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Front-mounted roller shutters

Built-on roller shutters are extremely flexible window elements. Mounted outside windows or doors, they constitute an important design element of the façade and therefore are suitable for new buildings as well as for renovation. They support thermal insulation and are easy to handle and clean. You can choose from a wide range of models and combine our window roller shutters with insect roller screens to increase warmth, comfort and security.

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Our front-mounted roller shutters

Ideal for installation at a later stage: front-mounted roller shutters provide shade and set individual accents on the house

Features: Individual room for design

Configure the perfect roller shutter in 4 steps

1. Select type

Choose in the online configurator between front-mounted roller shutters for retrofitting to already installed windows or top-mounted roller shutters for your new building or window replacement.

2. Specify dimensions

Order your roller shutter to fit exactly to the millimetre. We offer multi-part roller shutters for combinations of windows and doors with different casing lengths.

3. Choose design & colour

With different box shapes and a variety of colours, you can customise your roller shutter to suit your taste.

4. Choose accessories

Whether remote control, integration into the Smart Home or practical insect screen: our roller shutter systems leave nothing to be desired.

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Roller shutter installation

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Installing roller shutters

Instructions and overview of the different roller shutter systems.

Roller shutter installation

Further information

What differentiates our front-mounted roller shutter models?

Our high-quality front-mounted roller shutters differ first and foremost visually from one another. So you first decide whether an angular or a round roller shutter box suits your façade better or whether you would prefer to plaster over the box so that it is almost invisible.

Various designs and extensions

Built-on roller shutters represent a special form because the shutter system itself is fully integrated into a completely functioning unit within the head box and includes the guide rails for the external shutter. All of this can be mounted onto the wall construction or fitted into the window recess. This type of domestic roller shutter is especially suitable for adding to an existing house or building at a later stage, as its installation requires no special pre-conditions. Another basic advantage of this type of shutter system is that this particular method of installation requires no hollow spaces over the window or door. Thus preventing any possible thermal bridging and the build-up of mould that comes with it.

A suitable shutter placed in front of a door or a window can also serve as an aid in providing privacy; in contrast to curtains, external roller shutters are very robust and also serve as security against intruders, providing both thermal and sound insulation.

Exterior roller shutters come in a range of different designs

The standard model usually consists of a robust aluminium cassette box but, naturally, one can use other materials such as plastic or uPVC units or even heavier materials. Inside the box, we find the actual shutter. The guide rails support the curtain while it is raised and lowered. Most of these are fitted with brushes which serve not only to improve sealing but to keep the building insulated. Both the box and the curtain itself can be supplied in a variety of colours to match any type of building wall.

An additional coating is often applied as extra weather and rain protection so that the box remains attractive, clean and free of rust for a long time. There is also the possibility to opt for the so-called "round cassette." Such a box is designed with an external rounded form at the spot where the standard box is usually flat. This fulfils not only a decorative purpose but also provides additional thermal and sound insulation. Hence the built-on roller shutters are more than simply a protection of privacy and protection against burglary.

Additional insect protection

Insect protection can also be integrated into your exterior roller shutters. The insect screen can be raised and lowered independently from the shutter and ensures that the living space remains free of pests such as flies and wasps without actually losing any of the light. Especially during hot summer months, this can come in handy.

Shutters and plastering

We also offer shutter cassettes which can subsequently be plastered over. These keep the building insulated while the cassette box is virtually invisible after plastering. If you prefer to install roller shutters fully integrated into the facade of the building, this method is recommended. However, it must be pointed out that it is slightly more difficult to carry out subsequent alterations to this type of shutter.

Inspiring reference objects

Roller shutter profile front-mounted roller shutter for flush mounting with roller shutter guide rails made of aluminium.

Roller shutter slats with red end slat, matching roller shutter box and inspection panel.

Front-mounted system with light grey profile and end slat to match the anthracite roller shutter box.

Front-mounted system with round box and rounded side sections for modern accents on the façade.

Corner window with roller shutter curtain in semicircular box shape in colour RAL 7016 anthracite grey.

Front-mounted roller shutter with angular box shape and lowered curtain in white on gable cladding in red.

Roller shutter for floor-to-ceiling windows around a corner with curtain made of extruded aluminium.

Exterior roller shutter flush-mounted with accent for the façade through dark grey end slat.

Shutter operation

Shutter systems are also differentiated by their method of operation. On windows24.com, you can choose between using a belt strap, crank handle or remote control for an electrically operated system. The first of these is probably the most widely known. Belt or pulling strap operation works by winding a belt around a special belt pulley mounted on the shaft in the cassette which is then led into the inside of the room. When the belt is pulled, the shaft turns and simply by the weight of the shutter itself it can then be lowered. Pulling on the belt, the shutter can be raised and the strap winds around the shaft once more. This method is relatively safe and defect-free, as no technical equipment is required and the operation is carried out completely mechanically. However, some force is required to raise the shutter which could pose a problem for elderly people and children.

If you install a heavier shutter system, a steel cable and a crank handle should be fitted thus providing better transmission of force. It is possible, of course, to purchase a shutter system equipped with an electric motor - here one does not require force to raise and lower the shutter for the highest possible comfort.

The best features at a fair price

Configure your custom-made roller shutter online now at windows24.com according to your wishes. Our individual options also include, for example, convenient control with a motor and an integrated insect screen.

In addition, you will find numerous offers for installation and care sets at the best prices in our online shop. You can get help and further information at any time from our customer service, who will also be happy to advise you personally.

Frequently asked questions

If your windows are still in good condition, you do not have to remove them: Front-mounted roller shutters can be retrofitted without any problems. They are either fixed in the reveal on the sash frame of the window or simply on the brickwork. And the installation is worth it because roller shutters improve thermal insulation, prevent the room from overheating in summer, provide reliable privacy protection and increase burglary protection.

Depending on the material chosen, the colour is applied to the roller shutter using a decorative film or extruded on the material. In the so-called extrusion process, the film is already applied to the PVC during production and fuses permanently with it. Coil coating, on the other hand, is used for aluminium: here, the colour is burnt in at around 240° C. Both processes protect the surface of the material and ensure that it is not damaged.

To motorise your roller shutter, you have the choice between three powerful models from Somfy. As an entry-level model, Ilmo offers particularly simple operation via wall switch. If you prefer radio technology, the Oximo IO is the right motor for you. Thanks to the io-homecontrol® radio protocol, your roller shutters can also be integrated into the Smart Home. The environmentally friendly solar motor is suitable for front-mounted roller shutters and does not cause any additional electricity costs.

Do you still have questions?

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about front mounted roller shutters.

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Or you can directly arrange a telephone appointment. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive individual expert advice from us so that you can configure your desired product exactly according to your ideas.


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