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Panorama windows – for that expansive perspective

Enjoy the azure blue sky above, or wonder at the storm playing out in the distance – panorama windows from Windows24.com make it possible. Thanks to the lack of central divider or mullion these windows open up the room and the increased light create an incomparable feeling. Whether built in as a highly stable wall window or from ground level up as a window-come-door, Windows24.com offers high quality panorama windows made in Germany for that really special view to the horizon.

Your personal window on the world

Stable, safe, individual

Panorama windows can replace entire walls providing an unforgettable living experience created by the apparent lack of any boundary between the home and the outside world. As these windows typically have no central struts the window glazing and the window frame should both prove to have extremely high stability. The optimum glazing suitable for panorama windows is therefore n easy to maintain and weather-proof artificial glass. For reasons of safety larger glass surfaces on upper floors, laminated safety glass must be installed by law. This comprises a pressing made up of glaas and special security foil, usually of poly vinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). This prevents shattering of the glass and reduces the risk of accident or injury. On the ground floor large window frontages can be turned into wide sliding doors. These enable the complete opening of the interior to the surrounding outside area, but also guarantee extremely good airing of the rooms which at the same time contributes to pleasant room conditions.

Panorama windows

For security reasons it is also recommended to install safety glass, or glass with a better class of security (resistance class). Windows and window-doors should match the European standard EN 1627:2011 and be a minimum resistance class RC 2 (N).

Whether sliding door or wall of glass: windows from Windows24.com can be customised optimally to your individual wishes in form, size and material and offer best quality, made in Germany.

Energy efficiency throughout the year

To watch a beautiful sunset on a warm summer evening and in winter follow the snowflakes as they float to the ground – every season becomes a highlight with a panorama window from Windows24.com. Admittedly, in summer the large surface of the glass can lead to a dramatic increase in the temperature of the room. To counteract this, the Windows24.com experts advise that and specially tinted foils with integrated UV-protection are fitted. This then not only prevents extreme warming of the air inside, but also a sight screen to the outside – without restricting the panorama from within. On the other hand, in winter panorama windows can lead to increased costs for heating. For optimum and efficient use of energy the glazing and the window frame should work together to contribute to sufficient thermal insulation. The maximum value set down in the Energy Saving Directive (EnEV from the EU) states the thermal transmission coefficient for window glass (Ug-value) of 1.3 W/(m2K) should not be exceeded.

Panorama glazing

The requirements of the EnEV can be met with no problem by panorama windows with triple glazing. This is a combination of artificial glass and a gas filling of one of the noble gases. With U-value of 0.5 – 0.7 W/(m2K) the triple glazed sheets undercut the maximum permitted value by almost half thereby reducing heating costs.

For the perfect view of that winter wonderland and best possible energy efficiency Windows24.com sets great store on providing quality, high value windows from Germany.

Panorama windows from Windows24.com

Quality for a feeling of freedom

Whether small or large format, whether glass front or sliding door – Windows24.com enables panorama windows to be customised to individual wishes in size, form and material. Besides breathtaking views and the feeling of utter freedom attention is also aid to security and energy efficiency. Panorama windows in best German quality combine functionality and individual dreams to create an incomparable visual experience.

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