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Alu window colours

Windows made of aluminium not only stand out thanks to their particularly robust material – thanks to special colours and decorative effects, they can also be created in a wide range of custom designs. High-quality powder coating processes give the already resistant metal surfaces an additional layer of protection that works in a similar way to how varnishes help preserve windows made of wood. Whether you opt for pure white, glittering grey or elegant ruby red, the configurator from windows24.com lets you choose between a fascinating selection of standard and special tones from the RAL colour palette to make sure your new windows suit the facade and front door of your home to perfection.

Standard colours for aluminium windows

Windows, front doors and all other architectural features are now available in various colours thanks to modern varnishes and powder coating processes. Despite the fact that firmly sealed wood-effect films can now make uPVC surfaces look like timber, and although wooden windows can be freshened up with opaque paints and translucent varnishes, alu undoubtedly offers the greatest amount of creative freedom overall. For a long time now, the colours used have not only been selected for the way they look, but also for the protection they grant the surfaces in question, further increasing the longevity of the materials as a result.

The colour palettes in the RAL catalogue follow a clear classification system of industrial colours using four-digit number codes that harks back to the standards laid down by the RAL (the German National Committee for Delivery and Quality Assurance) in 1925. Nowadays, there are three catalogues of RAL colours: RAL Classic, RAL Design and, more recently, RAL Digital. Our aluminium windows are available in both standardised and special RAL colours. The former include:

RAL standard colours

  • White RAL 9016 (matte)
  • Anthracite grey RAL 7016 (matte)
  • White aluminium RAL 9006 (matte)
  • Grey aluminium RAL 9007 (matte)

Aluminium windows in special colours

Of course, in addition to the classic shades of white and grey, the RAL palette features countless other shades in a matte or pearlescent look. Some of these RAL colours are particularly popular for windows and doors, which is why we have included them in our range, too. You can choose between:

DB and RAL special colours

  • Grey brown RAL 8019
  • Graphite grey RAL 7024
  • Moss green RAL 6005
  • Ruby red RAL 3003
  • Anthracite grey RAL 7016, fine texture
  • White aluminium RAL 9006, fine texture
  • Grey aluminium RAL 9007, fine texture

If you prefer an alternative to the RAL colour chart, there is always the option of the DB colour chart from Deutsche Bahn (Germany's national railway company), which defines the colours used for various steel components. We offer our customers the grey tone known as DB 703 from this selection. Like all other DB colours, it features a high iron mica content. This effect pigment is used for two reasons: to provide corrosion protection and create an interesting shimmer effect.

Which colour is right for aluminium windows?

Unlike uPVC windows, aluminium windows stand out thanks to their elegantly shimmering, metallic, highly resistant profiles. The cool sense of modernity they exude can be preserved by applying them with a white, light or dark grey tone.

RAL colour 8019 "Grey brown" features a feeling of warmth that puts you in mind of the appearance of natural wood.

Also fascinating: the "Iron mica" tone from the DB colour chart. "Iron mica" (or "Eisenglimmer" in the original German) is a very dark shade of grey with a shimmering texture, similar to RAL 9007 "Grey aluminium – fine texture" and RAL 9008 "Pergola grey – gloss". If you prefer a "colour" in the true sense of a word, "Ruby red" and "Moss green" are reminiscent of the spectrum displayed by precious jewels.

Something rather special: uPVC-alu and wood-aluminium windows

Opting for windows and doors with double profiles lets you choose several colours, types of wood, textures and decorative films all at once. For example, you could choose an “oak” effect for the interior of a uPVC window and a dove blue tone for its aluminium outer shell.

Both alu-uPVC and wood-alu windows alike offer a great deal of design freedom. As a result, they not only provide a particularly smart combination of materials for you to look forward to, but also a maximum amount of room to let your creativity flow!

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