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The Front Door with Sidelights – living in style

Front door with right-hand sidelight

A front door is not only a protective barrier but a warm welcome as well. It defines ones first impression and allows it to stand out amongst more standard doors thanks to its contemporary looks. An increasing number of homeowners prefer doors with sidelights because of the visual benefit this type of entrance provides. Meanwhile, a personal touch may be added by choosing an individual glazing, form, material or colour. Regardless of whether the panels are installed to the right, to the left or on both sides, these doors compliment almost any home.

A Question of Cost

Sidelights are becoming increasingly popular and the range of side panel choices has grown considerably. However, it is easy to lose track of the price as they can vary considerably.

Comparing manufacturers and taking a close look at the pricing details can help to find very affordable models. Front doors with sidelights are unique, differing in terms of their material, form, size and the fittings that are mounted to them.

Side panes may be offered separately or in combination with front doors or transom lights.

Combining sidelights with specific front doors requires additional adjustments, leading to differences in the prices of combined and separate sidelight models.

A typical sidelight can be between 40 and 120 cm long, its price dependent on size and material.

Costs of separate sidelights made from
uPVC €200-500
Aluminium €600-900
Wood €1,000-1,500
Costs of sidelights in combination with a door made from
uPVC €900-1,500
Aluminium €2,500-3,500
Wood €2,500-4,500

In order to ensure that the side panels go well with the front door, it is important to choose the material first.

Natural timbers, weather-resistant aluminium or affordable uPVC – all of these materials focus on security, energy efficiency and visuals to different degrees.

Additional costs may arise when ordering custom-made products. Furthermore, integrating the following additional elements will surely increase the price:

  • Doorbells
  • Letterbox
  • Intercom system
  • Surveillance system
  • Unusual RAL colour variations
  • Transom light above side panels or doors

If your personal focus is on burglary protection, you should consider additional accessories such as security fittings and locking systems.

To ensure a secure and comfortable living atmosphere, the entire product range of accessories can also be retrofitted to any given door, both with sidelights and without.

Front doors with sidelights do not only look very modern they can also combine noise and thermal insulation as well as burglary protection.

More Light for your Home

Homeowners frequently complain about entrance halls being too dim and dark. Oftentimes, this is the case because the massive front doors prevent the outside light from entering the hallways. Front doors with glazed sidelights can circumvent this problem, allowing the hallway to be flooded with natural sunlight.

In doing so, the dark hallway turns into a brightly lit corridor, welcoming residents and visitors alike.

Thus, glazed side panels do not only enhance the look of an entrance area, they also offer a homely fee, even in the hallway. Incidentally, reliable privacy protection can also be guaranteed despite the glazed panels.

front door with two sidelights

Many manufacturers offer special frosted glazing elements, allowing light to enter the house naturally, while simultaneously preventing people from looking in.

Burglary Protection: It is all a Matter of Security

A large glass pane right next to the front door – could that be a structural weakness? Would a burglar not try to prise open the sidelights or break the glass in order to reach the door handle from the inside?

A modern front door’s glazing element is optimally protected against any kind of break-in attempts. Renowned manufacturers work closely with experienced security companies to avoid any possible risk for the security of a house.

This is why the product range includes windows and doors that are explicitly labelled as security models. Manufacturers rely on:

  1.  Glazing beads screwed on from the inside
  2.  Solid materials for side panels
  3.  Burglar-proof safety glazing (RC 2)
  4.  External protection elements (iron or steel window grills)

A front door with glass sidelights offers additional benefits for security; for example, the sidelights allow unexpected visitors to be seen from the inside before opening the door. With sidelights you no longer have the uncertainty about who might be waiting outside.

Energy Efficiency and Noise Protection

A front door has to carry out several different functions. It is supposed to be visually pleasing to residents as well as visitors, providing a welcoming look to the house.

To ensure proper protection against burglary, the door must be robust and structurally sound. Furthermore, it has to meet modern standards of thermal insulation and sound protection.

Doors and windows are some of the components that are especially vulnerable when it comes to the problems of heat loss and sound transfer.

Thanks to modern construction techniques, solid surfaces and thermal insulation glazing, side panels have become very energy efficient. When fashioned with solid door infills, such insulated front doors offer near-perfect protection against heat loss and noise.

Customised sidelights provide excellent protection against outside noise, offering peace and quiet in your own home. Exterior doors with sidelights provide reliable burglary protection, energy efficiency and noise protection, thanks to advanced materials and manufacturing techniques.

A front door is a barrier between your home and the outside world; it protects you against inclement weather as well as against unwelcome visitors.

Designing Entrances in no Time

With our product configurator, designing your very own front door is quite simple. Once the right material and profile are chosen, sidelights or transom lights can be added. The opening direction, the exact model of door as well as the dimensions and colour of the door can also be chosen according to construction specifications and your personal preference.

Finally, accessories such as door handles, fittings, locking systems and glazing types can be chosen. In this manner, a few clicks are enough to create a unique door that matches your personal expectations.

Left-hand sidelights combined with aluminium front door

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