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Roller shutter colours

Roller shutters are an important visual and functional part of many homes. Coloured on both sides and featuring a box which can stand out or be hidden, they can play as significant a role as doors or walls in terms of impacting building appearance and interior design. At windows24.com we therefore offer a wide range of durable colours and foils, which can be flexibly customised for different roller shutter parts.

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What is a roller shutter?

Particularly popular in Germany and other European countries, roller shutters are a common alternative or addition to conventional curtains or blinds. They feature an aluminium or uPVC “curtain” which descends like a blind covering the exterior of doors and windows. The curtain is stored in a box when it is raised, and guide rails run down the sides of the shutter. At windows24.com roller shutters or their guides can be added to our windows, patio, and French doors.

There are numerous advantages to purchasing a roller shutter but two of the most significant are their excellent ability to darken rooms and protect interiors from the sun. Made from high-quality materials, the secure shutters can remain partially raised or be fully rolled to provide the perfect sleep setting. With their excellent insulation and hard surfaces, the shutters also contribute to building energy-efficiency and help to keep interiors cool by shading them from the sun and its UV rays.

Colours for the different elements

At windows24.com we offer two main types of roller shutters – front and top-mounted.

Front-mounted shutters, such as our square or round models, commonly feature a box which is installed onto masonry and sets an accent on the façade. The colour is therefore particularly important and so we offer a range of tones for the box.

The selected option will also be used for the guide rails. The curtain colour can then be selected separately to match or contrast with the box and rails, and the same process applies to the end strip. This strip is placed at the bottom of the curtain and features a rubber profile. It acts as a cushion and anti-freeze solution and is the only part of the curtain that is visible when the curtain is raised and rolled up inside of the box.

Beige roller shutter

Beige roller shutter
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White roller shutter

White roller shutter
from € 62 from € 62
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Anthracite roller shutter

Anthracite roller shutter
from € 135 from € 135
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Brown roller shutter

Brown roller shutter
from € 74 from € 74
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The other type of roller shutters that we offer are top-mounted models. This means that the shutter box is installed flush within the window façade. Because the box is usually plasteredover to become hidden and one with the façade, the box colour becomes unimportant and does not need to be selected if you choose this option. If, however, you prefer to not plaster over the box and leave it visible, we offer a range of colours and wood decors.

These can be chosen independently of the guide rail colour. As with front-mounted shutters, regardless of the curtain’s material, a wide colour palette is available for both the curtain and the end strip – to view the options in more detail just head to the configurator or contact our expert team with any questions.

The palette

At windows24.com all roller shutter colours are supplied with the highest-quality and accuracy. Most of our available tones are labelled according to the RAL palette, for example. Originating from Germany, the RAL system defines colours according to a standardised four-digit number system and includes hundreds of quality shades and special metallic effects.

For roller shutter curtains that add a classic touch and will blend well with lighter building exteriors, we offer pure white, comparable to RAL 9010, and a popular light grey, comparable to RAL 7035, for example. For those wishing to add character or set a contrast, moss green comparable to RAL 6005, or brown comparable to RAL 7016 are frequent favourites.

The RAL system ensures customers have the best understanding of the exact tone and because of the coatings' high-quality finish and our innovative materials there’s also no need to worry about darker colours absorbing too much heat.

Alongside RAL colours, we also offer wood replica foil coatings. Available for all curtains as well as the top-mounted box surface, these finishes add a wooden look to an aluminium or uPVC base and bring a traditional, homely touch. A range of different wood foils are available, including walnut, golden oak, and mahogany.

Durable performance

Alongside the labelling, range, and flexible application of roller shutter colours, their performance and durability also play an important role. Manufacturing is a deciding factor here. The way our tones and foils are added to the shutters helps to prolong their vibrancy, reduces fading due to UV rays, and improves impact resistance, for example.

Aluminium curtains and guide rails are power coated in the RAL colour, while an extrusion process is used for uPVC and for wood replica foils applied onto aluminium a process called sublimation is used. These safe and technical expert procedures for surface finish application ensure that the colour is applied in the best possible way onto the specific base material, which helps to achieve maximum tone, durability, and value for money.

Further customisable features

Beyond the colour, at windows24.com roller shutters can be customised further to become truly bespoke final products. A made-to-measure insect screen can be added, for example, which is securely pre-installed inside the shutter box during manufacturing.

The opening mechanism can then also be chosen according to individual preferences. Manual options include a belt or crank, for instance, and these are most affordable and best suited to lighter weight, smaller shutters.

For increased ease and operation, we also offer motor and solar motor opening mechanisms. These can be additionlly integrated into smart home systems – just head to the configurator today to select your choices and purchase your perfectly customised roller shutter.

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