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Roller shutter box

Roller shutters boxes are an important element of shutter systems because they contain the curtain, which descends over windows or patio doors to darken interiors and provide highly effective privacy and sun protection. At windows24.com roller shutter boxes can also become bespoke design features – just head to the configurator or read on to learn more about the different models and colours as well as additional insulation and integrated fly screens.

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Roller shutter boxes – key information

Important functional performance

Roller shutter boxes contain the shutter curtain. The curtain descends from the box and is stored there once raised. The box therefore plays an important role in terms of protecting the curtain – without it the shutter system could not function properly.

Running from the roller shutter box along both sides of the window or patio door frame are then guide rails which ensure smooth opening and closure of the shutter curtain into and out of the box.

As well as being an essential part of a shutter’s ability to operate, shutter boxes also play a significant role in terms of insulation. Boxes, such as those sold at windows24.com, are made from quality modern materials like aluminium or uPVC, and commonly feature NEOPOR® foam.

These features have the box greatly prevent the negative effects of thermal bridges and conduction.

Depending on the temperature difference between building interiors and external conditions, the amount of undesirable incoming or escaping heat can be much reduced, for example.

Along with modern, high-quality windows, this can help to maintain a comfortable interior temperature year-round, which in turn leads to savings on energy bills as the reliance on regular air conditioning or heating systems is lessened.

The two types of roller shutters

At window24.com, roller shutters are available in two main varieties – front and top-mounted. The primary difference comes down to installation:

Front-mounted roller shutters are suitable for new-builds, window replacements, and retrofitting. They feature a separate, self-contained box which is most often mounted on the masonry above the window but can also be installed on the frame in the window reveal.

Top-mounted roller shutters, on the other hand, are suitable for new-builds and window replacements. The box must be mounted on the window and installed together with it. This has the box sit inside the building façade.

Top-mounted roller shutter boxes – the details

Because top-mounted roller shutter boxes are hidden within the building façade, their surfaces are flush with the exterior. This means that the box’s surface can be easily plastered over. This decision to plaster over the box is popular among customers as it means that the box becomes entirely invisible.

Due to this demand and to aid plastering, our top-mounted roller shutter boxes can therefore come with an insulating plaster base plate and angle on both the interior and exterior.

It is also possible, however, for the roller shutter box surface to remain visible. For basic top-mounted roller shutters, just select the option in our configurator, choose whether you wish this outer surface panel to be made from uPVC or aluminium, and then browse through our different colour or wood-replica decor finishes.

With a wide range of options, the top-mounted shutter box surface can then bring an interesting contrast to, or blend in with, the building façade.

Whether plastered over or not, the top-mounted roller shutter box is available with two different box types – basic and premium.

Both compatible with plaster, brickwork and ETIC building exteriors, the main difference between the box types comes down to insulation and price.

The premium model is more expensive, for example, but features a larger quantity of innovative NEOPOR® foam, which improves its thermal performance, energy-efficiency, and soundproofing qualities.

from € 65 from € 65
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Front-mounted roller shutter boxes – choose your design

Like top-mounted roller shutters, front-mounted models also have different box types to choose between. In this case, however, the main difference between box types comes down to design:

First, there is the square option, which is an angular aluminium roller shutter box.

Whether mounted on masonry or installed in the window reveal, this box type adds character and features a 45° bevel so that much light can fill interiors.

For those after a smoother look, the round box type might be a better fit though. This is a shutter box, which is available with a variety of different installation depths. The depths allow the box to be partially hidden to different extents, which results in a larger or smaller extruding semi-circular finish.

Front-mounted square box

Front-mounted shutter square box

Achieve a clean-cut angular look with our popular square front-mounted box.

from € 62 from € 62
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Front-mounted round box

Front-mounted shutter round box

Alter the design depending on the installation depth with our round roller shutter box.

from € 70 from € 70
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Front-mounted flush box

Front-mounted shutter flush box

Cost effective front-mounted installation meets a sleek finish thanks to the flush box.

from € 76 from € 76
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Finally, front-mounted roller shutters are also available with a flush-mounted box. This the most energy efficient of the front-mounted models and features NEOPOR® foam insulation.

The box is installed in the window reveal and can be optionally plastered over.

For those wishing to plaster, a plaster base plate with an angle can be selected to ensure a smooth finish. Although the box is not installed on the window, deep into the façade, as top-mounted models are, it can create a similar flush effect, be hidden, and is additionally suitable for retrofitting projects.

Top and front-mounted roller shutters – a summary of the key differences

Topic Top-mounted Front-mounted
Installation Installed on the window and at the same time as it, inside of the building façade Separate, self-contained system. Primarily installed on masonry but can also be installed on the window frame in the reveal
Project suitability Suitable for new-builds and window replacements Suitable for new-builds, window replacements, and retrofitting
Box types Available with box types: Basic and Premium Available with box types: Square, Round, and Flush-mounted
Plastering options Both box types can be plastered over The flush mounted box type can be plastered over

Frequently asked questions

Nearly all products from windows24.com can be customised to suit client needs and preferences and roller shutter boxes are no exception. Different colours can be selected for boxes that remain unplastered, for example, and an integrated fly screen can be added. Customers can also determine whether a single shutter box will contain two seperately operable curtains, or rather just one – head to the configurator to discover more today.

Roller shutter boxes are purchased with the entire roller shutter system, including the curtain and guide rails. Front-mounted roller shutters can be added to existing windows as part of retrofit projects. In this case, the box will be installed onto the wall. For this and new-build or window replacement projects, shutters can be self-installed – please refer to our user-friendly guide on how to fit roller shutters. For further questions or to be put in touch with professional installers, please contact our team.

Because products from windows24.com are made-to-measure and highly customisable, prices differ depending on individual selections. As roller shutter boxes are purchased along with the entire shutter system, please first refer to our guide on how to measure for roller shutters. Once you have the dimensions, just add them to the configurator and make your selections to see the live price as you change and add options.

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