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Tilt and turn windows – modern solution for contemporary buildings

Modern windows have a number of excellent features which offer the user comfort of use and safety of operation. Amongst their many tasks - and utilising the various glass types available, including ornamental and opaque glass windows to provide privacy - are thermal and noise insulation, complementing the design of the facade, through to acting as a security system – perhaps with integrated alarm elements invisibly located within the glass or with shatter-proof glass. A very practical function is the tilt-and-turn function. Windows24.com offers a comprehensive selection of contemporary tilt-and-turn windows.

Range of application and numerous advantages

Tilt-and-turn windows can be found in every room of a building. From basement or cellar window as far up as the attic or loft, these extremely practical units with their intelligent opening mechanism are employed. Especially in rooms in which adequate air circulation is required, such as utility room, wet room or boiler room, the tilt-and-turn windows is an indispensible element.

Advantages at a glance:

  • individual and simple airing of rooms as and when required
  • simple to use mechanism
  • little or no wear and long durability due to robust construction
  • draught-free closing
  • easy to clean

Depending on whether permanent airing of a room is desired or just short, shock ventilation is required to freshen the room, windows with the tilt-and-turn function can be opened and closed easily, quickly and simply. Additionally, this function has been so designed that wear and tear is not an issue.

The robust construction ensures an extremely long lifetime with no loss in quality – a window-lifetime long. Cleaning, too, is child’s play. When the window sash is set so that it opens into the room, then the panes can be cleaned with little fuss from both sides. The various tilt angles possible ensures adequate airing of the room.

Tilt-and-turn windows count among the most modern window types.

Functionality –Alpha and Omega

Tilt-and-turn fittings serve to allow a door or window sash to be rotated or to be brought into a tilted position using only one hand. Using a door handle, usually a form of lever, the window or door can be completely opened or tilted just a few centimeters as required. Tilt-and-turn fittings find their usage in all vertically installed windows and French doors having window sashes of uPVC, wood or aluminium as well as combinations of these.

A point to note is that windows and window sashes when open only fulfill a sheltering function per se but are no guarantee of safety in the event of heavy rain or possible burglary. Therefore windows and doors should always be checked before leaving the house or apartment so that there are no unpleasant surprises when one returns home.

A conventional tilt-and-turn window fitting consists of the following components:

  • Gear system with handle
  • Stay bearing and corner bearing
  • Corner link
  • Tilting mount
  • Tilt-turn bearing
  • Striker plate
  • Connecting rod
  • Lock

The state-of-the-art fittings now have fittings which lie hidden. Only the hinge elements and the handle are visible. All other assembly components are built into the window profile or for aluminium system profiles in the Profile recess. It is only on wooden windows for premises which are protected buildings that external fittings are found today. These usually require two-handed operation.

The types of function in 3 positions

Turning the window handle sets a gearing in a straight ine which sets the connecting rod in motion. This enables one of three positions to selected.

1. Closing / locking

Turning the handle in clockwise direction will cause the connecting rod to engage the locking bolt in the striker late.
The stay bearing is locked in position and the window sash is locked to the frame and the central seal pressed closed. The window or the door is now locked and fulfills all the physical demands that the manufacturer guarantees.

2. Tilt position

To bring the window into the tilt position the handle is turned counter-clockwise. The movement of the connecting rod activates the locking bolts in the striker plate and these are unlocked at stay bearing and frame.

The bolt slide presses into the tilting mount and the window or door sash can be tilted away from vertical until the stay bearing limits the angle of tilt. This tilt position allows the room to be aired permanently in a controlled way, even when it is raining outside.

3. Turn position

For the turning position the handle must be in its central position and the stay bearing is locked. The locking bolts and the bolt slide are unlocked. Now the sash can easily be turned. This function enables shock ventilation and also convenient and effortless cleaning of the outside.

Contemporary tilt-and-turn windows also include a malfunction lock. This locking system prevents the handle of a tilted window from moving from the tilt position directly into a turn position. This guarantees that the window sash cannot be caused to fall to the floor by incorrect use.

Security and sound insulation are no problem for these models of window. The suitable accessories enable individual requirements to be implemented and is frequently converted at a later date.

Which frame material, glass type and colours are suitable for tilt-and-turn windows?

As a rule all the different types of frame can be accommodated to take tilt-and-turn windows, from wooden frames through uPVC frames to aluminium frames or even a combination of materials. What counts especially here are the location and use of the construction elements together with the personal taste of the customer.

In the meantime, uPVC windows in the most varied RAL- colours are available and are ideal as a design element for building facades.

The window frame should not just be seen as a practical object, but also serves to fulfill requirements concerning design and aesthetics. This is just as true of the different types of glass on offer.

From insulating glass, sound reducing glass, thermal insulating glass, to break-proof glazing, tilt-and-turn windows can be united with virtually any glass type. They can be individually configured according to your own wishes and bring provide a return on investment to home owner and resident alike.

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