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Aluminium Front Doors with Glass

Stylish and modern, aluminium entrance doors have your home make a great first impression. With their high-quality timeless appearance, wide range of design and add-on options, these models are long-lasting all-rounders. Head to the configurator to create your new front entrance door now by customising your favourite model and be navigated through the simple steps.

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Our glazed aluminium front doors

Aluminium composite doors with glass combine great entry of light with thermal efficiency and superb security

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Fittings and further features

Front door glazing

Add glass inserts

Enhance the privacy and design of your front door by adding panels made from frosted or ornamental glazing.

Front door security

Front door security

Choose between standard, security or electric locks to reduce the probability of a break-in.

Front door handles

Handles for uPVC front doors

For the perfectly grooved front door handle, you can choose from a push or a lever model.

Front doors side entrance door hinge

Opening direction

Would you prefer your door to open to the right or to the left? Here you can select your door's dimensions and the direction it will open and close to.

Front door colours

Colours for uPVC front doors

In addition to white and anthracite, you can select from many other colours for your entrance door, such as golden oak and mahogany.

Front doors profiles

uPVC front door profiles

There are two profiles available for the uPVC front door, the basic HT4000 and comfort HTplus. HTplus has the sash aligned flush with the frame to create a sleek, smooth exterior and offers many practical benefits.

Information und Instructions: installing your front door

Have you configured, ordered, and received your bespoke front door? Great! Now comes the next stage- installation. Along with selecting the correct measurements and elements for your door, this is a decisive step for long-term and reliable performance. It is therefore often assumed that a professional team must be hired. This doesn't have to be the case, however; budding DIYers can click below to access our expert videos with step-by-step instructions and be guided through installation with ease.



Welcome to the video area! Here you can find a wide selection of interesting door-related clips. Wondering how front doors are produced, what is needed for correct installation, and exactly how the doors should function? Find answers by clicking below.



If you want to install your new front door yourself, find a friend or helper and click here to access our comprehensive, step-by-step illustrated instructions, custom-made for keen DIYers.

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Our glass front doors are widely known

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Further Information

Whether french doors or high-performance double doors, entrances made from glass and aluminium produce a timeless yet modern high-quality design. Functional yet aesthetic, their thermal performance paired with great break-in protection means you can live in comfort and style. Read on and head to the configurator to create your perfect aluminium front door in just a few clicks as useful explanation pop-outs help you make careful decisions with ease.


The sturdiness of residential doors often has a direct impact on how safe homeowners feel, and with an aluminium front door from windows24.com peace of mind can be guaranteed. Solidity and impact resistance is inherent to this raw material which provides great protection and deters burglars. This is also a decisive advantage of our aluminium windows and doors compared to those made from other materials.

Even with their most basic configuration featuring few add-ons or side panels, glazed aluminium front doors from windows24.com are equipped with high-quality security features, including thick profiles and anti-drilling protection.

Entrance door panels can also impact security- for increased protection a toughened safety pane can be added to its exterior, for instance. A laminated safety pane, for example, features a tear-resistant film which is hard to break through, even if the glass shatters.

Aluminium entrance door design options

A glazed aluminium front door model from windows24.com comes with many customisable features, allowing you to really make it your own. You can select for your door to be powder coated by choosing from our full range of high-end wood-like decors, for example, or combine elements to produce a bespoke single door handle with a highly secure locking mechanism which perfectly fits your needs and desires.

Glazed front doors made from aluminium are also especially practical in that colour can be easily applied to the surface and long-lasting radiance maintained. Thanks to our wide range of RAL colours and textured coatings, you can therefore tailor your aluminium front door to perfectly match your home’s façace, windows, and interior design scheme.

A perfect pair- the advantages of aluminium and glass

Aluminium front doors with glass impress with their sturdiness, security, and excellent price to performance ratio. Double glazing is the standard, but opting for thermally optimised triple-glazing with the addition of an extra pane, has aluminium doors then also become particularly energy efficient insulators with low u-values; these models can truly be designed with numerous combinations of inserts and glazings, creating top-of-the-range, highly functional final products.

To create bright entrance areas, a white or light-coloured aluminium entrance door featuring clear, transparent glass is ideal as light streams through to interiors which become inviting, open spaces. A bold modern front door in deep classic anthracite, however, is also a popular option for new builds. Given the versatility of their smooth surfaces, aluminium doors also work just as well with this darker look and provide a stark, lively contrast to white masonry. Coloured door models, on the other hand, charm with unique character.

Home sweet home

Modern entrance doors made from aluminium are not just stylish, they can also be finished with high-tech features, ensuring a comfortable entrance environment you can feel at home in. E-locking systems with code or fingerprint release are potential add-ons, for example. To gain a handy glimpse of who is standing in front of your house and an aluminium door with smaller, frosted inserts, for instance, electronic door viewers with a wide field of vision can also be integrated into the door leaf.

Choosing your entrance door's panel

The type of glazing chosen for front doors made from aluminium can depend on personal taste as well as the desired degree of privacy. A clear glass door panel or multiple inserts let in the largest amount of light, for example, whereas ornamental variants bring a unique design and improve privacy. Frosted glass, on the other hand, creates complete seclusion, ideal for doors that open into frequently used living rooms. Whatever panel you prefer, an aluminium door with glass is sure to make a statement.

Ideal locations for glazed aluminium doors

Front doors with aluminium and glass are ideal if you value high-quality, robust, and modern designs which create brightly lit entrance areas.

Bringing the outside in, these doors emphasise views outside and create a beautiful harmony when installed as front or side doors bordering gardens and patios, for example.

They are also good entrances, however, for city flats or houses facing busy streets due to the great natural sound insulation properties of aluminium and the option to add triple glazing.

Frequently asked questions

The price of a glazed front door made from aluminium depends on several factors such as the design, fittings and colour selected. Although the cost to performance ratio is excellent, due to its high-quality and solidity, this premium material is usually more expensive than our uPVC doors. A glazed aluminium front door in its most basic configuration at windows24.com can be purchased from €2,964.

All our aluminium entrance doors come with basic high-quality security features. To maximise your door’s safety, however, up to a top security class such as RC3, add-ons like a pane of laminated safety glazing, side hinge security or a multi-point locking door system can be selected in the configurator.

Aluminium doors can be coloured in the configurator to perfectly match your preferences; in addition to classic white or anthracite, many other options are also available such as metallic shades, fine textures, wood decors and over 190 RAL colours.


Still have questions?

In our FAQs you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about aluminium glass doors.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Then give us a call at +49 711 860 60 200. Our experts would be happy to answer your questions.

Another option is to schedule an appointment for a telephone consultation here. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive one-on-one, specialist advice from our experts enabling you to design your bespoke product exactly as you wish.

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