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Elegant window handles and handles for french doors

Just like the glazing, window handles simply belong to windows - at least if you also want to open them. In the windows24.com online shop you will find high-quality handles made of aluminium, brass and stainless steel that perfectly match your windows and balcony doors. We offer you a variety of window handles in matt or glossy, in white, grey or brown or also in silver and gold optics. With our handles, you can effortlessly bring your windows and doors into the turn or tilt position. In addition to standard models, we also offer burglar-resistant security window handles with a key or alarm function.

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Lockable handles

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Convenient handling and safety for everyone

No matter whether you want to open your window or balcony door to the left, right or up: The window handle (also called window olive for small shapes) makes it possible. This small but important detail allows you to open the window at different angles and thus guarantees sufficient ventilation of your rooms.

Our manufacturer partner HOPPE offers numerous elegant sets (turn and/or tilt window handles)

made of aluminium, brass and stainless steel in several pin lengths (with or without push button). These window handles not only increase comfort, but also perfectly round off the unique design of your windows.

Simply browse a little through our catalogue and order your preferred product conveniently online.

HOPPE handle sets with key for burglar and child protection

To ensure that security and burglary protection are not neglected in your home, HOPPE also offers lockable models in addition to the regular handles - either with a push button or a key. These are useful in two ways: firstly, they prevent burglars from opening the window or balcony door handle from the outside if they break the window or puncture the seal.

On the other hand, lockable handles also serve as a reliable child safety device. Since the integrated locking cylinder offers the possibility to lock the window handle, children cannot accidentally open the window while playing.

The following security technology is offered by HOPPE:


System name Technical description
Secustik® Window handles of this series feature a patented locking mechanism as integrated basic security. In this way, the window lock makes it difficult for unauthorised persons to move the window fitting from the outside.
Secu100® and Secu200® The Secu100® or Secu200® technology offers high mechanical protection against burglary. With Secu100®, the forcible turning or tearing off of the locked window handle is repelled up to a force of 100 Nm. Handles with Secu200® can even withstand 200 Nm. The system also acts as an effective child safety device.
Secu100® + Secustik® The combination of Secu100® and Secustik® technology provides a high level of mechanical burglary protection when locked. At the same time, however, the window bolt also ensures permanent basic security when the window handle is not locked.
SecuSelect® SecuSelect® combines Secu100® and Secustik® technology with the additional protection provided by a lockable rose. The quick-pin technology provides individual design options.
SecuForte® SecuForte® is one of the most secure systems that HOPPE has brought to the market: both when closed and in the tilt position, the handle and square spindle are decoupled and the handle is automatically locked. A unique protection concept that effectively protects against unauthorised opening from the outside.

By the way: If all handle sets are keyed alike, you only need one key for all window handles. Of course, this key should be kept in a safe place.

If you would like to additionally secure your windows during longer absences, electronically operated roller shutters are recommended as a further protective measure. There are now also some apps available that enable operation via the internet. HOPPE uses the SecuSignal® system for this and offers matching window handle models with radio transmitters. This turns your house into a smart home with a promising future.

Quality according to RAL regulation

Measurable quality according to RAL regulation

In order to be able to make binding statements about the safety and quality class of window and door fittings, the stricter requirements of the RAL guideline RAL-GZ 607/9 have been in force since 2012. This refers directly to DIN EN 13126. The third part DIN EN 13126-3 also covers operating handles (including window handles). DIN stands for German Industrial Standard, EN for European Standard).

The RAL-GZ 607/9 guideline sets new requirements for handle fittings and their protective effect. According to this guideline, window handles without a protective effect must comply with the continuous function class 3/180. This means that they must withstand at least 10,000 cycles in tilt and turn mode and have a corrosion resistance of class 2 or higher in order to obtain the RAL quality mark.

Models with a protective effect will in future be classified as RAL100 or RAL200 window handles. The respective designation provides an indication of which protective effect the handle fulfils against twisting or tearing off (100 Nm or 200 Nm).

For optimum burglary protection, window handles are also subject to the regulations of the European EN 1627-1630 series of standards, according to which the window handle must withstand at least 100 Nm.

In addition, RAL-GZ 607/9 places requirements on the locking mechanism of the product. Class 1, which was introduced in Europe with a value of only 35 Nm, is no longer adopted in the RAL guideline, as the value has proven to be insufficient in resisting burglary attempts.

Colour and material

Colours and materials

Handles, knobs and rods made of polished stainless steel look particularly elegant thanks to their shiny silver finish. They have a timeless look and for this reason can be found in very many buildings.

As a material for window handles, aluminium is characterised above all by its scratch-, rust- and corrosion-resistant quality. Of course, interior handles made of stainless steel are also hardly affected by rust.

Brass usually appears bronze-coloured and blends in wonderfully with a somewhat more traditional style. Window handles in white, on the other hand, are real all-rounders and go ideally with window frames made of white plastic. So when it comes to the shape, colour and material of your handle set, you have a free choice.

High-quality window handles Made in Germany

In the windows24.com range you will find window handles at an advantageous price, which you can select to match the style of your home. HOPPE offers various models in grey, silver (matt and polished), gold and white (RAL 9016 traffic white).

These are easy to mount on the window frame with two screws.

The handle is connected to a gear in the window fitting: Depending on the opening type of your window (to tilt, flip or turn), operating the window handle enables the window to be locked or opened. In doing so, the lever device engages at a certain angle. In the case of sliding windows, the handle additionally serves as a lever for sliding the window on the rail provided for this purpose.

At windows24.com you can combine the handles directly with new windows or order them at a low price for your old windows. Our configurator helps you to design all components to measure and according to your personal preferences or requirements. Among other things, you can choose from different profile systems made of plastic, wood, plastic-aluminium or wood-aluminium, various glazings as well as high-quality security fittings with mushroom pins and matching strikers.

Our online shop also offers the option of retrofitting security technology. We rely on ABUS products that combine high protection with easy installation.

If you have any questions about our products and their function, our expert advisors are available to you on the free advice hotline (+49 711 860 601 60). We will also be happy to arrange a tradesman service from your region on request.

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