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The advantage of a sliding door, especially a lift-and-slide door, lies in its ingenious opening and closing mechanism, which allows it to close tighter than any other type of patio door. At the same time, it is extremely convenient to operate, as sliding doors move effortlessly on rollers. To design your sliding door according to your wishes online, it is best to use our configurator, where you can always keep an eye on the price.

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Our lift and slide doors

The inside becomes the outside: smooth-running rollers increase the comfort of a threshold-free sliding door

uPVC sliding doors

uPVC sliding doors

Versatile customisation: the easy-care entry-level model with top insulation.

from € 2,761 from € 2,761
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Aluminium-uPVC sliding doors

Aluminium-uPVC sliding doors

Long-lasting and stable: the weather-resistant combination with an elegant look.

from € 4,791 from € 4,791
View all Aluminium-uPVC Lift-and-slide doors

Wooden sliding doors

Wooden sliding doors

Sustainably and optimally insulated: the classic with a pleasantly warm appearance.

from € 3,451 from € 3,451
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Composite sliding doors

Composite sliding doors

Cosy and weather-protected: the premium combination for a healthy indoor climate.

from € 3,742 from € 3,742
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Aluminium sliding doors

Aluminium sliding doors

Stylish and energy-saving: the efficient and secure aluminium system.

from € 4,087 from € 4,087
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Our materials in comparison

The material of a lift-slide door also determines the price

If you are looking for a suitable slide patio door, you should pay attention to a few important factors. In addition to the space and the dimensions of this modern window door installation, you should also clarify which material is best suited for your sliding door, as it is decisive for the effectiveness of the thermal insulation. On windows24.com we offer you models of uPVC, aluminium and wood. Each material has its respective advantages and disadvantages, of course. Here are the four basic models.

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Wood-alu and aluminium windows and doors

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Further information

How it works

Unlike a simple sliding door – which is pushed from one side to the other on a track – a lift-and-slide door is moved by running wheels located in the frame.

To open the door, the handle is moved to the appropriate position, the sash is lifted slightly and then simply rolled to the side. Since lift-and-slide doors are often heavier than ordinary slide doors, the running wheels are a great relief when opening and closing the door and give the impression that the sash is almost floating.

Similarly, closing the door is just as easy as opening it. No matter whether you are young or old:

Sliding doors impress with their simple and safe operability. The lifting technology not only looks elegant and simplifies the opening and closing of the lift-and-slide door, but it also ensures that the door is closed particularly tight.

The sash does not simply close above the running track but lowers into the profile. The sliding door is therefore significantly tighter than other doors and not only particularly well protected against wind and weather, but also makes a valuable contribution to thermal insulation.

In this way, you can protect both your wallet and the environment with your slide patio door.

Things to know about sliding doors

The construction of a lift-and-slide door

Like any door, a lift-and-slide door consists of a frame and a corresponding panel. In the case of glass doors, the glazing doesn't only give you a clear view of the outside but can also perform other important tasks.

Depending on your own requirements, different types of glass can be chosen, each of which can set special priorities with its individual properties. At the end of the process is the installation at the actual place of use of the sliding door.

The frame

Like all windows and doors, there is a choice of different materials for the sliding door. In addition to uPVC, wood and aluminium, the wood-aluminium combination is particularly popular, as it combines the best properties of the two individual materials. So, you have the beautiful appearance of a wooden frame inside – which at the same time ensures regulated air exchange and good thermal insulation – while outside a robust aluminium cladding provides the necessary protection against rain and strong winds. Aluminium is also a very easy-care material from which dirt and traces of use can be removed without much effort.

Outdoor weather damage – as can occur with wooden frames – is no longer a problem with this combination.

Glazing can provide additional focal points in the range of services for both windows and doors. Among others, the following options are available:

  • Insulating glass
  • Soundproof glass
  • Safety glass

Insulating glass

The use of insulating glass clearly places the focus on thermal insulation. It is an important topic for homeowners and can no longer be ignored.

Windows and doors – especially front doors – must be professionally insulated to prevent heat loss. This is a burden on the environment and also costs money over time.

Multi-pane insulating glass can have a major impact on saving energy. The thermal insulation values, or the values for the heat transfer coefficient, are nowadays best with triple glazing: with this, energy can be saved very efficiently.

Especially in combination with special uPVC frames, which are featured with multi-chamber profiles at windows24.com, excellent results can be achieved here.

Sound-insulating glass

Acoustic glass is also a sensible investment for a slide patio door. Since these are generally thicker than other French patio doors, the sound insulation is already better through the frame than with ordinary models.

In combination with soundproof glass, a sliding door can provide excellent protection against noise. Depending on the expected noise pollution, three different classes of sound insulation glazing are available.

A house that is built in the immediate vicinity of busy roads therefore requires better sound insulation than buildings that are located in a rather quiet environment.

The highest level of sound insulation reaches a value of 43 decibels. This means that sound arriving at the window pane is attenuated by this value. For comparison: a value of 10 decibels is already equivalent to a halving of the noise perceived by humans.

Safety glass

Those who focus primarily on safety are well advised to use safety glass. In this category, too, various products are offered that provide different services in this area. You can choose between toughened glass, laminated safety glass and impact-resistant glazing.

While toughened safety glass considerably reduces the risk of injury in the event of a fall, laminated safety glass already offers genuine break-in protection. The film inserted between the panes under heat and pressure makes it almost impossible for unwanted visitors to penetrate the glass. This is because not only would the pane have to be destroyed, but also the very tear-resistant, tough-elastic film.

In addition, the risk of injury is also reduced with this model, as no large shards are produced if the panes are broken. However, the best break-in protection for sliding doors – but also for windows and other glass doors – is provided by impact-resistant glazing.

This is offered up to category A3 and thus guarantees excellent protection against burglary. For a particularly secure sliding door, it is advisable to install special security devices in addition to the appropriate glass. Only the fittings, in combination with an already stable frame and the right glazing, make the break-in protection of the door complete.

Mounting the door

To manage with the weight of the doors, it is recommended to install them in pairs or groups. As a team, you can tackle the steps together, prevent injuries and check all seals and reveals.

This is the only way to take full advantage of the thermal insulation benefits of the sliding door. Improper installation can result in thermal bridges in the door, which not only prevent energy saving:

In the worst case, mould can develop from the resulting condensation. This is very hazardous to health and can penetrate into the masonry.

Removing the mould afterwards is a time-consuming and costly affair and should be avoided at all costs. The correct installation of the sliding door is therefore particularly important.

Up to date with the lift-and-slide door

Compared to the usual French doors, a door that slides has a number of advantages in addition to the features already mentioned. The sliding function, for example, allows the door to be opened in a space-saving manner. The space in front of and behind the sliding door can therefore be used optimally, as no consideration has to be given to opening or closing swinging sashes.

In addition, a sliding door makes large glazing possible, which appears modern and elegant, but also allows significantly more natural light to fall into the room compared to smaller French doors. This makes the room look friendly and inviting; moreover, artificial lighting can also be saved.

Natural light is also usually warmer than artificial light and thus saves energy even in autumn or winter. This not only saves money and energy but also actively contributes to the feel-good factor of your own four walls.

Installing a sliding door is therefore a decision in favour of a modern product that makes it more than just a simple door. The sliding door meets the highest demands in terms of quality as well as design and enables more than just compliance with current regulations. In fact, it exceeds the requirements placed on doors and windows many times over and creates a homely and inviting atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sliding doors are the obvious solution if you are looking for a patio door that can also be installed barrier-free. The choice of materials gives you good control over the costs. For example, you can get a cost-effective version made of uPVC for as little as €2,761, whereas you will have to pay a little more for one made of wood, starting at €3,451. In addition, the size and number of door sashes as well as the individual features also play a role in the total costs.

When looking for a sliding door, the decision is usually made between the lift-and-slide and the tilt-and-slide door. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, a tilt-and-slide door can also be tilted, which is practical for ventilation. The most important difference, however, is that due to its design, only the lift-and-slide door can be installed with a barrier-free threshold. This eliminates dangerous tripping hazards and at the same time increases living comfort.

French doors onto patios or gardens are particularly vulnerable to burglary because they are easy to reach and often not sufficiently secured. In order to increase security, you can choose from our state-of-the-art technology. This includes, for example, a door gear with locking options on both sides, high-quality fittings up to resistance class RC 2 N, and lock monitoring for burglar alarm systems. In addition, you can also equip your sliding door with security glazing.

In the case of the lift-and-slide door, the name already provides a clue as to how it works. After you have moved the handle to the appropriate position, you can lift the respective door sash and then easily glide it to the side. The amount of force required for the open position is comparatively low, as the sash is moved on rollers.

The optimal functioning of a patio door also depends on its precise installation. For this reason, you can specify the height and width of your lift-and-slide door individually at windows24.com. The size also depends on the number of elements to glass panels. The technically possible minimum and maximum dimensions are also displayed in the configurator.

Generous glass surfaces ensure that living spaces are flooded with light. For this reason, sliding doors are becoming increasingly popular, as they allow for particularly large areas and even sashes weighing up to 400 kg. At the same time, the operation is very simple because the elements are moved on rails. This mechanism has another advantage: As the door is simply pushed to the side, it is particularly space-saving and can even be installed with a barrier-free threshold.

Do you still have questions?

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about lift and slide doors.

Your question is not answered here? Then simply call us on +49 711 860 60 200. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions.

Or you can directly arrange a telephone appointment. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive individual expert advice from us so that you can configure your desired product exactly according to your ideas.

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