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Glass front doors

At windows24.com there are many high-quality external doors, both glazed and unglazed. Glazed front doors with decorative glass panels visually enhance any house façade by breaking up the solid monotony of masonry. Glass panels come in different sizes and there are options to add side panels which allow a lot of light to filter into entrance areas, creating a bright, friendly, and inviting space.

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Our Glass Front Doors

Full glass front doors

front door luton

Elegant front door designs uniting effortlessness with quality.

from € 769 from € 769
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Front doors with glass panels

Front doors with glass panels

A wide range of front doors that provide natural light.

from € 1,674 from € 1,674
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The different materials for our front doors

uPVC with glass

uPVC with glass

Models which boast robustness, easy maintenance, and excellent thermal insulation.

from € 1,674 from € 1,674
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Glass with Aluminium

Glass with Aluminium

Stylish, modern entrance doors where sturdiness and security meet elegant design.

from € 2,964 from € 2,964
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Wood with glass

Wood with glass

Front doors with superb thermal properties and high impact resistance.

from € 3,460 from € 3,460
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Fittings and further features

Information und Instructions: Finding and installing your front door

Have you configured, ordered, and received your bespoke front door? Great! Now comes the next stage- installation. Along with selecting the correct measurements and elements for your door, this is a decisive step to ensure a long-term and reliable performance. Because of this, it's often assumed that a professional team must be hired. This doesn't have to be the case, however; budding DIYers can click below to access our expert videos with step-by-step instructions and be guided through installation with ease.

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Our glass front doors are widely known

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Further Information

Whether you choose a wooden or uPVC door in classic white or RAL 7016 and decide for or against adding a smart opening mechanism or a sidelight panel, you can tailor your glazed exterior door to suit your exact needs. Read on to find out more about the glass door panel at windows24.com, design possibilities, break-in protection and much more.

Our glass front door models

Different types of glass for maximum performance

The performance of glass front doors is determined by the type of glazing used. At windows24.com, thermal insulation glass is used as the base glazing material for external doors. Installed as multiple inserts or as a panel consisting of two or three panes, the glass can be added to or treated to produce aesthetic and practical variants. For example, depending on your door’s model and any additional modifications made, you can select front door glass in the following varieties:

  • Clear glass
  • Decorative ornamental glass
  • Laminated safety glass

The “right type” of glass for your entry door depends on the desired function: are you after a bright entrance area or would you rather prioritise protecting privacy? Do you prefer a contemporary style or more traditional, Victorian timber doors? In some cases, certain neighbourhoods or personal circumstances may also require a front door with glass which has been reinforced with extra security and break-in protection.

Clear glass

Clear glass is today's standard for glazed windows and external doors. This transparent design is relatively inexpensive and perfect at brightening up darker entrance areas.

The unrestricted transmission of light which transparent entry door glass provides can, however, lead to privacy being compromised which isn’t ideal for entrances looking directly into frequently used living areas. windows24.com has just the solution though; clear glass door panels which are partially frosted or beveled can be chosen to avoid feeling looked in upon.

Ornamental glass

For further increased privacy protection, front or double doors with frosted obscure glass inserts or a stained glass panel can be a good choice. windows24.com offers a large range of such glazings, for example Ornament 504 or Satinato, where embossed surfaces create seclusion without restricting the entry of light.

Laminated Safety Glass

Burglary protection is often important, particularly in more remote residential areas with fewer potential witnesses. However, this does not mean that you must choose a completely solid model and go without a modern, glass filled front door; a pane of laminated safety glazing made up of glass layers bound by a film, can be a convenient middle-ground when added to your panel’s exterior. This makes for a particularly stable door with a high resistance to impact, posing a major hurdle for potential burglars.

Contemporary front doors with double or triple glazing

The energy-efficient thermal glass used in the windows24.com door panel has become the construction standard for windows and doors. This is ideal, especially since it’s required by law in some countries as a must-have feature for an energy efficient “passive house” with a Low-E. The energy efficiency of a door or window can be easily obtained from its U-value; the lower the U-value, the better the insulation. Our standard double-glazed door panel offers excellent low insulation values which are more than sufficient for standard needs.

Even if you opt for triple glazing to further maximise insulation, you will only feel the full effect if the door is installed properly; a wrongly installed door can allow for small gaps between door and masonry which let in cold air and attract moisture, leading to structural damage and mould. With our long history in the industry, at windows24.com you can be sure to avoid this by heading to our expert advice pages on how to fit a front door.

Bespoke glass door designs

At windows24.com the freedom to customise your front door doesn’t stop at the choice of glass. You are also handed the reins when it comes to selecting your door’s frame. Frames can be made from wood, uPVC or aluminium, for example, which all offer their own unique benefits. Wooden doors, for instance, bring a warm, natural style while uPVC is characterised by its low maintenance and affordability.

With us you have real scope to individualise your door to fit your desires and needs, down to the finest details. Most frames, for example, are available in our large selection of RAL colours while handles come in aluminium or stainless steel, allowing you to finish off your door with that perfect decorative accent.

Front doors with glazed side panels

Regardless of frame material or door size, if you want to keep your entrance area as transparent as possible and brighten your interior, glazed side panels are a good choice to bring in lots of daylight. Adding a pleasing symmetry to your entrance area, side panels bring interest to the design.

They also make the entry to the house appear larger, bringing in maximum daylight while saving on energy costs long-term.

Head to the configurator to choose from high-quality safety, clear or ornamental glass side panels to uniquely match your door leaf and enhance your home inside and out. At windows24.com, whether you prioritise privacy, transforming darker spaces or creating an inviting atmosphere, you can fully customise your door with elements to fit your ideal.

Increased protection against burglaries

In addition to the robust frames or laminated safety glass, there are further options available to make your front door less vulnerable to break-ins. At windows24.com, for example, you can opt for lockable door handles or additional security for side hinges.

The external door with glass – a real all-rounder

With a wide range of glass designs to choose from, doors with panels are both visually appealing and highly functional. Different decorative glass panels have our glazed doors offer everything, from natural light, to privacy and security. Thanks to their energy-efficient design, they can also save money on heating bills while the large range of colours and accessories means our doors are made-to-measure, fully customised to customer needs.

Frequently asked questions

uPVC front doors are the most cost-effective models on the market and impress with their modern style and low maintenance. We offer a white uPVC external door with an all-glass panel from €769. Other factors then determining price include the size, model and colour selected.

The security of your door is determined by several factors. If you choose safety glass, for example, protection against break-ins is increased. This is also the case for aluminium composite doors compared to frames made from less robust uPVC. In the online configurator of windows24.com you can order secure doors and design break-in protection as desired.

Whether for the glass door leaf, the fanlight, or the sidelight, different types of glass can be chosen for front doors. From opaque frosted glass to toughened laminated safety glass, you can select from numerous styles in the configurator and design doors with the desired glazing to brighten your home.

Your glass door can be made from different materials. Head to the configurator to view our aluminium, uPVC and wooden front door options available to perfectly suit your home, and utilise their unique properties. Where uPVC, for example, boasts an unbeatable price-performance ratio, wood soothes with its subtle textures, natural charm, and thermal insulation.

Still have questions?

In our FAQs you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning glass front doors.

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Another option is to schedule an appointment for a telephone consultation here. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive one-on-one, specialist advice from our experts enabling you to design your bespoke product exactly as you wish.


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