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Tilt and turn windows

First designed in Germany in the 20th Century, tilt and turn windows are a popular user-friendly alternative to traditional casement windows. The innovative opening mechanism allows for effective and nuanced ventilation, easy cleaning, and can come with many additional safety and security features. Just read on below to discover more or head to the configurator to explore the many customisable options and further add-on features.

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How do tilt and turn windows work?

Tilt and turn windows are windows with a specific open mechanism, purpose designed for ease of use, flexible function, and effective ventilation. With just one handle, three positions are possible:

1. The closed position

When a tilt and turn window is closed, the handle faces downwards and all quality Winkhaus mushroom pins are secured within the sturdy locking plates. The handle itself can also be additionally locked with an integrated key if this option is selected upon purchase.

2. Turning open

As described in its name, a tilt and turn window comes with a turning function. When the handle is turned 90° anticlockwise, all mushroom pins are released from their respective locking plates and the window can swing open inwards from its hinges, just as regular sash windows can.

3. Tilting

When the handle is turned 180° anticlockwise, the tilt function becomes operational. When this happens any side or top mushroom pins are released from the locking plates. Meanwhile the bottom pins remain securely fastened and scissor-like fittings extend from the upper part of the window. When set like this the window opens inwards into its tilt position. The angle of this inward tilt will vary depending on the size of the window sash but is typically around 15°.

Tilt and turn window advantages

  • User-friendly operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Provide varied and effective ventilation
  • Combinable with a range of Winkhaus safety features
  • Ensure good insulation
  • Can be customised to suit preferences

More about ventilation

Tilt and turn windows are often a favourite with our customers because they allow for nuanced or so-called "flexible ventilation". The window can be left in the tilt position when steady airing is required, for example. This can be ideal for bedrooms when sleeping or for preventing mould in bathrooms when fresh air supply is needed but interiors should not become too cold or windy. The turn function, on the other hand, provides maximum ventilation, allowing rooms to be completely aired. Users can therefore flexibly and easily choose the required setting.

Safety features and enhancing security

At windows24.com tilt and turn windows can be combined with a range of further security and safety options.

In terms of the locking mechanism, additional locking points can be selected in the configurator, for example, which can have the window achieve a burglar resistance class of RC2.

In addition to this, laminated safety glazing can also be chosen for increased security. This glass features an invisible foil interlayer, which increases impact resistance.

A tilt and turn window from windows24.com can also feature a malfunction lock.

This will ensure that users cannot turn from the tilt back to the turn position in the wrong direction. The window must instead first be closed before being turned open. This works as a safety feature as prevents the sash from potentially hanging on one hinge and the window from being damaged.

A further safety option is that a stop setting can be added. This means that users can manually set the degree to which the window can swing open to, which prevents the window from hitting a wall and is required in certain regulations.

If a lockable handle is selected at purchase, upon request with the team we can even work with our tilt and turn window manufacturers to supply a window that can be locked into a certain position. This can be ideal for hospitals or hotels as patients or guests will then not be able to turn the window to its fully open position, for example.

Choose from a range of shapes and customisable options

At windows24.com we specialise in supplying made-to-measure products tailored to customer requirements and preferences. Tilt and turn windows are no exception to this and windows of many shapes and sizes can be configured with the opening mechanism.

Trapezoid windows and arched windows can feature sashes that tilt and turn, for example, and small basement windows to large French doors are all possible. The direction that the window will turn open to and its quality colour or decor finish can also be specified.

In our configurator many different window designs can be created. A tilt and turn window does not necessarily have to feature just one sash. Two or three sashes can also be selected, which mean that larger windows can be purchased, for example.

For these sashes, customers can then choose whether all will be tilt and turn windows, or rather just one or two.

A large range of glazing options are also available. Ornamental glass can be selected, for example, to add character or provide enhanced privacy while various soundproof glazings can be ideal for buildings located near busy streets.

Frame materials and excellent energy efficiency

Just as a variety of glazing and add-ons options can be selected for tilt and turn windows, customers can also determine the window frame material and exact profile they wish to have:

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uPVC Windows

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uPVC-Alu Windows

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Wood-Alu Windows

Wood-Aluminium WindowsUp to -15%
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Alu Windows

Aluminium windowsUp to -20%
from € 118 from € 118
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From sturdy aluminium to traditional wood, composite uPVC-alu, wood-alu, and modern uPVC windows, the choice will come down to individual needs and design preferences. Although tilt and turn uPVC windows are the most insulating, for example, wood impresses with its unmatched bespoke patterns while aluminium tilt and turn windows provide impressive durability.

Although some frame materials are more insulating than others, all our windows provide a good standard thermal performance. Tilt and turn windows come with double glazing even in their most basic configuration, for example, to effectively minimise energy loss via conduction. Triple glazing is then also available to further enhance this and save on utility bill costs.

Tilt and turn windows – costs and installation

Because products from windows24.com are bespoke, how much tilt and turn windows cost will vary depending on customer selections.

In the configurator live window prices will be shown as add-ons and material choices are made and amended. To give a general idea, double glazed windows with a tilt and turn function tend to be cheaper than those with triple glazing and uPVC windows are the most affordable when comparing frame materials for tilt and turn windows.

In terms of installation, our tilt and turn windows can be used as new windows but also as replacement windows. Thanks to our step-by-step guides a tilt and turn window can be installed effectively by customers themselves.

Just read more about how to measure for, remove and install windows, or contact our team for further advice. We can also put you in touch with local installation professionals if you would prefer.

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