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Types of windows

Purchasing new windows is an important decision, which brings together design preferences, functional performance, and budget choices. There is an large range of different types of windows on the market, so to bring together these multi-faceted considerations and make window shopping easier, we have summarised our offer in terms of window categories and their uses. Just read on, then head to the configurator to purchase your bespoke product today.

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Windows according to sashes

Single sash windows

Single sash window

Browse our fixed and openable single sash windows and customise your product today.

from € 34 from € 34
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Double sash windows

Double sash window

Available with and without a central mullion, double sash windows guarantee flexible use.

from € 223 from € 223
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Triple sash windows

Triple sash window

Browse our triple sash windows and fill large openings with quality glazing and frames

from € 374 from € 374
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The importance of window sashes

A key decision when purchasing window is to determine the number of sashes required. The sash is the part of the window that moves and will open. Some models, such as our fixed windows, come without an openable sash, for example. Like sliding windows, fixed windows can therefore be particularly suitable for saving space or for large glass fronts where ventilation is not required. Single sash or so-called casement windows that do open are also available, however, and can provide uninterrupted views out.

In terms of windows with multiple sashes, double and triple sash options are available. They are ideal for large and sturdy yet openable windows and allow for flexible use.

Windows with multiple sashes can come with a central bar, the mullion, or rather be without one and become so-called "flying mullion" models. Both these options come with their unique advantages and the decision should be based on personal preferences and requirements.

Window types with a mullion mean that sashes can be fixed, part fixed or open independently and differently from one another, which can save on space and guarantees flexible use. Flying mullions, on the other hand, mean that the window can open to reveal a full view, but both sashes must be opened together.

Windows characterised by their form

Given our close ties to multiple renowned European manufacturers, at windows24.com we are experts at offering a wide range of customisable window types. Unique shape and dimensions possibilities are an important part of this.

Suitable for new-builds as well as for replacing windows, a circular porthole window can be selected, for example, to add character and a maritime touch.

Or perhaps a small triangular model would suit better. This can be just the fit for quirky tree house or tiny house projects, for example.

More traditional elegant arched models, featuring a matching toplight panel are also available, however, and can be perfect for classic bay windows or to increase entry or light – just head to the configurator today and make your selections to browse through the available window styles.

The window frame material

At windows24.com, customers can select from the following five window frame materials. All are high quality and come with their own benefits, so the decision will come down to the functional performance and design qualities customers are after:

Good value

uPVC Windows

uPVC windowsUp to -30%
from € 34 from € 34
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uPVC-Alu Windows

uPVC-aluminium windowsUp to -15%
from € 134 from € 134
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from € 122 from € 122
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Wood-Alu Windows

Wood-Aluminium WindowsUp to -15%
from € 162 from € 162
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Alu Windows

Aluminium windowsUp to -20%
from € 118 from € 118
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As a short summary, uPVC frames tend to be the best insulators due to the modern material's naturally low-conductivity. This increases building energy efficiency and can reduce heating bills.

Wooden frames, on the other hand, bring an unmatched sturdiness and bespoke patterns.

Excellent soundproofing is a given and a wide range of varnishes ensure a beautiful finish.

In terms of aluminium frames, the metal is low maintenance and makes for easy cleaning compared to wood but is less thermally insulating and more expensive than uPVC.

Aluminium leads the market, however, when it comes to impact resistance and durability. When aluminium is clad onto wood or uPVC, the combination is called uPVC-alu or wood-alu and the benefits of two quality materials come together.

Windows defined according to function

Windows do not just let in light and provide views out, they also play a significant role in terms of providing warmth, privacy, and break-in protection.

We offer various types of windows, such as models that can come with triple glazing and excellent insulation properties, for example. The multiple layers of glass, integrated profile chambers, and sealed inert gas filler between panes reduce the effects of conduction through the window. This means that triple-glazed windows help to prevent unwanted incoming or escaping heat depending on conditions, which has homes become very energy efficient.

In terms of break-in protection, at windows24.com we have moved on from single hung windows to the likes of secure tilt and turn casement windows, that feature multiple locking points and are available with innovative glazing options.

Laminated safety glass can be easily selected for these windows, for example, which increases impact-resistance and won't break into sharp shards. Or perhaps frosted glazing, which permits light entry and clear views out while shielding interiors from onlookers, may better match your requirements – just head to the configurator to discover more today.

Windows designed for specific locations

Basement windows

Basement window

Bring light into your basement while keeping it secure with our made-to-measure windows

from € 114 from € 114
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Garage windows

Garage windows

Save on energy and keep your garage secure and well aired with our garage windows

from € 121 from € 121
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Just as some windows have been designed for a specific function, others are produced with their end location in mind. Bathroom windows, for example, commonly feature enhanced water-resistance and privacy frosted glazing whereas bow windows are characterised by their elegant and interestingly curved surfaces and depths. Roof windows or skylight windows, on the other hand, have been manufactured with strong weather resistance and innovative opening mechanisms. At windows24.com you will find many different types of windows that have been pre-configured as recommended products for specific locations.

A variety of different opening options

A final key feature of a window is its opening mechanism. This determines how user-friendly and smooth the window's operation is, as well as the ventilation it can offer. To ensure quality operation for all types of windows, rather than offering traditional sliding windows, single hung windows or a double hung window with an upper sash and lower sash, we specialise in modern European models.

Windows are available with a fixed sash that doesn't open, for example, or can feature a turn, swing, tilt, or tilt and turn mechanism.

In terms of a turn function, this means that when the handle is turned to 90°, the sash of the window swings to the chosen direction and allow for maximum ventilation.

Our tilt option, on the other hand, means that when the handle is turned, the window can be tilted or opened ajar. This is commonly used for fanlights or small window top panels where small yet very secure airing is needed.

The combined option, the popular tilt and turn mechanism, means that windows can perform both functions depending on where the handle is turned to. Due to precise manufacturing of fittings and the quality materials used, energy efficiency is also a given.

Window extras and further customisable features

Alongside the main window types explained above, at windows24.com further add-on features and customisable options can be selected to enhance window styles and performance. Glazing bars can be added, for example, to add more character to bay windows and other traditional windows. Casement windows can then also be installed with our roller shutters to make them even more energy efficient – just follow our instructions on how to measure for windows before adding your dimensions in the configurator and choosing between options.

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