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uPVC Lift and Slide Doors

A uPVC lift-and-slide patio door is a real all-rounder when it comes to modern functionality. The combination of a firm closing mechanism and smooth profiles ensure excellent insulation and low-maintenance, for example, without compromising on elegant design. Head to the configurator today to choose your profile and glazing then add bespoke finishing touches to create a high-quality patio door that perfectly meets your requirements.

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Our uPVC lift and slide doors

With their low-maintenance, excellent thermal insulation and accessible thresholds, uPVC sliding doors make your home an inclusive comfortable space.

  • uPVC lift and slide door - Ideal Basic
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.96
    The basic lift and slide uPVC patio door

    IDEAL Basic

    • Flush design
    • 197 mm construction depth
    • Multiple chambers for thermal performance
    from € 2,761 from € 2,761
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  • uPVC lift and slide door - Ideal Premium
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.79
    The premium system

    IDEAL Premium

    • Flush desgin
    • 197 mm construction depth
    • Multiple chambers for thermal performance
    from € 3,590 from € 3,590
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Customisable options for uPVC patio doors

At windows24.com customers are given wide scope to modify available door models in the configurator to suit individual requirements. Let your creativity flow and explore the options below.

Colours for uPVC lift and slide doors

Colour options

Click below to read more about the many different durable colours available to choose from for uPVC lift and slide patio doors.

Glazing bars uPVC lift and slide doors

Add glazing bars

Explore our three different glazing bar options and add traditional charm and character to your entrance

Detail drawings for uPVC lift and slide doors

Detail drawings for uPVC lift and slide doors

Click here to access detailed drawings of our profiles and their opening mechanisms.

Uw-values of uPVC lift and slide doors


Compare our different lift and slide patio door profiles in terms of energy efficiency by taking a detailed look at their u-values here.

Further features

Lift and slide door prices

The factors impacting door prices

Door prices can vary based on several factors including the selected profile, material, glazing, and opening system. Read on to find out more and calculate the cost of your design today.

Lift and slide door glazing

Choosing the right glass

Discover the different glazed window panels available for lift-slide doors and learn how they add decoration, increase privacy, and optimise your door's performance.

Lift and slide door opening options

Opening options for lift and slide doors

Various opening options are possible. Left to right or vice versa.

Lift and slide door fittings

Our different fittings

Design your bespoke patio door today and read more about our different fittings, from guide rails to multi-point locks, and automatic closing systems.

Accessible lift and slide door

Accessible thresholds

Click below to find out more about our zero threshold options and have your home become an accessible, welcoming space.

Installation lift and slide door

Installation of lift and slide doors

Installing a lift and slide door yourself? Or take advantage of our professional installation service.

Lift and slide door handles

Choosing the handle

Browse through our different handles and choose your preferred colour to add that perfect final accent.

Lift and slide door roller shutters

Add protective roller shutters

Shade your entrances and add security with our made-to-measure German engineered roller shutters.

Expert information and instructions

Deciding to buy a glazed sliding patio door requires investment and consideration. This is where our illustrated installation pages and informative video world come into play as ideal places to find informative short clips and step-by-step advice. Discover more about our handy configurator and installation methods, for example, or hear from our experts comparing different door materials and add-on features.



From production to installation, with our informative video clips customers become expert decision-makers when it comes to buying sliding and bifold doors.



Everything is easier with clear instructions and patio sliding doors are no exception – click below to access them now.

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Further uPVC sliding door information

The opening – more about lift and slide systems

Compared to traditional sliding doors which need to be pushed across tracks, lift and slide systems feature a rotating handle which lifts and lowers the door's moveable sash, allowing it to be effortlessly and securely slide along rollers built into the toughened frame. With doors lowered firmly back into place so that their full weight is supported and snugly fixed, lift and slide systems provide an impressive airtight opening which reduces draughts and the wear on seals.

The great functionality provided by a lift and slide mechanism does not, however, lead to compromises in terms of door design. As with other sliding doors, they provide a great space-saving elegant glass front which floods interiors with natural light and creates a beautiful transition out onto patios and gardens alike. Zero-threshold accessible options are also available so please get in touch with our expert team if you would like to explore this further.

Frame material – the advantages of uPVC

Whether used in bifold doors, windows or French doors, uPVC is a highly practical modern material which gives doors excellent properties. Purchasing a uPVC patio door ensures excellent thermal insulation, for example, as multi-chamber profiles reduce the transfer of undesired incoming or escaping heat to maintain a stable interior temperature. This energy-efficiency can also lead to savings on utility bill costs. A further advantage of uPVC patio doors is then also that they require little to no maintenance; a little water and detergent is all that is needed to remove any build-up of dirt on the smooth anti-rust surface.

The material used to frame glass patio doors plays an important role in defining their properties. If you are after a different design or functionality than that of uPVC, at windows24.com patio doors are also available in aluminium and wood or with exterior cladding. Just head to the configurator to learn more and compare the options.

Choosing the door glazing

Another key element which can impact a patio door's properties is the glass used in its generous window panels. For this reason, our uPVC patio doors are available with standard double glazing as well as thermally superior triple glazing. The three panes of thick glass in a triple-glazed panel, for example, help to reduce heat loss and therefore lower u-values, which define the amount of heat lost each hour per square metre. Whether triple or double-glazed, an invisible thin low-e coating made from metal oxide can also be applied to a patio door window panel's surface to increase thermal efficiency. This is particularly ideal for warm and sunny climates as the coating reflects unwanted solar UV and infra-red radiation.

Enhance security with further features

Although sliding patio glass doors with their large transparent surfaces may seem vulnerable to break-ins, at windows24.com there are many additional features available which have them become highly secure openings. Sliding door glass window panels can be reinforced with an extra pane of toughened laminated safety glass, for example, which features a strong built-in foil. In the event of breakage from high force, broken glass then remains held in place, as does the film which requires further effort and specialist tools to tear. Beyond glazing options, sliding patio doors can also be additionally secured by choosing a multi-point hinge locking system in the configurator. Automatic soft close locking systems are also available, as are robust roller shutters for exteriors.

Frequently asked questions

At windows24.com, door prices depend on several factors including the product type, material, and selected add-ons. A bi-fold front, for example, is more expensive than a smaller French door while timber tends to be more affordable than premium aluminium. In terms of patio doors with a sliding lift mechanism, energy-efficient uPVC is our most cost-effective material and in its most basic configuration, a white uPVC door can be purchased from €2,761, for example. Modifications then made in the configurator which impact the price are shown live in the clearly displayed cost calculator.

Thanks to their sleek low-maintenance surfaces, uPVC windows and doors can be coated in a durable coloured film which remains vibrant for years. Whether classic anthracite grey, a special metallic textured tone, or a golden oak decor, a wide range of options are available to ensure sliding patio doors can blend in beautifully with many different home façades.

Sliding uPVC doors are available in many different sizes, from fully open sliding bifold fronts to smaller patio side entrances. Just input your desired dimensions into our possible ranges, which are clearly displayed in the configurator, to design your bespoke door today.

Do you still have questions?

n our FAQs you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about uPVC lift and slide patio doors.

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Another option is to schedule an appointment for a telephone consultation here. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive one-on-one, specialist advice from our experts enabling you to design your perfect bespoke product.

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