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French door sizes

Elegant yet highly functional, French doors are characterised by their slim frames, large window-like appearance, and generous glass surfaces. At windows24.com we offer French doors in a wide variety of materials with different add-on options, available in many customisable dimensions. Add style to your home and read on to discover the options in more detail or head to the configurator to get designing today.

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Made-to-measure customisable products

At windows24.com we specialise in bespoke products and custom French door sizes are no exception. Once the door's frame material and other options have been selected in the configurator, possible dimension ranges are displayed, for example.

The desired width and height can be typed into interactive boxes between the minimum and maximum options.

To increase these dimension ranges, alternative configurations can then be selected, such as a different material or a larger number of sashes and fanlights. With our versatile purchasing options, it is therefore possible to find French doors in a range of sizes to fit with standard French door building regulations or individual style preferences – just keep scrolling to find out more.

The factors affecting French door dimensions

Whether installed as external French doors opening onto gardens and balconies or as patio doors and entrance doors, the possible range of dimensions for French doors is impacted by certain key factors:

Material and profile

The material used for the French door frame plays a role in terms of the possible final width and height measurements.

At windows24.com customers can choose between uPVC, wood, and aluminium as well as composite uPVC-alu and wood-alu.

No one material is necessarily better than another, rather all come with their own unique benefits and the decision will come down to the preferred style, performance, and dimensions required.

Where modern uPVC is the most thermally insulating and affordable, wooden French doors offer traditional sturdiness and unique patterns, for example. Aluminium, on the other hand, ensures excellent durability and weather-resistance, but wood-alu and uPVC-alu with their external metal cladding add style and bring together the best of two materials.

The table below gives an idea of the possible maximum width and heights per material for a single sash, double-glazed French door in its most basic configuration. These possible dimension ranges for each material, can, however change when add-ons like further sashes or fanlights are added, as we will go on to explain.

A further important point to mention when discussing French doors sizes is that for each material, different profiles can be selected.

The profile determines the internal structure of the sash and frame, such as the number of seals or chambers it will have for insulation, but also the construction depth, which is important for installation.

For uPVC French doors, construction depths of 70 - 88 mm are possible, for uPVC-alu 90 mm, for timber doors and wood-alu this is 68 - 78 mm, whereas for aluminium it's 45 - 90 mm. For more information about these depths or to discuss further possibilities, please contact our expert team.

Material Minimum - maximum width (mm) Minimum - maximum height (mm) Construction depth (mm)
uPVC 385 - 3010 1760 - 3010 70 - 88
Wood 635 - 3010 1760 - 2635 68 - 78
Aluminium 500 - 3000 1700 - 2700 45 - 90
Wood-alu 635 - 3010 1760 - 2635 68 - 78
uPVC-alu 510 - 3010 1760 - 3010 90
Dimension ranges for single sash, double-glazed French door in basic configuration
from € 114 from € 114
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from € 191 from € 191
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from € 407 from € 407
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from € 523 from € 523
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from € 247 from € 247
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The number of sashes

As well as standard size French doors with a single sash, at windows24.com doors with up to four sashes can also be purchased, depending on the frame material and profile.

Choosing a larger number of sashes will increase the possible size of French doors and mean a wide glazed surfacecan be achieved, like it can be with our bifold, lift and slide or tilt and slide, or smart sliding doors. Upon selecting multiple sashes there are then also options to have doors without a central bar or mullion.

This is possible for double doors, for example, and means that the sashes can open to reveal a completely unobstructed view and accessible entrance. The direction of the door opening can also be determined in the configurator and different opening options and styles are possible.

A tilt and turn door opening can be selected for certain sashes, for instance, whereas others can feature a turn or swing style opening or remain fixed.

Frequently purchased French doors

100 x 200 cm

100x200 cm French door

Standard height meets a standard width in one of our most popular French patio doors.

from € 396 from € 396
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200 x 200 cm

200 x 200 cm French door

As one of our double exterior French doors, this product adds style and provides great views out.

from € 509 from € 509
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90 x 200 cm

90 x 200 cm French door

Another of our standard door sizes, this French door is versatile in terms of installation location.

from € 396 from € 396
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80 x 200 cm

80 x 200 cm French door

Add style to small spaces with a slimmer French door while maximising on height.

from € 367 from € 367
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Adding roller shutters and fanlights

For both single and multi-sash exterior French doors, further features, like an upper fanlight or panel can be added above the door.

This is relevant because fanlights can increase standard French door sizes and add style by bringing in additional light and altering the appearance. Exactly how the door's height will be proportionally dividedbetween the fanlight and door can be selected by customers in the configurator.

For French doors with an inwards door opening, roller shutters can then also be added. The shutters are stored in a box above the door and provide shade, darkening, and insulation. A simple guide on how to measure for the shutters is available and they can be configured to match varying external French door sizes and the chosen surface RAL colour or decor.

How to take correct measurements

Taking correct measurements for French doors is important to ensure secure installation and optimal performance. Learn how to measure accurately and buy French doors that fit securely with the help of our step-by-step instructions – simple equipment like a tape measure is all that is needed and useful information about renovations and sealing gap allowances is provided.

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