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GEZE TS 4000 door closer

Continuously adjustable door closer

  • Adjustable closing force and latching action
  • Built-in back check
  • Door closer with locking link arm

  • For doors up to 1400 mm wide
  • For DIN compliant door hinges, can be attached on the left or the right
  • Closing force: 1 - 6 according to EN 1154
  • Closing speed: adjustable
  • Opening angle: up to 180°
  • Hydraulically adjustable back check


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Product Information

Product features and scope of delivery

Ideal for doors with a leaf width of up to 1400 mm, the GEZE TS 4000 can be adjusted from the front in various ways. The closing force of the GEZE TS 4000 door closer can be individually and continuously adjusted from level 1 - 6 in accordance with DIN EN 1154. The latching action of the doors can also be adjusted using the link arm and the closing speed. Additional features of the GEZE TS 4000 door closer:

  • Optional locking range up to 150° via the locking link arm
  • Suitable for fire and smoke protection doors
  • Manually adjustable back check
  • Suitable for right and left-hand mounted swing doors.

The GEZE TS 4000 even has a size indicator, which allows you to easily check the closing force. In addition, the back check and closing speed can be adjusted, and the levels can be set at the front. In addition to the link arm and stop template, the accessories for the TS 4000 from GEZE also include a complete range of screw accessories. The TS 4000, manufactured by GEZE, measures 60 x 288 x 47 mm, and is available in the classic colours of white and silver.

Area of application of the GEZE TS 4000

The different levels of closing force can be used for different leaf widths of doors:

Closing force (EN: size range 1-6) Leaf width in mm
1 up to 750
2 750 - 850
3 850 - 950
4 950 - 1100
5 1100 - 1250
6 1250 - 1400

Thanks to its thermally stabilised closing speed, the GEZE TS 4000 door closer is also ideal for outdoor use. If you use a door closer for fire protection and smoke protection doors, a mounting plate must be used.

In addition to a high-quality door closer, you can also order a GEZE mounting plate, a GEZE TS 4000 guide rail or a GEZE TS 4000 door closer with hold-open arm at an affordable price in the windows24.com online shop.

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