.

If you go with (visually cohesive) side panels made of aluminium and glass for your aluminium canopy model, you can enjoy complete protection in front of your front door and in particular be shielded from cross winds.

Side panels with ornamental glass can even ensure effective privacy without darkening the entrance area as much as solid wood canopies sometimes do. If you don't have one, they're also easy to install later on.

Aluminium or stainless steel?

Anyone who has already decided on a glass canopy for their home is usually faced with the dilemma of whether they prefer aluminium or stainless steel for the frame. Visually, the two materials are incredibly alike, but they do differ in the following:

  • Stainless steel canopies are usually more robust
  • Stainless steel is inherently heavier than aluminium
  • Stainless steel canopies are slightly more expensive

This means: aluminium canopies are the lighter but not quite as robust alternative to stainless steel at a slightly lower cost.

In most cases, canopies made of the lightweight metal are more than enough.

On the other hand, you should opt for steel if the canopy needs to be able to safely handle extreme loads, such as large amounts of snow.

Aluminium canopies – reliable protection for your doorstep

Conclusion: With its modern look and excellent material properties, a canopy made of light metal manages to stand out among the many models available.

Extreme durability and damage resistance ensure that you get more out of your aluminium canopy in the long term, even without constant maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aluminium is ideal as a support structure for canopies and creates a modern look when combined with glass. As a result, the roof over your front door is weather-resistant, easy to care for and extremely stable. Our cheapest canopy model, Warwick, costs as low as €353 and gives your entrance a more distinctive look.

One of the following three types of glass is usually used for canopies: acrylic glass, multilayer glass and laminated safety glass. Thanks to the tear-resistant film between the panes, laminated safety glass has a high level of resistance, but ultimately is not immune to damage. For the canopies available in our online shop, we therefore rely on acrylic and comparable multilayer glass, which is more translucent than real glass, insensitive to UV light and also self-cleaning.

So that your canopy fits perfectly with the style and design of your house, the aluminium profile for many models is available in white, anthracite and stainless steel look. Thanks to a high-quality powder coating, the surface of the metal is permanently protected against corrosion and weather conditions.

It can make sense to add a side panel to the canopy, especially on house entrances that are very exposed. Because this effectively protects against wind and driving rain – not only visitors, but also the front door itself. For this reason, you can also order matching side elements for some of our canopy models in order to achieve a uniform design.

Aluminium canopies are usually manufactured in the form of a pent, flat or round arch, as this is where the glazing comes into its own. The simplest form is the flat roof, but due to its lack of slope, this requires a rain gutter or water drain. The pent canopy is essentially the same shape, but is attached to the wall of the house at a slight angle. The arched canopy, which gently slopes down to the left and right and encloses the front door, is particularly elegant.

Do you have any questions?

Here you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions about aluminium canopies.

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