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Roller shutter profiles made of aluminium or uPVC

In addition to components such as the roller shutter box, shaft and guide rails, roller shutter profiles are a very important component of the roller shutter. Also referred to as roller shutter slats, they form the movable part of the roller shutter, which is also called a roller shutter curtain. This is made up of roller shutter slats connected to one another in an articulated manner – these are the aforementioned profiles, similar to the slats of a blind.

High-quality materials for your roller shutter profiles

Aluminium and uPVC are predominantly used as building materials for the manufacture of roller shutters, less often wood, steel or stainless steel. Roller shutter profiles are often double-walled or single-walled and foam-filled. This increases their already high stability and roller shutter heat protection.

In any case, the light slits in the roller shutter curtain are very important, because thanks to them you can individually regulate the amount of light and air you want in your room. They also offer – especially in summer – rear ventilation for the roller shutter. This prevents heat from accumulating between the window pane and the roller shutter.


UPVC roller shutters – smart and affordable

UPVC profiles (or rods) are very lightweight, inexpensive, naturally heat-insulating and available in many roller shutter colours (roller shutter white, roller shutter anthracite, roller shutter beige, roller shutter brown, etc.). They are also extremely low maintenance. Roller shutter profiles are usually made of highly weather-resistant uPVC or hard PVC.

UPVC roller shutters are without a doubt a good choice due to their stable lightweight construction and are inexpensive, but the overall width of the profiles remains limited due to their flexibility. For big, wide window and balcony doors aluminium profiles make far more sense.


High-quality aluminium – strong and durable

Roller shutter profiles made of aluminium are significantly more robust, weatherproof and durable compared to PVC roller shutters.

They easily withstand even large temperature fluctuations, and do not weather or rust.

The paint applied to them further protects the roller shutter curtain.

Due to their heavier weight, they also make it more difficult for intruders to lift or move them, especially if there is a built-in lock. On top of the additional advantages of aluminium roller shutters, they come in two versions: roll-formed or extruded.

The roll-formed variant has a thin wall and is almost always filled with foam for stability purposes. Extruded profiles, on the other hand, are thicker and therefore heavier, safer and more stable.

They are therefore more expensive than uPVC roller shutters

The curtain can be hollow, filled with PVC or foam. Foam filling increases thermal insulation. Together with an anti-slide device, they offer extremely good break-in protection, are very flexible and weather-resistant. Even safer are roller shutters made of steel, where the focus is almost exclusively on safety.

Aluminium roller shutter profiles

Made to measure

Custom-made roller shutters for maximum security across the board

Together with a practical roller shutter drive, such as automatic operation via a roller shutter motor, roller shutters have become an indispensable, comfort-oriented accessory for each and every room and home.

With a smart home control system, pretending you are still on the premises is also a great advantage when it comes to break-in protection.

No matter which model you choose – the advantages of a roller shutter are much more extensive than you may at first think.

In addition to the obvious advantages such as roller shutter sun protection and privacy, a roller shutter also increases:

  • Soundproofing

  • Thermal insulation

  • Protection against cold

  • Wind and weather protection

  • Break-in protection

  • Light and glare protection

Roller shutter profiles from ALULUX

Our partner manufacturer ALULUX offers modern roller shutter systems for every situation and every taste; the style is determined by the roller shutter box as well as partly by the profiles.

Roller shutter profile when installed

A distinction is also made between top-mounted roller shutters and front-mounted roller shutter, which, depending on their position, can be used in a new building, as a replacement or added during renovation.

A square front-mounted roller shutter, for example, is recommended as an inexpensive standard model. On the other hand, if you prefer a uPVC profile, we recommend going with basic roller shutters: here you can choose both uPVC and aluminium for the profile. It is installed from the inside, so it is a top-mounted model. Round-system roller shutters, on the other hand, are installed on the outside and impress with their rounded box design.

All roller shutters meet the latest guidelines according to DIN EN 13659

At windows24.com you can configure all our roller shutters to match your windows and, of course, also individually select the colour of the roller shutter box and roller shutter curtain. Whether white, grey, silver or blue – the new aluminium or uPVC roller shutter will fit perfectly into your home.

Customise your roller shutter

The right model for every house – in the windows24.com online shop and configurator you have all freely selectable options at your disposal. Order the right roller shutter profiles for your windows online now and choose from numerous colours and features. If you wish, we would of course be happy to advise you by telephone or e-mail at info@noSpamwindows24.com.

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