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Aluminium windows

Aluminium windows combine the material's versatility with high-performance insulation. Buying aluminium windows guarantees robustness, longevity and low maintenance. Add to that high resistance to mechanical deformation and reliable burglary protection. You can install strong insulation systems to have our aluminium windows perform on par with less expensive wooden and uPVC windows and cut down on energy costs.

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Our aluminium windows

Design meets functionality with many different models to choose from and a long service life.

Aluprof aluminium windows

Aluprof MB-45

Aluprof offers affordable solutions for high-quality, robust aluminium windows.

from € 118 from € 118
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Schüco premium aluminium windows

Schüco AWS 50.NI
Top quality

Schüco impresses with its premium quality, diverse range of solutions and focus on modern convenience.

from € 172 from € 172
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Customise aluminium windows

You can choose from a diverse pool of fittings and features for your aluminium-frame windows. Find a fitting look for every situation – installing them into your home's facade or as a room divider. Our RAL colours feature standard shades and special colours to create a wonderful look. Window bars are another way to further individualise them. Use our comprehensive configurator to have full control over your aluminium profiles and their great Uw values at affordable aluminium window prices.

Features and fittings for aluminium windows

Our online configurator gives you free reign on various aspects, from functionality to security and fittings. Pick your preferred look and add individualised glazed elements, security features and accessories like handles, a thermal break, and roller shutters. Round out your new aluminium flush casement windows with an insect screen to create the perfect solution for your comfort, security, functionality, insulation, and design needs.

Info & Instructions: Help with buying windows

Our excellent product range allows you to customise perfectly-fitting aluminium framed windows. We have simplified this process in our online configurator, which guides you step by step. Additionally, we have comprehensive instructions on ordering and installing windows and doors and comparing the available materials and their cost. If you want, you can also watch our tutorials and videos on all topics concerning windows and doors.

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Jack’s PointOtago, New Zealand
uPVC-alu windows and doors for a passive house

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Wood-alu and aluminium windows and doors

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HeathmontMelbourne, Australia
Composite windows and doors for a passive house

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Further information

Our aluminium windows' special features

The inherent qualities of aluminium make it a high-performance construction material for doors. It's comparatively lightweight and doesn't warp easily. Also, our casement windows made of aluminium are highly resistant to ageing, which makes them sustainable and almost maintenance-free. The powder-coated outer surface is inseparable from the material, which means it's highly resistant to scratches and sunlight – cutting down on maintenance and replacement costs.

The low weight of these windows makes them very versatile. Combine that with the high stability ALUPROF aluminium profiles and large glass surfaces, e.g., a top-hung aluminium bifold door for a beautiful conservatory. They're great for modern architecture designs or office spaces that require windows with large windowpanes, too. The comparatively higher aluminium window prices are worth the investment in the long run.

The benefits in comparison

Compared to uPVC and wooden windows, aluminium has many benefits. But keep in mind that all three materials have pros and cons and differ in many areas. Aluminium performs best in terms of stability and longevity. Wood and uPVC are very thermally efficient because of their low thermal conductivity. We manufacture our aluminium windows with special insulation systems, glazings and gaskets so they can guarantee great thermal efficiency. Other benefits are:

  • Low-maintenance and long-lasting
  • Highly resistant to mechanical deformation
  • Excellent burglary protection
  • Many different colourisation options
  • Modern and timeless design options with slim frames
  • Excellent energy efficiency thanks to thermal insulation

Unlike other metals, aluminium doesn't rust, which makes it incredibly durable in all weather conditions. Neither rain nor humidity are a threat to your aluminium windows and doors. The sun doesn't bother them, either: UV rays and the summer heat have no effect.

Individually customise your new windows

Create your new aluminium casement windows in the windows24.com configurator to be a perfect fit for your home's specifications. We offer you a palette of standard and special colours: ranging from modern anthracite, steel-look grey, and classical white to fancy moss green or ruby red.

Tip: It's better to purchase new doors and windows together – whether in a new building or you're renovating. That'll prevent your thermal insulation from having a weak spot, especially since your new made-to-measure solutions can have added insulation measures like thermal breaks. Another benefit: You're making things easier for aluminium window manufacturers by ordering congruent designs.

Further, individualise your new slimline aluminium windows' glazing. Pick from classic clear, ornamental or textured glass. The latter is great to prevent people from looking through the glass in entrance areas or bathrooms while letting natural light in unimpeded. Also, you can freely choose from various extras like window handles and aluminium window bars. These increase security, comfort and energy efficiency and add to the design. But keep in mind that those extras increase aluminium window prices.

Frequently asked questions

You'll need a bigger budget when looking for aluminium windows instead of lower-cost off-the-shelf uPVC products. The cost of aluminium windows is directly related to their quality. A highly insulated triple-glazed window is always more expensive than double-glazed variants with fewer insulation measures. But aluminium windows pay for themselves quickly: Multi-pane glazing makes them more energy efficient, cutting down your energy bills. Because of their longevity and highly durable properties, aluminium windows are an excellent investment for larger buildings.

Give your facade that certain something with the right colour. Our commercial colour palette has a large range of standard and special shades. Pick classics like white RAL 9013 or aluminium variants RAL 9006 or RAL 9007. Or maybe you’re looking for a colour contrast, perhaps strong ruby red RAL 3003 or moss green RAL 6005. You can even have the exterior of your aluminium windows coloured differently than the window frames' inside to match the style of your home's interior. Find the full colour palette in our windows24.com configurator.

Two main factors play a role here, your preference and your building. Individually assign your aluminium windows' width and height in the configurator. But make sure your initial measurements are accurate to the millimetre. Aluminium window prices and installation costs increase naturally if you make a mistake while measuring. For guidance on how to measure correctly, use the instructions on windows24.com.

This depends on your budget and your requirements. The most significant difference between aluminium and uPVC is the ratio of longevity to cost. Aluminium windows are more robust and durable, while uPVC is less expensive. Use the configurator to get a comprehensive comparison, from cost to features or the size of the casement. Feel free to contact us with questions about our product range – whether you're looking for aluminium windows, aluminium doors, bifolding systems or other products for home improvements.

Any triple or double-glazed window's U-value is calculated using the heat transfer coefficient of the frame and the glass. We have greatly optimised our aluminium products' thermal insulation using advanced insulating measures. Hence, they can even achieve values at passive house levels.

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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about aluminium windows.

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Or you can directly arrange a telephone appointment. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive individual expert advice from us so that you can configure your desired product exactly according to your ideas.

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