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uPVC back doors

uPVC back doors are an ideal low-maintenance solution to add a modern touch to garage, basement, and side entrances alike. With our wide variety of models, colours, and sizes, customers can mix and match to purchase products that best compliment windows and building façades. From delivery to installation, our expert team are on hand every step of the way and high quality is a given.

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Our uPVC doors and frames

Enjoy near-total freedom when designing your uPVC back doors, from choosing bespoke measurements to customising the design to fit your windows.

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Further information

What's the benefit of having a back entrance?

Back doors are a convenient way to enter your home. They're more secure compared to, say, bi-fold patio doors with large glazed elements, and they allow you to leave and enter your home without having to go through the front door every time. This is particularly convenient when you have a large garden or a carport, where you'd normally have to circle the entire house.

If you're installing a back door leading from your garage into your home, keep its insulating properties in mind. Garages aren't insulated well, so proper frame insulation can help with your home's energy efficiency.

uPVC doors leading to the basement or right into your garden provide additional options for moving between your home's inside and outside. Much like uPVC front doors, back doors need to supply reliable insulation, easy everyday usability, and a high level of protection. Thanks to the windows24.com online configurator, you can customise each of these aspects individually to create the perfect door for you. After delivery and installation, you can truly call your home your own.

Highly insulated uPVC is the perfect material

uPVC back doors with triple or double glazing are excellent thermal insulators, allowing you to use central heating more efficiently and save energy overall. uPVC doors achieve these great insulation values because of their multi-chambered profiles. The material isn't one solid block but consists of multiple air-filled chambers that slow down the process of heat diffusion significantly.

In short: uPVC profiles minimise the amount of heat that escapes through your back doors, which in turn minimises the amount of energy you need for heating. This isn't just a real boon for your savings account, it's also very environmentally friendly. That's why many people choose to switch to uPVC doors with double or triple glazing when renovating old buildings. The benefits are simply too significant to ignore and the many available design options allow the new external doors to blend in perfectly with the old windows.

Glazed elements for uPVC doors

When customising your new uPVC back doors, one important choice you need to make is whether to install one with or without a glazed insert. Doors with large, window-like glass inserts allow sunlight to enter your home, which makes them popular as front doors and patio doors. For a back door, you may want to have tastefully minimalist glazing, as this makes the glazed elements less likely to pose a security risk. A narrow 'window' in your door makes it harder to squeeze an arm through.

windows24.com typically uses high-quality Satinato glass to create glazed inserts. Some uPVC door types have the glazed element framed with stainless steel to further improve security and provide a unique look.

Let there be light – uPVC doors with glass inserts

uPVC doors can be built with glass inserts, allowing them to let natural light into the back entrance area. This can even help keep down electricity bills as you can use natural light for most of the year. Aside from practical considerations, uPVC doors with glass inserts also look so much more unique, making them the highlight of your back entrance area.

Secure and stable doors thanks to various extras

Depending on which model you choose, you can expect your door to have multi-point locking as well as two to four stabilising hinges and reliable locking mechanisms. That kind of burglary protection equipment is usually enough to scare off most would-be intruders after the first attempt.

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (also known as uPVC, PVCu or PVC-U) typically provides a great degree of protection thanks to the material's natural resistance against warping. Keep in mind that back doors are often situated in areas that are hidden from sight, though, which makes them prime targets for burglars. That's why you should add a sufficient number of additional security features to your uPVC doors, such as additional locks, advanced locking mechanisms and safety glass..

Customise your glazed uPVC back doors (supply only)

Bi-folding or sliding uPVC, double or single, energy-efficient or maintenance-free, with side panels or transom lights – no matter what configuration you're looking for, windows24.com has got you covered! Our online configurator allows you to freely choose every aspect of your new door:

  • Various sizes, only limited by the minimum and maximum measurements required by technical limitations
  • Glazed window elements
  • Glazing bars (Georgian bar uPVC doors, Helima bars etc.)
  • Security features
  • Wide range of colours and shapes fitted to your home, from white uPVC to woodgrain decors
  • Panels and transom lights 

Make uPVC back doors fit for your home today and we'll supply them as quickly as possible!

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Configure your cheap uPVC back door today and contact us with any questions you may have. We manufacture and supply your dream door that perfectly matches your specifications.

Frequently asked questions

uPVC is very popular, as the material provides numerous advantages: Despite being relatively cheap, a uPVC back door is robust and requires only a modicum of maintenance. Also, it gives you plenty of options when it comes to aesthetic individualisation. Customise your own uPVC patio doors or back doors with various colours and decors such as Golden Oak, and enjoy the excellent thermal insulation values of the material in combination with double or triple glazing. You can even apply decors to create an authentic woodgrain look. And in stark contrast to actual wood, long-lasting uPVC back doors are highly resistant to the weather and don't discolour easily, without requiring too much maintenance.

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is the most cost-effective material for doors, even though it provides a number of advantages over the other available materials. Use our online configurator to design your very own uPVC back door and see our door prices at every step, from an affordable basic model up to the most secure and well-insulated one imaginable at double the price. Thus, how much uPVC back doors cost (supply only) always depends on the furnishings, the size, and the design. Fewer extras mean the door becomes more affordable. But rest assured: With windows24.com, you'll always get a high-quality product, no matter the price.

A unique colour really makes your front or back door your own. You're looking for a tastefully modern white uPVC back door? No problem! You prefer flashy colours? Say no more! You'd like your door to look like it's made of wood? We do that! Wooden decors in particular are very popular with most customers, as they provide a rustic appearance while retaining all the advantages of uPVC. The decors add an authentic timber look to your uPVC exterior door which makes the synthetic material appear authentically wooden to any but the most inquisitive eyes. The decors' film is bound physically to the uPVC surface. That makes the grain patterns resistant to the weather and provides additional protection against scratches. Keep in mind, though, that you'll always have a white uPVC door on the inside. Find your perfect colour with the windows24.com online configurator and buy a pre-hung door ready to be installed.

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