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Ordering from A-Z at windows24.com

With the help of our videos we would like to inform you about our products, their manufacture and also to give you a few tips and further details so that before you place your first order for windows you can form a good picture of the high quality of our windows whether they are of uPVC, wood or wood-aluminium. We have divided our window videos into several categories.

The first category includes all our information films on the various uPVC windows, the IDEAL uPVC window range, as well as product films showing the energy-saving windows and the passive housewindows. Furthermore you can also find videos on our very high quality wood windows which we can even upgrade by the addition of extra weather protection to a wood- aluminium window.


Insect protection

Simply pull down the fine-mesh, virtually invisible insect protection blind whenever required. The practical and easy to use insect protection.


Front mounted shutters

Front mounted shutters offer all the advantages that modern shutter technology can offer today.


Top mounted shutters

Top mounted shutters offer all the advantages that modern shutter technology can offer today.


Werzalit internal window sills

Werzalit window sills are available in a number of different decors which not only look good but also keep their promises in terms of quality. This video on the fitting of Werzalit interior window sills shows you how similar this is to the installation of the modern kitchen working surface.


External window sills

The external window sills of aluminium model VBH 400 stand out due to the individual surface treatment and ease of fitting. You are purchasing a long-lasting quality product.


House doors

Your house door is to some extent the calling card of your home. Modern doors of high quality wood, powder-coated aluminium or of uPVC help to lend your home its unmistakeable character.


Wood-aluminium windows

The wood-aluminium window is both modern and up to date. The many product advantages lie in the insulation provided, in their safety, they maintain their value and their weather resistance; all in all, they offer first class comfort. If you take time to compare various offers you will soon see that the devil lies in the details.


PVC-Aluminium windows

There are many advantages when it comes to uPVC-aluminium windows. Windows of aluminium with PVC are highly attractive aluminium windows which look good on the outside of any house. The use of aluminium offers the chance to style the exterior side of the window in a range of colours.


Wood windows

The smooth surfaces of the wood are achieved by a very fine planing. During production in our factory paints or varnishes are applied to the wood to protect it from the effects of UV-radiation and damp.


IDEAL 5000 PVC windows

Our 5-chamber insulating Ideal 5000 window transforms into a high value insulation component in combination with further heat insulation options such as triple glazing and other insulating measures.


Window configurator tutorial - fensterversand.com TV

Configure windows individually with the window configurator from fensterversand.com. With these instructions configure your own desired window at low prices.


Measuring windows for a new build

In order to calculate the precise measurements for your new window you only need a standard tape measure. First sketch your window on a piece of paper.


Measuring windows for renovation

In order to calculate the precise measurements for your new window you only need a standard tape measure, we would like to explain how in this short video.


Selecting the profile for the window sill

For wood windows the connection profile denotes the height of the milling groove recess in the lower wood frame. Please note that the complete dimensions of the connection profile are included.


Buy windows at fensterversand.com - Guide from A-Z

How does an order at windows24.com work? With this guide windows conveniently buy cheap online at windows24.com.


Correct insertion and adjustment of your window

The most important aspect of a modern house or in a modern flat is good insulation. In the long term this not only saves money but also prevents draughts and increases well-being. 


Manufacturing PVC-aluminium windows

PVC windows with an externally applied aluminium shell offer almost unlimited colour variations and excellent thermal insulation values.


Manufacturing wood-aluminium windows

The production of wood-aluminium windows still presents the traditional work of the joiner in the foreground.


Manufacturing wooden windows

Pine, larch, meranti or oak. Timber windows can be manufactured from a variety of woods.


Manufacturing uPVC windows

The material uPVC, is no longer imaginable from the window construction. The profiles of uPVC windows from windows24.com are manufactured by the company aluplast.

Manufacturing windows and doors in a modern factory

Of course we also offer special videos about our shutters, of which we offer two different systems: Firstly, there are the top mounted shutters which must be installed in the window recess or onto the window frame before the window is fitted. Installation, i.e. connection of top mounted shutter to window element is done on site. On the other hand we also offer front mounted shutters in our online shop. As the name implies these are fitted in front of the window. Installation of these front mounted shutters can be carried out before installation of the window itself or at a later stage, can be fitted to existing windows or into a newly-built window as required.

We don't just offer you videos on our products themselves, but also are proud to show you videos detailing their manufacture. This enables you to better see the high quality of our windows, doors, shutters and window sills for yourself and more confidently make your decision. Take a look at the manufacturing process in our modern window production plant and learn how uPVC and timber windows are manufactured today in modern factories.

Window fitting made easy

Begin by watching the film which shows you how to correctly measure windows. Then choose from the window installation videos; here you should not only view the film on window installation but also our film which shows you the disassembly of existing building elements. The video on window removal is important as it will help you avoid causing any damage to the window embrasure thereby making insertion of the new window easier, cleaner and quicker. The same is also true of our house doors, Made in Germany.

Shutter installation and window adjustments

In our how-to videos you will find guidance to help you with the installation of your windows and accessories. Whether it be the installation of a top mounted or a front mounted shutter, at windows24.com we have a video to help you. And as the devil often lies in the details, we've produced a short video on all the supplementary odds and ends, as these more trivial items are often so important when it comes to the finishing the installation of windows and doors. Furthermore, you can find videos on window sills, connection profiles and adjustment, i.e. the alignment of windows, and much more...

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