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Patio Door Glazing

Large glass surfaces create a spacious, elegant and pleasant ambiance of the room, giving an amazing feeling of space and brightness. Large-scale door fronts extend the living space onto the garden, the balcony or the terrace and offer a free view to the outside. But they are not only made for illumination and design, they also bring great advantages regarding solar heat gain, thus reducing energy and heating costs.

Technical Special Glazing

Security glazing, impact resistant glazing or a sound insulating vitrification – all these special glazing solutions provide your required safety and also meet the demands concerning increased noise insulation for better health. Different models are available if you are looking for a high-tech patio door glazing.

Whether or not you are living next to a strongly frequented road, traffic junction, next to an airport or track system, everyone needs rest and silence and should have them guaranteed at home. Nowadays, noise reduction glass is increasingly being in demand due to an increasing level of stress.

Sound Insulation

Patio Door Glazing For More Tranquility

Permanent noise nuisance and pollution can lead to long-term discomfort; sometimes they can create chronic stress. It has been proven that high noise exposure can even make us ill. Of course, we don’t want that, so you should know that the human hear even perceives a rather small difference of 10 dB as double or half the actual volume. If you attach importance to peace and calm or if you live next to a much frequented street, you might surely want to know which noise insulating glazing is the best for your home. There are different sound insulation classes going from noise reducing values of 32 to 43 decibels.

Patio Door Sound Insulation Glass

Sound Insulation Class Road Type Distance To Road Vehicle Per Hour
2 (30 dB - 34 dB) Secondary Road 26 - 35 m 10 - 50
3 (35 dB - 39 dB) Secondary Road 26 - 35 m 50 - 200
4 (40 dB - 44 dB) Main Road 100 - 300 m 1000 - 3000
Noise-protection thanks to sound-insulating glass
Thermal Insulation

For patio doors and French windows, there are four different sound insulation classes available, all certified according to DIN EN 673. By choosing an adequate glazing and selecting a window profile with high heat insulation properties, you will be able to achieve excellent energy values.

Insulating Glass – Heat Protection Glass – Save Energy

By replacing old patio doors which are no longer up-to-date technically by modern high-quality patio door systems with considerably improved insulation properties, you will benefit from a simple and efficient way of energy saving and also reduce heating costs naturally. Nowadays, highly effective insulating glass or heat protection glass is used in window manufacturing. It can achieve a heat transition coefficient of up to Ug = 0,4 W/m²K. Of course, insulating and caulking the whole building envelope also represents a significant supporting factor for energy saving. This way, you will not only save money, but also contribute to the protection of the climate and the environment which gets more and more important these days. At the same time, the value of the entire property / real estate is raised. On windows24.com, you can find double glazing with a thermal transition coefficient of Ug 1,1 W/qm2 or 1,0 W/qm2. Triple glazing systems are available at Ug 0,7 W/qm2 and Ug 0,6 W/qmK. As a general rule, the smaller the Ug value is, the better the heat insulating properties of the glass panel.


To live in a safe home which provides well-being and security as well as privacy is a major subject to the most of us. For those who really want to ensure safety, security glazing options should come into consideration. Especially patio doors are common to be vulnerable points in break-in attempts. With safety glass inserted, the insulation panel of the door will be much more difficult to destroy and it will cost much more time and effort for the burglar to get into the inside of the house. We highly recommend this option as well as roller shutters to secure your home.

Patio Door Glazing For Increased Safety

It takes much more mechanical effort and force to destroy a security glazing than a “standard” one. Burglars will need more time and will be noisier trying to crash the glass, thus causing the neighbours to notice the attempt. The range extends from standard laminated safety glass which already effects supplemental security; to impact resistant glazing of protection level A1, protection level A2 and protection level A3 – for maximal security. There is also particular fall-proof/ accident-proof glazing according to TRAV [Technical Rules for the Use of Safety Glass]. Its permission of use depends very much on the respective federal or provincial construction code though.

Increased Security through Laminated Safety Glass

If you wish to upgrade your home by accident-proof glazing, please observe the prescriptions and regulations and get in contact with the building regulation authorities in charge.

Impact Resistant Glazing

Impact resistant glazing makes the first choice when it comes to burglary protection. The resistance levels are classified as three load levels (A1, A2 and A3). As A2 does not show a considerable price distance in comparison with A3, we only offer the levels A1 and A3. You can obtain A1 and A2 glazing for your patio door in the online shop.

Single-Pane Safety Glass

Single-pane safety glass, also called “tempered glass”, is made of thermally prestressed glass and usually consists of a single glass pane. When broken, the panel will not shatter into sharp-edged shard fragments like normal glass, but into small blunt crumbs, decreasing the risk of injury by cutting damage. By comparison to standard float glass, single-pane safety glass has a clearly reinforced impact and shock resistance. As its surface gets very firm and brittle through the heat treatment, single-pane safety glass has to be sized and grinded to the definitive preset dimensions.
Subsequent adjustment or correction are very difficult and only possible to a limited extend.

Laminated Safety Glass

Laminated safety glass consists of at least two glass panels or more, depending on the purposed use. The glass panels are inseparably connected by several foils of different thickness. This structure prevents the glass of shattering into single shades if broken. It stays dimensionally stable which makes it very hard to destroy. This is why it is also suitable for burglary protection. With large glass facades and patio doors, privacy protection and screens also become a matter. For this purpose, roller shutters are suitable for the night, of course, but at daytime there are still rooms in which we need a privacy shield. Ornamental and structural glazing can do that and has become very popular. It is a double glazing with one structured panel.

Ornamental and Structural Glazing

Patio Doors With Ornamental And Structure Glass

Patterned glass like ornamental and structural glass is used where we want to repel free view and looks from the outside and where we want enhanced privacy through visual shielding.

For patio doors, windows24.com offers many designs of ornamental glazing and structure vitrification. The structure glass panel is inserted on the external side of the insulating glass and shows its rough side to the intermediate space between the panels. The product range extends from classical satinated glass in frosted glass optics to modern patterns. The most common structural glazing designs are Ornament 504, Abstrakto 187, Silvit 178, Master-Carré®, Cathedral Obscure, Chinchilla and Satinato. Get inspired.

Patio Door Privacy Protection

To keep your privacy at home, you can put a glazing decor foil or a window foil in front of the patio door’s glass pane. The corresponding made-to-measure foil simply gets sticked onto the pane. A second method is to equip your patio door with roller shutters, window shades, roller blinds Venetian or pleated blinds. They turn the patio door into being completely opaque and screened, thus creating the required view protection.

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