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Lockable window handles for maximum security

In contrast to conventional window handles, lockable window handles not only allow you to tilt, open and close your windows, but also to lock them, too. Our practical handle models that come complete with locking mechanisms are particularly well-suited to providing protection against break-ins. Indeed, they prevent burglars from breaking through a window by prising it open. They are also popular for use as child safety devices. Lockable handles can prevent children from opening windows and falling out in an unguarded moment or from injuring themselves when playing around windows.

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Fields of application

Why lockable window handles?

Lockable security window handles with printing cylinders or cylinder locks have a great many advantages in comparison to conventional models. As a result, it can also make sense to retrofit them to existing frames.

Key benefits include:

  • The handle can be installed in the space of just a few minutes
  • Ideal for retrofitting to existing windows
  • A greater sense of security thanks to a high level of break-in protection
  • The window handle can also be used as a child safety device

The lockable handles are suitable for all types of windows, terrace doors and balcony doors. They fit seamlessly into any interior design concept thanks to their range of different styles.

How do I install lockable window handles?

If you do not need any new windows but your existing models are not yet equipped with burglar-resistant handles, you can easily retrofit our lockable handles to all the windows in your home.

Installation is a piece of cake: Simply remove two screws, take off the old window handle and screw the new one in its place. Even amateurs can install them in no time at all.

Retrofitting lockable window handles to your existing frames is an effective preventative measure that helps you achieve maximum levels of security for a low price.

Lockable window handles for perfect break-in protection

Lots of people think that high-quality hardware and lockable window handles do not provide sufficient protection against burglars. The reason for this is simple: Most people assume that burglars will simply break a window pane if they cannot open a window because of a lockable handle.

Contrary to popular belief, however, burglars rarely break windows. This is because the noise of breaking glass can attract the attention of neighbours and passers-by. As a result, the most common method of gaining entry via windows is by prising them open, closely followed by piercing the seal to get at the window handle.

Most burglars give up on their plans when they realise that windows are equipped with lockable window handles. This makes the window lock an important feature for improving break-in protection. That does not mean you can afford to be careless, however: Always make sure your windows are not left in the tilted position when you leave the house.

If you would like to take other precautions in addition to lockable window handles, we recommend glazing made of laminated safety glass (LSG).

Window handles as a child-safety device

Lockable window handles do not just offer protection against break-ins. They also provide a significant increase in household safety, particularly where your children are concerned. That is because lockable handles can function as child-safety devices, preventing your little ones from opening a window and falling out in an unguarded moment.

Installing lockable window handles can also help prevent injuries from falls and trapped fingers, etc., when they are climbing and romping around. That is important because children often try to hold on to a handle to reach a windowsill, for example. Our handles put a stop to that kind of behaviour.

Keeping the key to the handle in a safe place significantly reduces the likelihood of accidents in the family home.

Lockable window handles can also prevent children from leaving the house without permission and getting outside by opening a window or a patio door.

In addition to lockable window handles, you can also get models with printing cylinders and push buttons to add additional security to your windows. The way these work is simple: Once the button is pressed, the handle can no longer be moved. As a result, the window can only be opened if the button is pressed at the same time as the handle is turned. This is a feat that small children cannot manage to pull off.

Handles with keys – little security measures that have a big impact

Lockable window handles have a whole range of advantages to offer. Indeed, they improve your level of break-in protection and reduce the risk of accidents in your home. For particular convenience, make sure that all of your window handles have matching locks. That way, you will not need a separate key to open each window.

Even if you do not have much previous experience, you can easily retrofit lockable window handles (with variable spindle lengths or adjustable square spindles) to all kinds of windows in just a few minutes. That also saves you the cost of hiring a fitter, making it a small investment with a big impact when it comes to securing your home.

Here at windows24.com, you can be confident of getting the very highest quality when purchasing such security technology as modern cylinder locks and burglar-resistant handles.

ABUS and HOPPE are among the best-known manufacturers in this field and have many years of industry experience. We also stock other products in our range that increase the security of your windows, including window locks with an alarm function and reinforced bolt locks.

Moreover, you will find a wide range of tools and all kinds of accessories related to windows and doors in our online shop. Whether you are looking for lockable window handles, spirit levels, wood drills or sealing tape, you will always find the right product for your renovation project here – and all at a reasonable price.

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