Purchasing Patio Doors and French Doors: Things to note

Patio doors made of uPVC, wood or a wooden/aluminium-composition bring light to your home, as well as energetically favorable comfort and most importantly, access to your patio or balcony. The customized products are specifically manufactured and designed for you and can be complemented by a large range of accessories protecting you against burglary and break-ins. Lockable handles, insect screens and roller shutters do not only protect your home with the aid of latest technologies and intelligent glazing systems with integrated thermal and noise insulation, but also your health.

The Patio Door Material also determines the Price

Patio doors and French doors of uPVC are relatively economical. When made out of wood they are somewhat more expensive but compensate for this with their superior appearance. The most elegant solution, of course, is a combination of wood with aluminium. We have all thse possibilities ready for you.

Patio door upvc profile

Vinyl Patio Door

Our vinyl patio doors combine modern technology  with the advantages of vinyl (uPVC). They represent the best energy efficiency currently available, are easy to maintain and long-lasting as well as being nearly 100% recyclable.

Patio door wood profile

Wood Patio Doors

Our wood patio doors are made from only specially selected quality wood. All surfaces have been treated using a natural sealing process to guarantee their durability and long service life.

Partio door composite profile

Aluminum Clad Patio Doors

Our aluminum clad patio doors combine  the advantages of wood on the interior with an aluminium shell on the exterior, which makes them extremely weather resistant and virtually maintenance-free.

Patio door prices


Calculate patio door prices online. All the pricing information you need to know can be found at the link.

Fitting patio doors


In order to install your new patio door by yourself, you'll need the right tools, accessories and a set of good instructions. Find them at the link.

Patio doors and security


An important factor when choosing patio doors is security and protection from break-ins.

Patio door glazing


Choose the right patio door glazing to meet your needs including soundproofing, anti-burglar protection, privacy and energy efficiency.

Sliding Patio Doors

For patio doors there are a variety of different opening styles available such as tilt and turn or sliding.

Patio doors and insect protection

Insect Protection

Insect screens can come ready to install with your patio door or be added later.

Patio door shutters


We offer a number of different shutter systems for patio doors to increase both security and privacy.

Patio door handles


Patio door handles for inside and outside including locking options.


Producing Your Patio Doors made-to-measure

Quality is something we place great importance on, therefore we produce all our patio doors entirely in Germany using the most modern techniques and technology and only the best quality materials and components. Here you can get an idea of our made to measure service.

Material Selection – Patio Doors of uPVC, Wooden–Aluminium or Wood

Whereas, in the past, the manufacture of patio doors was strictly limited to woods of different sorts, today we are able to offer a range of different material alternatives.

Patio door

Should I have a light uPVC material for my patio doors, long-lasting aluminium, elegant wood-with-aluminium or is classic wood the right choice for me? This is  a question that quickly arises as soon as one has decided to have a new patio door.

When choosing the material for patio doors a number of criteria must be observed

On the one hand personal taste and credo help decide, on the other hand on selecting the material for your patio door some criteria must be considered. For example, when fitting inside a protected building it could be that the local authorities insist that only wood may be used for your patio door. At the other extreme there is no sense in fitting a wooden door to a weather-prone facade which is not often used and difficult to reach. This means that the necessary maintenance intervals for repainting are not always met, leading to a faster aging and deterioration of that element. And, often the initial price of the patio door plays an important role.

"Patio doors are available with a number of different features"

Material and Colour – Form, Function and Types

Patio doors are available in wood, wooden-aluminium or uPVC. Whereas for the wood types and wood with aluminium doors nearly all RAL colours as well as twin-tone (different indoor + outdoor combination) are possible, uPVC patio doors are restricted to white and to the available decor foil colours.

A variety of profile forms and layouts enable for the optimum in style and taste and allow the appearance to be individually selected.

A variety of building forms and special types can be created

Depending on individual preference, planning, location in relation to building, or alignment a variety of building styles and special types can be implemented. The most modern production methods and manufacturing standards ensure almost unlimited flexibility to create the most original customer designs.

Interior view of a patio door

Window or Patio Door

If one only considers patio doors in terms of their function and technical construction then, at first glance, there are a lot of similarities with those of a window. This is one of the reasons why patio doors are also thought of as being French windows or balcony window/doors. 

However, if one looks at patio doors a little more the a number of details and  characteristics will be noticed that differentate patio doors from a window.

The most important differing criteria is that patio doors are always fitted from the floor, at all times providing  simple and easy access to the outside whether it be onto a balcony or into the garden via a patio area and, in the ideal case, also barrier free.

Additional supplementary constructions, e.g. locking clamps, door threshold sills of aluminium, door motor/ side door function, additional locking points for fittings and lockable handle systems make it possible to configure every patio door individually to sduit every purpose and adapted for every situation.

Windows, on the other hand, serve to air the room, provide light to the interior, enable one to look outside and are usually fitted approx. 90 cm high into the masonry. In some cases they may be fitted with a fanlight with glazing or panel.

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