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Wooden windows

Nothing contributes as much to a warm and cosy atmosphere in your home as a wooden window. On windows24.com you have the choice between quality timbers like Oak, Pine, Meranti, Spruce, Larch or even Eucalyptus. You can easily create your dream window online with the help of the configurator and buy it at a favourable price. With the glazing and fittings of your choice, your wooden window can also offer optimum sound and break-in protection.

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Our wooden windows

Not just a piece of nature for your home: our wooden windows provide the best living comfort and a healthy indoor climate.

  • Classic IV 68
    UW- value
    ≥ 1.00
    The striking profile

    Classic IV 68

    • Offset design
    • 68 mm construction depth
    • Available with double glazing
    from € 122 from € 122
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  • Rustic IV 68
    UW- value
    ≥ 1.00
    The aesthetic profile

    Rustic IV 68

    • Offset design
    • 68 mm construction depth
    • Available with double glazing
    from € 128 from € 128
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  • Classic IV 78
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.84
    The striking premium profile

    Classic IV 78

    • Offset design
    • 78 mm construction depth
    • Available with triple glazing
    from € 147 from € 147
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  • Rustic IV 78
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.84
    The aesthetic premium profile

    Rustic IV 78

    • Offset design
    • 78 mm construction depth
    • Available with triple glazing
    from € 153 from € 153
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Customise wood windows

Wooden windows don't only have to master structural tasks; they shape the appearance of the façade and should therefore reflect the style of the residents. With the choice of various RAL colours and paints, personal designs can be realised – and with optional glazing bars, additional accents can be set in the design. The most important criterion is also the energy efficiency of the windows. To differentiate between the various types and to adapt them to personal preferences, the following are some of the available options:

Features and other options for your windows

Set accents and choose priorities: Thanks to a wide range of accessories and equipment, a standardised wood (or timber) profile can be turned into customised windows. You can freely design in terms of security, weather protection and privacy. For example, upgrading a double-glazed window with triple glazing not only increases the thermal insulation but can also guarantee extra security. Matching fittings, solid roller shutters and lockable handles also serve as break-in protection and determine the appearance of the windows at the same time. Various accessories from sunshades to insect screens offer a convenient extra.

Info & instructions: Help when buying windows

Detailed drawings, installation tips and videos on how to care for wood windows support experienced hobby craftsmen in all tasks related to the ordering process and installation of the building elements. With the product configurator from windows24.com, all features and designs can be selected step by step. From individual dimensions to standard colours, the desired glazing and a stylish window handle, the made-to-order wood window is created according to customer specifications.

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Further information

What matters when buying windows

When choosing the right windows, there are a few points to consider. The first choice is the material: whether inexpensive uPVC, sturdy aluminium or heat-insulating wood – the choice is wide and even combinations of wood and aluminium can be selected. In addition to the choice of profile, the focus is also on the glazing. Here, the following types of glass are available, among others:

To ensure adequate break-in protection, windows24.com offers various fittings and accessories for windows.

In addition to the basic security fittings, options of types RC1 and RC2 are available, which have been tested according to standardised requirements and withstand corresponding burglary attempts.

In times of rising energy prices, thermally insulated windows is also coming into focus for new buildings or renovations. With the right glazing, a material like wood and professional installation, modern windows meet requirements and excel in the areas of energy-saving and thermal insulation.

With a wide variety of features and a large selection of accessories, the focus can be directed towards security, sound or break-in protection.

Prices of different wood windows

Wood window Price from
Pine window €122
Spruce window 10 % surcharge
Meranti window 20 % surcharge
Larch window 30 % surcharge
Eucalyptus window 40 % surcharge
Oak window 50 % surcharge

Design and customise wood windows

The profile is the heart of a wood window. With the choice between the "Classic" and "Rustic" profiles, two high-quality wood profiles are waiting for you, each available with a construction depth of 68 and 78 mm and meeting the highest standards both visually and technically. You can adapt high-quality woods from Spruce and Meranti to Eucalyptus and Oak according to personal wishes, for your ideal softwood or hardwood windows. A wide variety of colours and decors make it possible to set deliberate accents or blend in with the look of the façade.

Accessories such as rain rails, sunshades or matching insect screens complement the wood window and are a convenient extra that can influence durability and security. An insect screen, for example, doesn't only keep annoying pests out of the home but can also – if fitted appropriately – protect the profile from rodents and crawling insects. Roller shutters in particular serve to provide privacy or protection from the sun, but also protect the building element from damaging influences during heavy weather.

Tip: Roller shutters with a rain sensor offer a valuable extra in everyday luxury and contribute to the long-lasting quality of wood windows.

Choosing a wood profile means choosing a natural building material that, with the right care, creates a long-lasting and energy-efficient building element.

Depending on your own preferences, the glazing and a wide range of accessories not only complement the appearance of the wooden window but also offer extra security or weather protection.

With the help of the configurator, all window types, features, designs and accessories can be selected, making the individualisation of a wood window simple and transparent. With the best German quality, windows24.com stands for high-quality construction elements in the area of windows and doors and has always relied on innovative technology and traditional craftsmanship.

Frequently asked questions

As a renewable raw material, wood has long played an important role in window construction and is gaining popularity again. Wood windows have many advantages, but are also somewhat more cost-intensive than, for example, uPVC windows. Our Classic IV 68 profile is available from €122. You can rely on the best insulating properties and on a pleasant living climate. The price is significantly influenced by the size of the window, the choice of glass and the features.

Of all the frame materials, wooden frames are the only truly sustainable, eco-friendly ones. Wood (or timber) has an excellent ecological balance, natural sound insulation and optimal insulation values. Above all, wood gives your home character because every window has a unique structure and grain. It is important that you maintain your wood windows regularly to protect them from the weather. The best way is to treat the surface with rich care milk whenever you clean the windows.

There are basically two types of wood: softwood and hardwood. Softwood usually has better thermal insulation, while hardwoods are more stable and therefore offer more protection against burglars. Softwoods include, for example, Spruce and Pine. Larch is a hardwood with a rustic appearance. We also offer wooden frames made of classic Oak or tropical woods like Meranti and Eucalyptus.

The durability of wood windows is largely dependent on their maintenance. Today, the frames of modern windows are already treated with a high-quality glaze during the manufacturing process. However, this must be renewed regularly, about every three to five years, in order to protect the wooden surface from moisture. Given that, a life span of up to 60 years is not out of the question. Wood has the advantage over other materials that it can be repaired.

To ensure that your wood windows match the façade perfectly, you can configure them in different colours. Depending on the type of wood you selected, up to five wood colours such as Mahogany and Teak are available for this purpose, as well as RAL colours. The colours are applied as an environmentally friendly 4-step lacquer and also help to protect the surface from wear and tear.

The higher maintenance requirement is often the decisive argument against windows made of wood. Thanks to modern surface treatments and first-class coatings, however, maintenance has become much easier. In addition, windows made of hardwood generally cope better with weathering than softwood. However, the amount of care required also depends on the orientation: on the south side of the house, wood windows are usually more exposed to UV radiation than on the north side. It is best to use regular window cleaning to also check the frame for possible damage.

Do you still have questions?

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about wooden windows.

Your question is not answered here? Then simply call us on +49 711 860 60 200 . Our experts will be happy to answer your questions.

Or you can directly arrange a telephone appointment. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive individual expert advice from us so that you can configure your desired product exactly according to your ideas.

Additional products

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Roller shutters
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