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Smart-Slide doors

Smart-Slide by aluplast features an innovative sliding mechanism unlike that of any other sliding patio door. In addition, Smart-Slide offers superior thermal performance, physical robustness and protection against water. Moreover, the sliding profile system is as easy to use as a sash window and the manufacturing process allows for a wide variety of dimensions and shapes. This makes the technology ideal for use in individualised patio doors or other sliding doors.

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Modern Smart-Slide technology

Patio doors from the Smart-Slide product range feature a technically advanced closing and opening mechanism that's easy and convenient to handle.

  • IDEAL Smart-Slide
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.95
    The innovative system

    IDEAL Smart-Slide

    • 140 mm installation depth
    • Convenient closing and opening action
    • Exterior aluminium step protectors
    from € 1,357 from € 1,357
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Fully customise your Smart-Slide door

Make your patio truly your own, with numerous options to individualise your sliding door system, from locking systems to glazed inserts. Use triple glass sheets to thermally insulate your home, apply the RAL colour of your choice or add glazing bars – it's all up to you! We also provide you with technical drawings and the final U-values to help you imagine what your new sliding patio doors will look like and how good their thermal performance will be.

At windows24.com, you'll find helpful information regarding the construction, installation, and maintenance of sliding doors made from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (a type of PVC also known as uPVC, PVC-U or PVCu) or other materials (aluminium, wood, composites). Our tutorials and videos make it easy to install your new door by yourself or with the help of your friends. The manual also gives you a list of tools you'll need to make sure the slide action will work flawlessly once installed.

Explanatory videos and instruction guides

Learn helpful information about the manufacture, installation and care of sliding doors made of plastic or other materials. With step-by-step instructions and clear videos, nothing stands in your way, even as an amateur craftsman. With the active support of one or more people, you can therefore easily carry out the installation yourself. You will also find the necessary tools in the instructions.

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Further information

The closing and opening technology of Smart-Slide doors is very advanced, easy to handle and incredibly convenient. The sliding door leaf features gentle self-closing action and can be moved with very little effort. aluplast smart sliding technology is a very convenient alternative to normal tilt-and-slide or lift-and-slide mechanisms.

Here are some of the smart sliding system's key features:

  • Easy operation, requires little effort
  • The door frame needs only 140 mm installation depth
  • Elegantly contemporary styling with plenty of options
  • High security and low thermal permeability
  • Concealed fittings such as multi-point locks
  • Lets in natural light thanks to large glass surface
  • Many options for customisation

aluplast Smart-Slide doors feature advanced technology and high-quality gaskets, which makes your new sliding door seal tightly, keeping the wind and the rain outside. Additional locking points further increase the security level. Altogether, these smart doors offer a great level of weather resistance as well as burglary security, while being as easy to use as a sash window.

With a glazing thickness of up to 41 mm for the three-pane glass element, these sliding doors are very secure while sporting a tastefully minimalist modern design. Homeowners can further improve the security features of slide doors by adding security glass and lockable handles.

High stability, robust performance, less maintenance

Thanks to their robust fittings and aluminium step protectors, smart sliding doors are highly resistant to being damaged in normal use, even in large sizes. This also decreases the amount of maintenance needed to keep them working flawlessly. With their large glazed inserts, these doors offer a great view and plenty of sunlight. This also makes them perfect as balcony and patio doors. With an installation depth of only 140 mm, the actual door leaf can be as slim as 70 mm, making them the perfect option for narrow walls.

Frequently asked questions

Smart-Slide aluplast doors are available in many colour finishes and with various decors, much like all of our lift-and-slide doors and windows. Standard colours available at windows24.com are white, anthracite grey and basalt grey. You can also choose special colours and decors such as Golden Oak or Walnut to fit your Smart-Slide system.

Smart uPVC windows and doors offer a great ratio of cost and performance. But the material isn't the only aspect that determines how much your slide door will cost you in the end. The precise measurements, the choice of glazing for the glass areas (double, triple, different types of glazing), and other extras all come into the mix. But don't worry: Using our online configurator, you can see how much your new smart-slide door will be before you buy. And if you don't like the price, just change the configuration to fit your budget perfectly. For example, you can re-consider how much thermal insulation you'll need, depending on where you want to install your new door.

High-performance Smart-Slide door profiles are made with unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, as this synthetic material offers great thermal efficiency (U-values), even without the high-quality gaskets which are also part of the package. Other materials, such as aluminium or wood, are not an option with aluplast slide technology. If that's not a must-have for you, feel free to customise your own aluminium or wooden door with great energy efficiency using the windows24.com online configurator. You'll also find wooden or aluminium windows at windows24.com which will perfectly complement wooden or aluminium patio doors, bi-folding doors or any other of our smart products.

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is made with a number of stabilising chemicals that protect the surface of your door from harm and prevent the colour from bleaching out. You'll still need to occasionally clean it, much like you would clean your uPVC windows, since grime may damage uPVC over time. This goes for your windows as well. We suggest using a special uPVC cleaning solution which also creates a dirt-repellent protective film.

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