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Roller shutter box: heat protection & individual style element

The roller shutter box is more than just a functional element for storing the roller shutter curtain. With the right insulation, it contributes to the thermal insulation of your house, improves energy efficiency and thus ensures maximum comfort in your home. In the case of front-mounted roller shutters in particular, the box is also a visible feature of the facade and should be selected carefully. Find out everything about the different roller shutter boxes from us.

Functional all-round roller shutters

Roller shutters fulfil numerous functions in your everyday life. They serve as privacy screens from nosy neighbours, improve the soundproofing of your windows and provide heat and sun protection. Even the security of the windows can be increased with roller shutters - whether with aluminium roller shutters or uPVC.

The most important thing, however, is the thermal insulation of roller shutters - provided they are optimally insulated.

In new buildings, roller shutter boxes are considered part of the facade insulation, but in old buildings they often represent a weak point. If the box is not insulated, it will create a weak point where heat can escape, which not only puts a strain on your wallet, but also on the environment. Ideally, you can counteract this by installing new, appropriately insulated roller shutters. Alternatively, the roller shutter box can also be insulated afterwards.

Roller shutter box model angular

Selecting the right roller shutter box

Find the right roller shutter box for your home

It is worth knowing the difference between front-mounted roller shutters andtop-mounted roller shutters. Top-mounted roller shutters are used in new-builds or in extensive renovations, as they are installed together with the window. The roller shutter box is completely hidden behind the outer wall so it does not matter what this type of roller shutter looks like.

Front-mounted roller shutters offer you all the more freedom. In this case, the roller shutter box is mounted on the window reveal on the frame or fixed to the masonry, so it is not necessary to replace the window . In our configurator, you have the choice between square, round and flush-mounted models.

As the name suggests, the square model has a square roller shutter box that is slanted by 45° for more light. Accordingly, the roundmodel has a semi-circular shape that looks very organic. When installed in the reveal, this gives the impression of a completely round roller shutter box. In addition to the shape, you can also individually specify the colour of the box. Whether it matches the facade colour or is a striking contrast is entirely up to you.
When it comes to front-mounted roller shutters, the flush-mounted model is a special case. It combines the simple assembly of a front-mounted roller shutter with the discreet look of a top-mounted roller shutter. Since the box can be plastered over, it adapts perfectly to your facade.

Insulation of the roller shutter box

Make sure the roller shutter box is adequately insulated

Up until the 1980s, roller shutter boxes were made of thin wood and plastered on the outside - not a trace of thermal insulation. And quite a few of these roller shutters can still be found in houses today. When the roller shutter curtain is down, the box of old built-in or top-mounted roller shutters is pretty much an uninsulated cavity in the wall. It allows heat to escape unhindered to the outside.

An uninsulated roller shutter box creates a so-called thermal bridge

This means that the heat from the building is transmitted outside more quickly via the roller shutter box than via the adjacent components. This entails numerous problems, the most obvious of which are the high heating costs.

If the temperature differences are causing cracks in the masonry or condensation is occurring, which encourages the growth of mould, it is usually too late. In new-builds, the roller shutter box insulation has therefore long been an integral part of roller shutter protection against heat and cold .

Is it worth retrofitting insulation?

When installing new windows, it is best to include roller shutters in the plans right away. However, if you want to keep your old windows, you have two options for improving the thermal insulation of the roller shutter box.

  1. Completely replace the roller shutters
    Undoubtedly the best method is to install new roller shutters. However, if you have outdated built-in roller shutters on your windows, you cannot simply remove the box without risking damaging the structure. In that case, the best solution is to fill it completely with insulation to close the thermal bridge. You can then easily mount new front-mounted roller shutters on the masonry or in the reveal of the windows. Front-mounted roller shutters are self-contained roller shutter systems that do not affect the insulation of the facade.
  2. Retrofit insulation
    Another option is to retrofit roller shutter box insulation. To do this, the insulating material (e.g. Neopor or Styrofoam) is cut to size using templates and then attached with PU foam. How good this insulation ultimately is depends to a large extent on how carefully you work with it. Nevertheless, this method does not come close to the thermal insulation of a new roller shutter.

Square roller shutter box outside

Individual configuration

Configure and design roller shutters individually

Regardless of whether you have small or large windows, want to protect the ground floor against burglars or are looking for a flexible system for the attic: a roller shutter has many advantages. The decisive factor is that you do not just choose the cheapest solution but that you look out for the highest quality and excellent workmanship too.

In our online roller shutter shop, you can buy front-mounted roller shutters with the exact roller shutter box that best suits your home.

To do this, enter the height and width in the configurator and select your desired model at the best price. We supply you with the complete roller shutter, including roller shutter guide rails as well as a belt, crank or electric motor.

You can also order integrated insect protection

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