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The “Bull’s Eye” or porthole is seen typically as a window found on ships and known throughout the world and which always creates a rather special element. Its unique circular shape makes it not only very useful but also can also be exploited for design purposes in the home. The porthole can be integrated in a classic way into every living room and something extra special.

The history of the bull’s eye

The porthole describes a type of window that appeared with the first ships manufactured in metal and which replaced the typical rectangular window as this could not be used in this kind of ship. Due to its round shape tension within the ship‘s hull could be absorbed, making them much more stable. Especially on long voyages that sailed into colder waters this could be well worthwhile. Further advantages of the porthole were the ease of cleaning, maintenance and use that offered itself here. Pressure is still a problem for some thicknesses of glass and so portholes were typically used for the rooms which were situated above the water line.
In submarines as well as in space this type of window with the appropriate thickness found its uses.

Porthole window

Even the humble clothes washing machine is equipped with such a window. These bull‘s eye windows are popular in architecture and remind us of the baroque age which also made extensive use of round windows.

Bring into your own home

The use of such porthole windows within the home, regardless of whether it is in something new or in a house being renovated, the porthole window is always exciting. These windows, as a result of their shape and the combination with a metal frame, are especially suitable for that modern ambience and can be used in every sort of style combination. This is also a result of the wide variety of design possibilities which can be exploited by the customer. Porthole windows can be used in the following:

  • Baroque
  • Modern
  • Homely
  • To imitate a ship
  • In caravans and campers

The shape stands out simply as a result of its unique character and which has an impressive effect. Customers also allow themselves to be enchanted by the variety of design possibilities which come not only in small versions. Some of these windows can be so integrated that they can be used as benches – very tasteful and highly interesting. They are also a very good feature in any bathroom as they allow sufficient light while maintaining privacy. Equally as interesting is their use in a corridor or hallway.


These windows make better use of confined spaces as the round form of the window works very well when space is limited.
They are extremely stylish in their design and can be produced in metal, timber or plastic, making them a unique feature of one’s own style. They can also very easily be combined with any conventional style.
The number of designers of porthole windows is ever increasing, as these in the meantime have become a design feature of the home.

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