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Window handle, stainless steel, matt

gelbrot stainless steel handles

  • Classic, simple design in different versions
  • Long service life thanks to rustproof stainless steel
  • Different pin lengths for different window profiles

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Square spindle dimensions: 7 x 24 mm | 31 | 36 | 42mm
  • Cam diameter: 10 mm
  • Grid: ball grid


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Product Information

Elegant and shapely

The window handles made of stainless steel from gelbrot are made with high-quality workmanship and stand out compared to handles made of aluminium or uPVC. Thanks to the matt surface and rounded lines, the handles are pleasant to the touch and visually enhance every window.

There are four different pin lengths available: 24, 31, 36 and 42 mm, and they are designed to fit a variety of window cross-section profiles.

The 7 mm square spindle sits under an oval cover rosette (14 mm deep) made of matt stainless steel.

The handle is attached to the window frame using a Ø 10 mm cam. The handle is locked using a ball grid. gelbrot window handles are made of stainless steel, and they are available in three versions:

  • U-shaped
  • Mitre-shaped
  • H-shaped

The internal design and functionality is identical for all three forms, only the external dimensions differ depending on the model.

Handle shapes

Available in three different versions - something for everyone

These window handles from the gelbrot brand are available in three handle shapes, which, depending on the version, suit different design requirements and tastes. They differ in length, edge guidance and curvature.


This U-shaped window handle is secure and easy to use - the top and bottom of the handle are bent into an edgeless, oval "U", which makes it practically impossible to slip off at the side. At 145 mm long, it's also the longest of the three. The length and the classic design provide a secure grip.


The mitre shape is distinguished from other shapes by its particularly elegant appearance. The cylindrical window handle (130 mm long) with its understated design is reminiscent of the Bauhaus style and thus blends in perfectly with modern furnishing concepts.


At 126 mm, the H-shaped window handle is the shortest of the three. This by no means makes it less manageable - the handle is curved outwards and offers additional safety, as the curved shape of the window handle is adapted to fit perfectly into your hand. In addition, the shape tapers downwards and gives it a narrow, unpretentious appearance.

Additional models


Thanks to the different shapes, there is something for every window and every furnishing style in the range of gelbrot stainless steel window handles.

The freely selectable pin lengths also extends the range of use of the window handles.

In addition to the window handles made of stainless steel from gelbrot, you will also find a large selection of lockable models as well as windows, doors and the corresponding installation accessories from well-known manufacturers at windows24.com.

Lockable handles are equipped with a window handle, but there are also models with a push button function as a child safety device in different materials:

In addition to stainless steel - matt or polished - window handles made of aluminium or uPVC are also available.

The accessories are available in various designs and colours online at windows24.com at reasonable prices.

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