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Glass canopies with stainless steel or aluminium support structures

Glass canopies protect the entire entrance area of your house from wind and rain while accentuating its modern design. Prices for such canopies depend on the type of glass and the support structure's material, both of which you can choose individually using the windows24.com online configurator. The most affordable variant available is a door canopy with acrylic glass, with side panels for additional protection, if you so choose.

Our glass canopies

Modern design and reliable protection: Put some glass over your door with a canopy framed with aluminium or stainless steel girders.

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Further information

Use a glass canopy to protect your front door

The weather can have a significant impact on the outside of your home. Whether we're talking about a hailstorm or just a little rain, such environmental factors can damage the facade of your house or your front door over time. At the very least, cold temperatures, humidity, and UV radiation can stain or discolour the outside of your home. At worst, they may even cause cracked walls or other signs of wear that impact the structural integrity of your home.

When it comes to the entrance area of your house, glass canopies can counteract these problems by protecting the entire area from rain, sleet and hail. Any excess water is safely diverted to the ground over the sloped or rounded canopy surface – for flat canopies, the same can be achieved with a gutter system. This ensures the water can run off easily, preventing moss or algae infestations on the surface.

But glass canopies aren't just a way to protect your front door – they're a fully-fledged design element, adding to the looks of your home with their highly modern aesthetic. And of course, you can choose from among different materials and extras to design the perfect front door canopies for your home.

Various materials

The support structure of the glass canopy protecting your front door can be made from a variety of different materials. Of course, all of them are robust enough to carry both the weight of the glazing element and any excess snow or water that may accumulate on top.

At windows24.com, you can choose between the following materials for the support structure:

  • Wood
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium 

In addition to these materials, you can also choose which type of glazing element you want for your canopies.


Wood is a popular material for window frames and door frames, so it's no surprise the material is also popular for front door canopies. Wood has the advantage of being a fairly easy to handle building material while offering great load-bearing strength. Traditionally, many front door canopies are made from wooden support structures covered in shingles. But you can also combine a wooden framework with a glass canopy. In fact, this combination of traditional and modern materials can be a real eye-catcher.

Wood is a natural building material that "breathes". The material increases and decreases in size ever so slightly as the humidity changes over the year. Of course, usually, this isn't enough to damage the glazing element. Nonetheless, wooden support structures require a bit more maintenance than artificial materials or metals. Wooden beams should be lacquered or varnished regularly to keep them looking good for many years to come.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel support structures add a modern minimalist look to your entrance area. And with stainless steel girders, you can even create canopies that don't require support beams reaching to the ground, as the material is incredibly strong if anchored correctly to the wall.

That being said, stainless steel is heavier than aluminium. This may make it harder to mount canopies to the outside of your house, but the greater mass actually increases the tensile strength of the support structure, allowing stainless steel canopies to carry greater weight than aluminium ones.


Aluminium is a material that combines great strength with low weight and minimal maintenance requirements. It also looks very modern, which makes it a perfect fit for canopies. The material's cool colour and sleek surface texture are the perfect fit for glazing elements, as both are a staple of modern architectural design.

Similar to stainless steel, aluminium support structures are very strong for bearing loads. They don't even require aluminium beams to brace the canopy against the ground. In turn, this further increases the sleek modern look of an aluminium glass porch canopy.

Glazing types

Canopies aren't just for looks, of course. They also need to be resistant to physical damage from hail and other things. That's why it makes sense to choose some of the most robust glass types for the canopy's surface. Acrylic and multi-layer acrylic glazing elements are both highly resistant to damage while looking just like regular glass. That's why they're the main options for canopies at windows24.com


Acrylic glazing elements are made of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), which looks exactly like real glass but is significantly more lightweight and very robust. That's why this material is often used in lieu of real glass, which would require a much more robust support structure, even just to carry its own weight. Although acrylic is more resistant to damage while being more translucent. Acrylic is highly resistant to UV light and easy to clean.

Shaping complex objects such as a curved glass door canopy out of acrylic is relatively hard and the PMMA surface scratches more easily. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage as although scratches show up more easily, the glazing element is less likely to outright break when damaged. Perhaps most importantly, acrylic has the advantage of being amongst the most affordable options for canopies.

Multi-layer acrylic

As the name suggests, this type of glazing consists of two layers of acrylic, connected in a honeycomb-like pattern to make them more robust. Thus, multi-layer acrylic sheets offer a unique look and much greater stability against outside forces. Canopies made with this material are slightly heavier due to the added material, but they offer great resistance even against gale force winds, hailstorms, and even some forms of vandalism.

Laminated safety glass

Laminated safety glass is made of two sheets of glass with a film of tear-resistant material in-between. These three elements are bounded together on a molecular level by applying intense heat, creating a single thick sheet of glazing with overall increased robustness.

Thus, laminated safety glass offers all the advantages of real glass: It looks great, is robust, and easy to clean. However, despite its increased level of robustness, canopies made with these glazing elements can still be damaged. In fact, while acrylic usually takes only surface damage from hits, laminated safety glass can shatter in its entirety. On the plus side, the shards will still cling to the tear-resistant film instead of scattering around the room. This makes a broken sheet of laminated safety glass much less dangerous than normal glass.

More options for your glass canopies

At windows24.com, you'll find many more options to choose from when designing a glass canopy for your front door. In addition to choosing between the different materials, you can also decide whether your canopies should have support beams or not. And you can choose between sloped, flat, or curved surfaces. In case you choose a flat one, you'll also be able to add gutters to ensure water can run off easily.

For many customers, adding side panels to their canopies is also an attractive option. Such panels protect the entrance area from the sides, which comes in really handy during rainstorms with strong crosswinds. And of course, these side panels add a certain something to the tasteful design of your new flat or curved glass door canopy.

Frequently asked questions

A glass canopy over your front door offers numerous advantages, protecting your door from environmental influences and guests from the wind and the rain while they wait for you to open the door. At windows24.com you can get your personal glass porch canopy or front door canopy, starting at a very affordable price for basic canopies such as the Lichtenstein, which offers great protection and a timelessly modern look.

In order to provide sufficient protection against bad weather, your canopies shouldn't be too small. You'll also want to avoid your home's entrance looking weird because of a canopy that's notably too big in relation to your front door, though. In general, you should choose canopies that are between 150 and 200 cm wide and have a length of 90 cm or more. These dimensions should offer maximum protection for most entrance areas.

Canopies are typically made with acrylic or laminated safety glass. That's because these glazing types are more lightweight than real glass. Since laminated safety glass can still get damaged, windows24.com only offers various types of acrylic as an option when configuring your canopy. As an added benefit, these glazing types are highly resistant to UV light and much more affordable compared to the real deal.

Whether you need a permit to add canopies to your front door depends on the regulations in your county. In some countries, you may require permission, while in others, canopies are classed as purely cosmetic and thus don't require permission. Take care to gather the necessary permits before ordering your new front door canopies from windows24.com.

The most common shapes are flat, sloped, or curved glass door canopies. Flat canopies require gutters to deal with excess water, while sloped or curved ones don't. Other than that, the differences are mainly cosmetic.

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