Wood French Doors

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  • Thermally separated ground sill selectable
  • Of pine, meranti, larch or oak wood
  • Available in 2 designs and installation depths
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The use of window frames and French doors manufactured from wood is currently a popular trend in international architecture. French doors for patio or balcony in real wood especially impress due to their wonderful design features. Furthermore, modern wood with aluminium composite windows and doors reduce maintenance and cleaning to an absolute minimum. Wood has become increasingly popular over the last few years for the design of modern facades. This natural building material is often used together with concrete to produce an attractive contrast, but is just as impressive when used with other natural materials such as brickwork or where the facade is completely of wood. Wood can easily be combined with other materials and the range of design possible is virtually unlimited. Besides its natural look making it the friend of contemporary architects, wood also has excellent weatherproofing qualities: wooden facades are typically found in Scandinavian countries and have proved themselves over centuries even under extreme weather conditions.



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Glazing options


Choose the appropriate glazing including options like soundproofing, security, privacy protection and energy efficiency.

Turn-and-tilt function

Tilt and Turn

French doors are available with various methods of opening such as tilt and turn or sliding.

Sliding function

Sliding Doors

French doors are available with various methods of opening such as tilt and turn and sliding.

Barrier-free accessibilty

Barrier free access

Barrier free French doors without a threshold to trip over.



Installing French doors yourself? You'll need the right tools, know-how and instructions.



Security is an important factor when choosing your new French door for peace of mind and reliable protection against break-ins.

Insect screen protection

Fly Screens

Keeping bugs outside where they belong can easily be achieved by installing a fly screen. They can either come with your new doors or be added later.


Pure Wood: the Advantages

For French doors of pure wood the complete profile is made from wood. This modern facade material is characterised by its excellent robustness and its stability. For windows and doors, including French doors, the vast majority of the wood used comes from European sources, and includes oak and spruce, which as deciduous or coniferous woods are used to the European type of climate.

The individual structures and the growth features that go to make up the grain are typical for wood and give it that special charm that only natural materials have. Modern wooden windows and patio doors are environmentally friendly, as they represent a raw material which comes from sustainable forestry.

In terms of design wooden windows, when not covered with aluminium on the outside, stand out with the continuation of the wood surfaces into the exterior. French doors of real wood can be arranged to form an attractive contrast to a simple, unfussy facade in modern building style.

Real wood represents cosiness.
Those who choose French doors, or indeed complete facades, of wood should bear in mind that a ceretain effort will be required: every type of wood facade needs tender loving care.

In order that facades or windows and doors last a long time, they should be regularly treated with a special cleaning agent.

Balcony doors on a wood facade house

Wooden Patio and Balcony Doors: various Materials and Models

Windows and doors, including balcony and patio doors, manufactured in wood are more and more in trend. Wood is second only to uPVC as the most frequently used material in window production.

The popular French door for balcony or patio is offered in two material qualities: with purely wood profiles and with profiles of a combination of wood with aluminium.

The modern patio doors and windows of the composite wood-aluminium system are made up of a wood profile having an external shell of aluminium. Possible decor material includes various types of wood including oak.

French doors of wood are available in all standard sizes, from one to three sash doors for installing in a window frontage.

Interior view of a double-winged wood patio door

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