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Outward-opening front doors

As the main entrance to homes, the front door plays an important role in terms of break-in protection, energy-efficiency, and exterior design. Also known as an outswing opening, an outward-opening front door from windows24.com is a high-quality, customisable product that ensures excellent performance. Explore more today by reading below or head to the configurator to input your dimensions and select from our wide range of different models, materials, and bespoke add-on options.

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What is an outswing opening?

Outward-opening front doors from windows24.com feature a pullable handle and are configured to open outwards, either to the right or to the left, depending on design preferences or spatial requirements. Given the outswing opening, the hinges are located on the outside of the door and would be placed on the right for a door with a rightward outswing, for example.

The key advantages of an outward-opening front door

At windows24.com, front doors can be configured to have an in or outswing opening. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages and these should be weighed up according to design preferences and individual requirements. In terms of an outward-opening front door, the key advantages are:

  • Superior protection from wind and water
  • Enhanced break-in resistance against force entry
  • A simple yet effective space-sacing solution for entrance areas
  • Customisable product with many add-on options and extra security features

In terms of protection from the elements, outward opening doors perform superbly due to their threshold design and physics. The chance of them being blown in during storms is greatly reduced, for example.

High-quality materials, such as uPVC, also feature steel reinforcements and chambers which further increase the products' sturdiness and water resistance.

In a similar way, due to their construction and opening mechanism, outward-opening doors are also better protected from intruder attempts that force the door in to gain entry.

Because the hinges are located on the door’s exterior, they can, however, be more vulnerable to potential efforts to lift doors from hinges. With our security packages and some extra features, this risk is greatly reduced though.

Another key benefit of purchasing a front door with an outswing opening is that space is saved in entrance rooms, hallways or porches. This means customers can make better use of these areas and have them become more aesthetically pleasing. Finally, as with all almost all products from windows24.com, outward-opening front doors can also be easily customised to suit customer needs and are combinable with a wide range of colours, handles, and locks – just read on to find out more:

The choice of material

At windows24.com outward-opening front doors are available in high-quality uPVC or aluminium which is a choice that can be selected in the configurator.

As with many of our other options both modern materials come with their own unique advantages and customer budget, design wishes, and functional needs will be the ultimate deciding factors.

In terms of aluminium outswing doors, these are highly durable and long-lasting products. The hard metal surface is very weather-resistant as well as low-maintenance because it is corrosion-free, sturdy and can be easily cleaned.

The strong surface also provides great break-in protection because of its impressive impact-resistance. These metal doors can come with a higher price tag though.

uPVC, on the other hand, is a modern material which can provide even better thermal insulation due to integrated chambers and innovative construction.

It is also durable and low-maintenance but is not quite as sturdy or impact-resistant as an aluminium surface. uPVC models, however, do tend to be more affordable.

A range of high-performance profiles and different models

Once the front door’s material has been selected, the next step is to choose the exact profile or series. For aluminium, for example, the choice is between premium or the slightly more expensive exclusive variant. The main differences lie in the available security features, the thickness of the sash-covering infill and thermal insulation. The exclusive variant, for example, features a built-in carbon reinforcement which improves energy efficiency and can lead to utility bill savings.

In terms of uPVC outward-opening front doors, customers can choose between the HT4000 or HTPLUS profiles.

As with the aluminium series, these differ in terms of price and insulation. HTPLUS, for example, features 5 to 6 built-in chambers in its core compared to HT4000’s 4 to 5.

The greater the number of chambers, the better the profile is at preventing energy loss via conduction.

After the exact profile, or internal construction of the door has been selected, there are a wide range of different door models to choose from.

From doors without glazing to full-glass models or contemporary designs featuring interestingly shaped glass panels, sleek high-quality options are available to choose from. Side panels and top or bottom glass inserts can then also be added to the basic door designs as well as different glazing options, such as ornamental glass which can add patterns and character plus impact privacy.

Locking mechanisms and extra break-in protection

When customising an outward-opening front door in the configurator, extra break-in protection features can be added. For both uPVC and aluminium doors, customers can add hinge locks to reduce the possibility of the door being levered out and a specific number of locking points can be selected, for example.

Different glazings, such as laminated safety glass can also be selected, whether individually or as part of our burglary resistance class security packages. Purpose-designed glass like laminated safety glazing feature foil layers which increase the panel’s impact resistance and prevent it from breaking into sharp shards.

At windows24.com, customers can also choose the type of locking mechanism for outward-opening front doors. Both uPVC and aluminium can feature an electronic lock, or e-opener, as well as a traditional key, for example.

The electronic lock allows users to buzz-in those wishing to enter via an intercom system from the comfort of their home as an electromagnetic signal causes a motor to release a striking plate and unlock the door. For outward-opening aluminium front doors innovative fingerprint locking systems are also available which can greatly enhance entrance security.

Further options – handles, lighting, and colours

Alongside choices about the material, profile, model, security, and locking, we also offer a range of different handles, lighting, and colours for outward-opening front doors. Depending on the selected material and model, stainless steel or aluminium handles can be chosen, for example.

These handles can then feature lighting and patterns plus come in a variety of shapes, such as bar, triangular, and curved variants.

In terms of colour, we offer a wide selection of high-quality, durable RAL coatings as well as wood replica foils.

The options differ depending on the chosen material and fine structured metallic coatings, classic white, and burgundy are popular favourites.

Given the powder coating or foiling process used to apply the coatings during manufacturing, all colours are very weather and UV resistant, which has them remain vibrant and protective for years to come.

Final design selections are then also possible for outward-opening doors. Ambientfloor lighting can be added in our configurator to bring a smart elegance to entrance, for example, or door handles themselves can be subtly illuminated for certain models.

A protective trim can also be added to the bottom of the door.

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Frequently asked questions

The cost of an outward opening door depends on its configuration, such as the security, handle, and colour selected. In general, however, basic uPVC doors are cheaper than large aluminium models with many glazed inserts. Just head to the configurator to make your selections today and view the price as you add or remove options. Our expert team are also on hand for further advice or questions.

Our outward-opening front doors can be installed by customers themselves as well as by professionals. If you wish to self-install the door, please refer to our simple step-by-step instructions on how to fit a front door. We also provide instructions on how to measure front doors and can deliver the frame pre-drilled for easier assembly.

In terms of maintenance, both uPVC and aluminium outward-opening front doors require little upkeep due to their sleek, durable surfaces. To remove any build-up of dirt we suggest that warm water, washing-up liquid, and a lint-free towel are used. All parts, including fittings, should be cleaned before being left to dry. Washing-up liquid is ideal for this as it dissolves grease but is still mild. Hinges should then be lubricated once a year to ensure optimum operation.

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