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uPVC-aluminium windows

uPVC-alu windows combine two optimally complementary materials in one profile. The uPVC provides the highest levels of thermal insulation with its multi-chamber construction, while the aluminium offers reliable protection against weather conditions and break-in attempts. Our configurator will help you design your very own uPVC-aluminium windows with the glazing of your dreams that you can order online for an affordable price.

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Our uPVC-alu windows

A hard shell with an optimally insulated core: Easy-care uPVC-alu windows add a dash of modernity to your facade

  • TwinSet 4000
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.90
    The basic system

    TwinSet 4000

    • Offset design
    • 75 mm construction depth
    • 5-chamber profile with 2 seals
    from € 105 from € 105
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  • Twinset 8000
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.80
    The energy-saving system

    TwinSet 8000

    • Offset design
    • 90 mm construction depth
    • 6-chamber profile with 3 seals
    from € 126 from € 126
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  • Twinset 8000ED
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.73
    The passive house system

    TwinSet 8000 ED

    • Offset design
    • 90 mm construction depth
    • 6-chamber profile with 3 seals / Best thermal insulation values
    from € 171 from € 171
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Customise your very own uPVC-aluminium windows

uPVC-alu profiles combine the advantages of two materials in one: The aluminium outer shell provides stability, while the versatile uPVC offers outstanding insulating characteristics. This thermally optimal construction is suitable for Passivhaus projects and for renovations that receive financial support from the KfW banking group, especially when paired with energy-efficient glazing. In addition, you can now perfectly customise your design to suit your own personal tastes with RAL colours and special alu tones that can be applied to both the exterior and interior faces of the products. As far as security is concerned, these uPVC windows with aluminium shells also provide reliable resistance against break-ins. Adding various fittings, security glazing and alarm systems increases this protection even further.

Extra features and additional options for windows

A range of extra features are available for all our types of windows, not just those made of uPVC. Although the type of glazing is undoubtedly the most important choice you will make, such other factors as selecting the right fittings are also vital when it comes to break-in protection, etc. Moreover, it is important to choose the products from our ranges of window handles, roller shutters and insect screens that provide the functionality and match the look that you need. There are a large number of products to choose from, and the number of possible combinations is equally large as a result. Whether you are in the market for lockable handles or roller shutters that are operated electronically or by hand, you will find what you are looking for here.

Information and guides: Help when buying a window

Being a windows24.com user or customer means you can save time and money when placing your order. The price: Tailor-made systems customised to suit your design, made of the material you desire, all at a special price from the manufacturer. The right accessories, good thermal insulation and easy-care materials mean your windows will help the environment and save energy and money in the years to come. Extensive information, instructions and drawings make it much easier for you to choose the perfect window - and even install it and carry out minor repairs if you would like to do that yourself. The informational videos and installation aids will accompany you every step of the way. Useful, inexpensive accessories can be found in the online shop.

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Further information

The advantages at a glance

A particularly stable combination of materials with optimal insulating properties, uPVC-alu is now being used for classic windows of all shapes and sizes in addition to front doors, back doors and lift and slide doors.
Thanks to their innovative design, these uPVC-alu windows enhance the appearance of every house and impress with the following advantages they provide:

  • Outstanding thermal insulation
  • Robust break-in protection for windows
  • Extremely easy-care materials

As a result, our window models that are made using this innovative mix of materials boast a level of quality and functionality that are in no way inferior to either classic wooden windows or their on-trend wood-alu counterparts. Indeed, they help you save energy effectively and provide more security for your home.

Top tip: As with the glazing and the profiles, your seals also need to be properly installed to ensure a good level of thermal insulation.

Thermal insulation

A window's thermal insulation depends to a large extent on its glazing. Insulating glass helps windows achieve Passivhaus-standard levels of insulation.

The right glazing is not enough all on its own, however. In fact, the frame and profile of a window also need to be manufactured correctly to guarantee effective thermal insulation.

Only then can uPVC-alu windows achieve U-values that would only otherwise be possible with units made of wood.

For that reason, innovation and know-how are brought to bear to allow even uPVC windows to become real energy-saving heroes. Indeed, these windows use a multi-chamber profile system to keep the heat inside your home.

Material Model / Range Uf-value in W/(m2K)
Wood Classic 1.24
uPVC Aluplast Ideal 5000 1.20
Wood-alu ECO Idealu 1.20
uPVC-alu Aluplast TwinSet 8000 0.8

As such, models made using the uPVC-alu mix of materials achieve the very best U-values. When combined with the right glazing, this results in excellent levels of energy efficiency for the windows as a whole.

Break-in protection

Police crime statistics tell us that burglars prefer to access homes via the windows. There are several ways to upgrade your windows' components to secure them against break-ins and help prevent this from happening:

  • Security glazing
  • Robust frames
  • Special fittings
  • Alarm systems

Security glass is available for all of the models of windows sold on windows24.com. Laminated security glass and impact-resistant glazing are recommended in particular if you want to protect yourself from break-ins. Both of these products offer resistance to force directed against the glazing itself.

Security fittings provide effective protection that prevents your windows from being prised open.

Nevertheless, this is only one of two weak points that need to be secured as far as most burglaries are concerned. Indeed, a large number of break-ins are carried out by drilling or - more commonly - levering out the window sash, which needs to be reinforced as a result.

uPVC-alu windows consist of a uPVC frame and an aluminium outer shell. Although uPVC is already rather robust in its own right, the alu shell significantly increases the level of break-in protection even more. That is because aluminium is extremely stable and resilient, allowing it to withstand force applied from the outside. If you would like to protect your windows even further, you can also opt for steel reinforcement. This makes the frame's structure even more stable and prevents it from being broken open.

However, the metal's poor insulating characteristics can have a negative effect on the level of thermal insulation provided. As such, it is also recommended that you install a special plastic compound that sits inside the chambers and offers both stability and the usual high levels of insulation.

Finally, security fittings round out the suite of available break-in protection measures. Here at windows24.com, we offer three different security classes. These range all the way up to resistance class (RC2 windows) and come with anti-drill protection and mushroom-head locks. This means that every window is secured effectively. Of course, it is also possible to utilise modern technology and equip your windows with alarm systems. For example, you can install 'alarm glass' – so-called because it triggers an alarm in the event of damage.


uPVC-alu windows are extremely easy to maintain. In fact, modern uPVC and aluminium are both extremely resistant to heavy weathering and are not very susceptible to damage. In addition, the colour treatment used on these products adds an extra layer of protection to the material's surface. Unlike their wooden counterparts, however, uPVC-alu windows do not have to be sanded down or otherwise worked on after a few years to keep the colour looking fresh.

The foil used to add colour to uPVC and the powder coating that performs the same function for alu components both last for many years without losing any of their appearance or their protective properties. As a result, all that is needed to care for a uPVC-alu window is a cloth and a little warm water to remove dirt and dust from the surface. In addition to featuring outstanding technology and energy-efficient materials, these windows are therefore very convenient.

Modern products of the highest quality

uPVC-aluminium windows are modern architectural features that boast a number of positive characteristics. In addition to thermal insulation and break-in protection, they can also provide optimised levels of soundproofing, etc., when fitted with the right glazing. You can find more information about soundproof windows, soundproof glass and sound insulation classes here.

Our windows are also available in lots of different dimensions and in the entire palette of RAL colours. The product configurator makes it extremely easy to order our products online. Your current selection and the total associated cost are always displayed on the menu at the side.

This means you will invariably be up to date during the entire ordering process. Window models made of uPVC-alu are modern architectural features with an impressive construction.

Here at windows24.com, we also offer a wide range of doors to match your uPVC-alu windows, including front doors and even practical lift and slide doors. Delivery is fast and secure.
Manufacturing is carried out in conjunction with certified partners, and we focus on providing the highest standards, optimal reliability and the very best service throughout.

Frequently Asked Questions

The combination of uPVC and aluminium offers many advantages for window profiles: from optimal thermal insulation properties and effective weather protection to a long service life. Truly a worthwhile investment, especially because our uPVC-aluminium windows start from €105. However, criteria such as size, number of sashes, glass and features also play a role in the total cost.

UPVC and aluminium are already two high-quality materials in their own right, but the combination makes them even better. Thanks to their multi-chamber construction, uPVC profiles have the best thermal insulation values and thus also make up for the corresponding disadvantages of solid aluminium profiles. The aluminium shell, in turn, makes the window frame more weather-resistant and stable. In terms of maintenance, however, both materials are very easy to care for.

In addition to functionality, the design undoubtedly plays the main role when buying a window. In addition to the window shape, you can also use our configurator to select your choice of colour. By combining two materials, the colour for the outside and inside can be selected separately. For example, opt for an elegant wood look on the inside and a colour such as anthracite grey on the outside.

The thickness of the profile of windows and doors is referred to as the construction depth. This depends on, among other things, the design and the glass. Contemporary uPVC-alu profiles, for example, require space for a multi-chamber system and triple thermal insulation glazing is also increasingly being used today. In our configurator you can choose between three TwinSet profiles with 75 mm and 90 mm construction depths.

The thermal insulation values achieved by a window depend on both the profile frame and the glass pane. Our uPVC-aluminium windows use highly thermally insulating multi-chamber systems; the TwinSet 8000 ED model also features insulating thermal foam. In this way, passive house-compatible U values of up to 0.73 W/m²K can be achieved. All of our uPVC-aluminium windows can also be configured with 2 or 3 panes of thermal insulation glazing.

Do you have any questions?

Here you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions about uPVC-aluminium windows.

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Or you can sign up right here for a telephone consultation. Whether it's for a new building or a renovation, you will receive one-on-one, specialised advice from our experts so you can design your desired product exactly how you want.

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