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Customise roller shutters with colours

The colour scheme plays a role in the unique design of your home, so should not be underestimated. With the right colour, rooms appear inviting, calming or even uplifting. And what applies to walls is no less true for roller shutters, blinds and awnings: their colouring gives your home a personal touch and makes a decisive contribution to a feel-good atmosphere.

Protection from the sun, prying eyes and attempted break-ins

Custom-made aluminium roller shutters offer excellent sun protection in summer and are, therefore, an indispensable component of your window fittings. By preventing your home from overheating and keeping the heat in during the winter months, they contribute to the energy efficiency of your home.

The increased security for your home should also not be underestimated, because the foam-filled aluminium roller shutters from ALULUX are equipped with a reliable push-up lock.

Beyond the practical benefits, roller shutters androller shutter boxes are also available in an extensive selection of RAL colours, NCS and DB colours as well as special colours. This applies to all extruded roller shutter boxes.

This is made possible by a colour anodising or coil coating process that ensures intensive depth of colour and additional surface protection. In this way, the roller shutter system and your individual style of living can be perfectly coordinated.

Different colours for every furnishing style

The human eye is able to distinguish around ten million colour nuances. With so many colours, it would, of course, be far too imprecise to simply describe them in words. That is why the RAL palette was invented, in which each nuance is assigned a four-digit number with which it can be clearly identified.

The current RAL Classic colour chart now includes over 200 colours.

Here, common colours, such as grey, white, brown and beige in all their spectral compositions are included in the very precisely defined RAL system. For example, there is RAL 9001 cream white, RAL 9006 silver metallic, RAL 1036 pearl gold, RAL 1019 grey beige and many other colours that are precisely defined.

Roller shutter colours suitable for your facade

When choosing the right colour for your basic roller shutter ormounted roller shutter, you therefore have few restrictions. First and foremost, you will probably base your decision on the colour scheme of your house facade.

You usually can't go wrong with a subtle grey or beige, but a light green can also be very harmonious. Anyone who owns furniture or components with light-coloured PVC frames knows the score: dirt is a lot more noticeable on white than on darker colours.

If you don't mind giving them a thorough wipe from time to time, you can, naturally, also opt for roller shutter profiles in the lightest shades – and impress visitors with their cleanliness. Of course, you can also keep the natural silver colour of the aluminium, which can look very classy.

Incidentally, PVC roller shutters from ALULUX are also available in many decors and colours that are similar to an anodised effect.

Colour selection for an optimal interior effect

You should not underestimate the effect that a coloured roller shutter has on the interior when it comes to colour schemes. Similar to the wall design, the style of your furniture or the colour of the carpet, a colourful roller shutter profile can add an accent to the room. Light tones, such as yellow and orange, for example, radiate freshness and vitality, which is further enhanced by light falling through individual slats.

In addition, these colours are intended to encourage thinking and creativity, which is why they are ideal for the roller shutters in children's rooms or studies. On the other hand, windows with roller shutters in bright white open up the room and make it appear higher and wider.

Then again, green has a calming effect and also a very natural look. Especially in combination with furniture made from light wood, this can look very modern and fresh.

Typically, green can therefore work well on roller shutters in bedrooms, as can all light shades of blue. However, we should be careful with dark colours, such as brown, as they create strong contrasts and can quickly appear cold and unwelcoming.

However, you do not have to worry about your home getting overheated even with dark roller shutters, since the closed aluminium roller shutter curtain always keeps the heat out, regardless of the colour.

Strong colours throughout the life of the roller shutter

Thanks to a chrome-free pre-treatment and high-quality stove-enamel finish, the surface of ALULUX aluminium roller shutters is not only permanently weather-resistant, but also protected against fading.

This means that the colour you have chosen retains its fresh radiance, and you can enjoy your customised roller shutters for many years to come.

All fluorescent colours are available to you in the windows24.com configuration tool

Depending on the model selected, the large range also includes roller shutter curtains and roller shutter guide rails.

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