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Practical overhead door closers - more safety and convenience

Overhead door closers let doors close automatically and sometimes also take over the function of damping. An overhead door closer is - as the name suggests - mounted above the door and ensures that the door closes automatically. Such locking systems are mainly found in apartment buildings or public buildings where there is a lot of through traffic. Passers-by often forget to close the doors here, so the overhead door closer takes over this task. This results in enormous time savings and at the same time prevents unnecessary heat from getting outside or cold from getting inside.

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Different types of overhead door closers

An overhead door closer is used to automatically close house or entrance doors after they have been opened manually.

This hydraulic process is caused by an upward movement of the door leaf by the running surfaces of the door hinges.

Depending on the model, the closing speed or optionally integrated damping can be set.

Most models of overhead door closers can be used for both right side opening doors and left side opening doors.

An overhead door closer is composed of the actual closing body and an arm that is either fixed to the overhead guide rail or the linkage.

A cover sleeve that surrounds the lock body ensures a clean look. Available in various designs, it can be adapted to individual taste.

Also individually adjustable

The individual components of high-quality overhead door closers can usually be individually adjusted to adapt the door to the respective requirements or conditions of the building. Overhead door closers therefore have the following adjustable functions - depending on the model:

  • Closing speed
  • Opening damping
  • Final strike
  • Closing delay

The closing speed of an overhead door closer should be adjusted depending on the area of application. Buildings with high pedestrian traffic such as schools, airports or hotels should not set the door closer speed too fast, otherwise there is an increased risk of injury.

The so-called end stop regulates the closing speed of the last degrees before closing. Potential air resistance can be corrected in the last range and ensure a safe closing of the door.

It is also advisable to adjust the opening damping to this. Doors that are pushed open with momentum are closed gently by a well-adjusted opening damping system, so that damage to the door, frame or pedestrian can be avoided.

Separate door stops for inside or outside can also be fitted as an additional limitation of the opening angle.

For double-leaf doors, the closing sequence control can be set, which determines the order in which the two door leaves are closed.

Thanks to the closing delay, the door can also be significantly delayed in its closing process. Especially for people with a handicap, mothers with prams or elderly people, this enables safe passage through the door. In nursing homes or hospitals, this setting is a great help.


Requirements for overhead door closers for fire protection

The useful overhead door closers are particularly in demand for fire and fire protection doors. Effective protection against smoke and fire can be created in this way, as the overhead door closer ensures that the doors are closed again after each opening.

Door closers of a fire door are also equipped with a freewheel function that allows closing without much effort.

In the event of fire or power failure, the detection is cancelled and the door can be closed automatically.

A door in a public building must be equipped with a door closer with a maximum torque of 47 Nm in accordance with DIN 18040 for barrier-free building.

Automatic door closers with electromechanical hold-open must also comply with the requirements of DIN EN 1155 for fire and fire protection doors and must not be equipped with a standard linkage.


The right assembly

Door closers with linkage or guide rail can complement both left- and right-leaf doors as well as double-leaf doors. There is therefore a suitable mounting type for every situation:

  • Door leaf mounting hinge side
  • Door leaf mounting opposite hinge side
  • Head mounting hinge side
  • Head mounting opposite hinge side

With door leaf mounting, the door closer is mounted on the door leaf and sits either on the hinge side (hinges visible) or on the opposite hinge side (hinges not visible).

The slide rail is mounted on the door frame in both cases. In the case of head mounting, however, the door closer is fixed to the door frame and the linkage or slide rail is mounted on the door leaf.

Thanks to the supplied mounting plate, easy installation is possible in most cases.

According to DIN EN 1154, the size of the overhead door closer must also always be selected to match the respective door width in order to be able to adapt the adjustable closing force to it.

For a door weight of 20 kg with a leaf width of max. 750 mm, for example, door closer size 1 is required. Particularly heavy doors with a weight of 160 kg and a width of max. 1600 mm even require the highest door closer size 7.

Further options

Are there accessories for overhead door closers?

Door closers can also be retrofitted and extended in different variants. From stylish cover plates and slide rails to hold-open systems, there is a range of high-quality accessories for overhead door closers.

Hold-open devices are particularly relevant here, as they act as electric door openers for heavy fire doors.

The door leaves can be locked in the desired position until they are closed manually or in case of fire by the integrated smoke switch. In addition to a high-quality door closer, such a system therefore also contains a fire detector and a triggering device that processes the signals emitted by the fire detector.

Indispensable for public buildings

Whether indoors or outdoors, public or private buildings with high levels of through traffic should be equipped with overhead door closers to ensure the safety of passers-by.

The various setting options also enable great heating cost savings.

They also help to comply with smoke control door regulations.

You can find high-quality sliding track door closers or bar door closers from a wide range of manufacturers for your entrance or front door in the windows24.com online shop.

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