Wood Window Profiles and Features

Modern wood windows are able to meet all the needs of the past as well as those of today including energy efficiency, security and acoustic insulation. Our wide range of wood profiles include pine, oak, meranti, larch and even eucalyptus to suit your taste and requirements. They can be customized to fit your individual home or building all while looking good and providing natural insulation. Modern wood windows can be further personalized by selecting the exact glazing bars, handle type, and other hardware that best suits your needs.


Wood Window Profiles

The profile sets the overall look and feel of not just the window, but the overall façade as well. With a choice between our Classic and Rustic profiles, you can start configuring the exact type of window you want. A variety of top quality woods from spruce and meranti to eucalyptus and oak are available to match your needs and/or existing home. Finally, a choice of color, glazing, bars and more will give your custom window the exact look or accent you’re searching for.

Wood windows paints and varnishes


Using the wide range of paints available in the RAL colors range, wood windows can easily be designed to suit your individual taste. Bright and colorful paints can be used to create contrast or more discreet colors employed to fit the style of the facade.

Wood window bars

Glazing Bars

Three different types of window bars (or muntins) are available including traditional glass separating bars, Vienna style and Helima style. More information can be found at the following link.

Wood windows detailled drawings and cross-sections

Detailed Drawings

We offer detailed drawings and cross sections of our wood windows to help give you a clearer idea of their construction and function. You can find information such as the required construction depth and how to position additional hardware like window sills or handles to open the sash.

Wood windows Uw-values


The Uw-value is the comparative value used to calculating the energy efficiency of the wood windows. The cumulative value encompasses the values of the frame and the glass together indicating the overall efficiency of each wood profile or type of glass.


Further Customization Options and Features for Wood Windows

Thanks to our huge range of window options and accessories, you can turn any standard wood profile into a one of a kind window. This includes for example, choosing the exact security and privacy features based on your needs and the window’s location. Glazing is another important factor which will determine important properties such as how well your window insulates, reduces outside noise and protects from burglary. Further hardware such as handles, roller shutters and window screens also play a role in the final look, feel and function of your wood windows.

Window glazing


For every window there is a glazing to match. Special glass types for insulation, sound proofing, safety or simply decoration are available.

Window fittings


For enhanced burglar protection we offer high performance hardware manufactured by Winkhaus in three different security levels.



From aluminum to stainless steel, we stock many different handles from basic to lockable and modern designer handles.



Built-on and built-in shutters are available in both standard and custom models with different modes of operation, colors and styles.

Insect protection

Window Screens

Window screens are a simple accessory that can make a big difference in every day life by keeping mosquitoes and other bugs out.

Balcony and patio doors accessories

Door Accessories

Door accessories can make big a difference. The type of threshold you choose determines whether you have a barrier-free entryway for the elderly or disabled.

Security windows


There are several ways to increase the security of your windows including special glazing, hardware and multi-point locks. Click below to learn more.

Windows - types designs shapes

Window Types

In addition to standard sizes and types, we build to custom dimensions and shapes. Find out more below, including the various opening types and configurations.

Configuring Custom Windows

When configuring your own custom windows, there are several important factors to consider in order to fulfill your exact requirements. First of all, you'll need to select the overall material of your window. This includes vinyl (uPVC), wood, or aluminum clad wood, each of which offers different advantages and disadvantages compared to the others. Next to the profile material, the glazing will play the most important role in determining your window's final look and function. You can choose from:

  • Multi-pane insulating glass
  • Safety glass (laminated safety glass and toughened safety glass)
  • Ornamental and structured glass
  • Acoustic insulating glass (i.e. noise reducing)

In order to ensure sufficient burglar protection, Windows24.com offers multiple options when it comes to the type of glazing and hardware for your windows. We offer the option of windows conforming to RC1 and RC2 security standards (Resistance Class).

As energy prices rise, thermal insulation has become increasingly important in both new buildings as well as renovation projects. The recently revised EU Energy Saving directive (EnEV) holds wood to the same high standards as other materials like aluminum and vinyl.

The various features offered combined with the huge selection of accessories means that customers can choose the exact combination of security, soundproofing and burglarproofing features they require.

With the suitable choice of glazing and hardware, modern wood windows installed properly can fulfill all of today's requirements whether they be for energy efficiency or security. 

Design and adapt Wood Windows

Accessories such as rain guard rails, sun protection or insect screens complement wood windows providing extras which are both convenient and increase the longevity and the security of your window.

An insect screen not only keeps bugs on the outside where they belong, but also protects the window profile from rodents who may gnaw on it. Roller shutters also bring multiple benefits providing not just shade from the sun but also privacy for your home as well as increased security from things like break-ins or even storms.

Tip: Roller shutters with rain sensors provide are both practical and a little touch of luxury but they also help extend the life of your windows.

Those who opt for a wood profile are choosing a natural material, which given the right amount of care and attention will provide a long-lasting and energy efficient part of their home.

Based on your personal preferences, you can choose from our variety of options including glazing, roller shutters, window sills, glazing bars, window screens, security features and more. Our window configuration tool will allow you to select from all available options and guide you through the customization process with simple steps and transparent pricing.

Wood window

Using exclusively the best quality windows and doors, all made in Germany, Windows24 stands for excellence in our industry. We are proud to offer customers products that combine traditional craftsmanship with modern innovative manufacturing methods.

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