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Wood-Aluminium Patio Doors

Composite doors offer the best of both worlds in terms of material; an inner face of natural wood provides traditional charm while exterior aluminium cladding adds tough protection and superior weather resistance. To further optimise these doors and have them blend in beautifully with any home façade, a wide variety of glazing options, bespoke handles, and security add-ons can then be easily selected in our comprehensive configurator.

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Our wood-alu patio doors

Whether double doors or bi-fold doors, our composite profiles combine the unique properties of natural wood and sleek low-maintenance aluminium.

Wood-alu tilt and slide doors

Composite tilt and slide doors

With their innovative German opening mechanism, our wood-alu tilt and slide doors fill interiors with fresh air while being secure and impact-resistant, making them as practical as they are elegant.

from € 3,674 from € 3,674
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Wood-alu lift and slide doors

Composite lift and slide doors

Wood-alu lift and slide composite doors from windows24.com offer a sleek user-friendly opening system which is as charming on the inside as it is functionally low-maintenance on the outside.

from € 3,742 from € 3,742
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Wood-alu bi-folding doors

Composite bi-folding doors

With multiple foldable sashes, alu-clad timber doors with a bifold opening create a seamless transition between inside and out while ensuring durability and a long service-life.

from € 4,600 from € 4,600
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Accessories and options

Informative videos and installation instructions

Wood-alu patio doors can be easily self-installed with our handy step-by-step instructions. Find out how to correctly measure your opening, for example, or use our expert illustrations to assist with installing handles, seals, and frames. Or perhaps you are more interested in hearing about our other products and how our other materials compare; the video world is the perfect place for this with its short clips and texts.

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uPVC-alu windows and doors for a passive house

“windows24.com brought windows and doors with amazing quality to our project. The products are well-built and certified for passive house values.”

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Wood-alu and aluminium windows and doors

"We love our new windows and doors! The windows24 team gave us great advice and recommendations and was so patient with all changes to our project."

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Composite windows and doors for a passive house

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Further information

More about door materials

At windows24.com power lies with the customer and there is more to purchasing a wood-alu composite door than just opting for timber clad with metal. The exact shape of the door's profile frame can be selected, for example, as can the type of wood. Where hardwood oak brings a stylish premium quality texture to doors, for instance, tropical eucalyptus charms with its bespoke patterns and lighter touch.

Combining aluminium with wood is an impressive partnership; where wood requires regular oiling to maintain its durability, for example, an exterior metal cladding is low-maintenance and provides great impact and weather-resistance. Modern wood-alu composite door profiles available at windows24.com, such as the ECO Plano model, can also achieve excellently low u-values, which define the amount of heat lost each hour per square metre. Built-in technically advanced insulation foam and multiple sealing levels, for example, mean that these products are thermally advanced and make for comfortable living while saving on utility costs.

Choosing the glazing

Glass is another material used in wood-alu composite doors which influences both their design and functionality. To further optimise the door's thermal energy efficiency, for example, the window panel can be filled with superior triple or standard double glazing. This helps to reduce the transfer of undesired incoming or escaping heat to maintain a steady interior temperature regardless of outside conditions. The transparency and final look of the glazed window panel can then also be set in our sophisticated configurator to provide the perfect degree of desired privacy.

A wide range of options for doors

Composite doors at windows24.com are unique in being bespoke products, tailor-made to meet individual requirements. The metal cladding can be powder-coated in a durable colour of choice from our large RAL palette selection, for example, while the frame's wooden interior can receive a water-based stain to produce a desired tone.

At windows24.com customers have much freedom to choose, from handle design to the opening direction

Regardless of door style, many optional extras can be added, including the number of required window sashes, multi-point locking, various fittings, and roller shutters which ensure shade and high security.

For those interested in exploring our other options, patio doors from windows24.com are also available in pure timber, aluminium, uPVC and uPVC-alu which each bring their own unique benefits. Compared to wood-alu patio profiles, for example, our uPVC doors (also known as PVC-U) can come with a cheaper price tag and improved thermal insulation. Beyond patio sliding doors, however, we also offer affordable front doors and composite French doors with smaller window panels that can provide increased privacy.

Frequently asked questions

The cost of wood-alu doors varies. Smaller composite French doors are cheaper, for example, than large sliding systems while a tilt-and-turn opening is more affordable than a bi-fold one. As doors from windows24.com are highly bespoke, prices are then also determined by the selected glass, colour, and additional add-ons. In its most basic configuration, however, a wood-alu patio composite door can be purchased at windows24.com from €3,674. Modifications then made to this entry-model and their effect on the cost can be seen live in the configurator.

At windows24.com, both sliding and French doors can be easily self-installed with our handy step-by-step instructions and illustrations. Our expert team is also on hand to answer any questions. As a major advantage of metal clad sliding and French doors, maintaining your new product is also simple; a little water and detergent is all that is needed to remove any built up of dirt on the anti-rust surfaces.

At windows24.com doors made from composite materials come in different depths to suit specific wall thicknesses. The desired height and width can then also be input into our possible minimum and maximum ranges which are clearly displayed in the configurator.

Do you have any questions?

In our FAQs you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about wood-alu patio doors.

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Another option is to schedule an appointment for a telephone consultation here. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive one-on-one, specialist advice from our experts enabling you to design your perfect bespoke product.

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